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Crime in Paraguay Update (Cattle Thieves Strike)

Crime in Paraguay Update (Cattle Thieves Strike)

okay I’m doing this as a follow-up I did
a video on not too long ago about crime in Paraguay and I’m here in Atyra and
what you’re looking at is a tree full of vultures and what they’re doing is
they’re eating this carcass there’s a carcass I don’t want to get in here too
much because I want to get bit by nothing but you can see here there is a
dead cow basically cattle thieves came and what
they do is they quickly they take the cow and they butcher it on site and they
rob the meat and it’s not a very common event and the serious punishment if you
get caught doing it obviously but we’re here up on a in a not a very well
populated area as you can see it’s surrounded all by woodland we are up on the hill for Casa Del Monte in Atyra but anyway somebody
robbed this cow butchered it here and left half of it for for these vultures
to feed on

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