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Dario Argento’s Suspiria – Modernized Trailerᴴᴰ

Dario Argento’s Suspiria – Modernized Trailerᴴᴰ

if uses trying to claim to you you wouldn’t understand it all seems so absurd all I can do is get away from here as soon as possible since eBay on your feet welcome to our Academy something terrible truly horrible happen one of our students was murdered last night by some man it’s a frightening story who are packed I just pressed poor kid in enough life like anything she would take something decision did you forget baby every same thing she could spend a little frame thing that’s happening I [Music] [Music] it wasn’t singing you know going out the front doors on the left nor her steps are going to the right somewhere inside the school maybe we can find out when you really go do you believe demolicious negative and destructive they can perfect it even the disabilities of the finger you wake up water Kevin

38 comments on “Dario Argento’s Suspiria – Modernized Trailerᴴᴰ

  1. i love Suspiria, the colors, the atmosphere. If disney ever decided to do horror, i always imagined THIS is what it might have looked like <3

  2. This is the best modernized trailer for Suspiria out there. I have Italian horror re-cut trailers on my channel, if your interested.

  3. This was fantastic! Is there any way you could do a recording of how you edited this and put it together? Perhaps a tutorial? I really want to get into editing trailers but I don't know where to start. Yours was spot on! Bravo

  4. GREAT!!!! love the ending as you put the Goblin sound track to the movie in building the excitement !! Excelllence

  5. Donde actúa Dakota porque casino de la ve en estos cortos de presentación de Suspiria!!!????

  6. Can you please do Phantasm that was an excellent horror movie and make it more modern please. Thank you for doing a great job on this trailer and hope to see more real soon.

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