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Dark Theories About The Lion King That Change Everything

Dark Theories About The Lion King That Change Everything

it’s considered by many as the greatest
animated film to come out of the Disney Renaissance era it also just so happens
to have an upcoming live-action adaptation coming to theaters no not
just fast-forward to the part yeah that’s the good stuff but all the Lion
King talk lately has got us thinking about the original animated movie
specifically some of the theories that fans have come up with
but not just any theories today we’re going to take a look at some of the
darker ones darker ones that might actually change the way you look at the
film I’m Kyle with wicked binge and these are five dark theories about
Disney’s The Lion King now let’s get started theory number one Simba only didn’t eat
Pumbaa because he didn’t know that he could okay let’s kick this off with a
simple one based on what we see throughout the movie warthogs seem to be
pretty rare in the pride lands we just don’t really see many since Simba is
young and only just starting off learning how to hunt it makes sense that
he may not have seen a warthog himself yet or his father never clarified
whether or not warthogs are edible animals why would he need clarification
because it’s established it’s determined that Mufasa has to teach his son what
animals are acceptable to eat which I guess is pretty dark in and of itself
considering Mufasa gets to make the determination of which of his subjects
are okay to have for dinner but the point is which ones are edible is
something that he has to actually teach to Simba we actually watch him do this
specifically regarding the Antelope dad don’t we eat the animal yes similar but
let me explain Simba knows that he’s a carnivore when he meets Timon and Pumbaa
but never even connects that this would make them feel uncomfortable as he
openly talks about eating other living mammals
a whole zebra haha refresh out a zebra any animal in his mind they aren’t even
food because his dad never told him that they were so had things happen
differently in really any other way symbol would have just eaten Timon and
Pumba because well it’s the circle of life theory number two
Zazu is a traitor this is a juicy theory that comes from reddit user combustible
compost he suggests that the character is a co the hornbill and trustworthy
adviser of King Mufasa is actually a traitor who’s working for Skaar it’s
quite the accusation so let’s go ahead and break down the evidence that’s
weighed against him as far as motivation goes it doesn’t take a whole lot to
realize that Zazu is treated really poorly by both Mufasa and his son Simba
not to mention the rest of the kingdom during the I can’t wait to be king song
Zazu is stepped on trampled and sat on essentially being disrespected by every
animal in the kingdom all this despite the fact that Zazu has a high status
that should probably be respected and yes the rest of the kingdom does know
about his high status because it’s referenced by other characters in the
film from Zuzu’s perspective Mufasa routinely treats him poorly and is
currently raising his spoiled entitled son to do the exact same thing Mufasa
even uses Zazu as a prop during Simba’s pouncing lesson pouncing oh no sigh you
can’t be Zazu even states his problem with Simba a
couple times as well stating simba even alludes to getting rid of
Zazu as an advisor once he becomes the King not so long as I’m around well in
that case you’re fine so according to this theory Josue’s betrayal kind of
makes sense whether it’s out of self-interest or because he thinks it’s
better not to have a spoiled brat in charge of the pride lands now the first
time that Zazu and Skaar interact it’s when Simba is still a newborn at this
point Zazu is still loyal to Mufasa and acting
in his best interest but once Simba grows up a bit
Zazu becomes annoyed and remembers that star is a more suitable heir to the
throne when Simba and Nala are lured to the
hyenas Simba references having zazzy fired one day and his behavior only
reinforces what Zazu feels needs to be done that Simba needs to be dealt with
which he’s already assisted scarve putting into motion obviously the plan
fails but Zazu being a traitor stays a secret and although they toy with him
throwing them in a big cold room Zazu could have been let go by the hyenas
because they know that he’s on cigars side but a very important detail is this
that Zazu only wanted Simba dealt with out of fear that he would be a terrible
ruler I’m afraid you’re shaping up to be a pretty hectic KND murdering Mufasa was
never part of his plan scar kept this secret from him the real evidence for
this comes when scar warns Mufasa that Simba is caught in a stampede
Zazu realizes the true intent of skaars plan to kill not only Simba but Mufasa
as well he panics and goes for help but scar knocks him out now here’s the point
if Zazu were innocent of treachery why would he not inform anyone later that
scar knocked him out why would he not find the fact that scar knocked him out
suspicious why would he not say anything later on the reason why he doesn’t tell
anyone that scar stopped him from getting help was because he knows that
he’s complicit scar has dirt on him which is eventually why he gets put in a
cage but there’s more to this theory check this out
it’s pretty common knowledge that The Lion King is based on Hamlet
believe me I read the play and by reddit I mean I schemed my friends notes before
a test in college for 12 minutes but I did pass c-minus
The Lion King and Hamlet both have the Prince death of their fathers murderous
uncles father peers exiled revenge etc Simba is Hamlet scar is Claudius Mufasa
is king Hamlet Nala is Ophelia but what character from the hamlet play does Zazu
mirror well Polonius the King’s chief counselor and Hamlet Polonius conspires
with Claudius that’s scar to spy on Hamlet
since he’s concerned about the monarchy if Zazu is meant to mirror Polonius like
all the other characters mirror their respective Hamlet characters then I
think we might have a guilty bird the prosecution rests
what do you think is a zoo guilty let us know in the comments section below
theory number three scar practiced cannibalism during the scene in which
scar lounges and forces Zazu to sing songs going back to what we just
mentioned in the last Theory this is again a reference to Hamlet you could
read the play yourself or if you’re cultured like me just watch the Billy
Madison clip anyway many have pointed out that this skull might actually be a
lion skull which suggests that scar ate a lion now this isn’t too far-fetched
considering the fact that a big plot point is that there’s a famine brought
on by scars poor leadership but still cannibalism that’s pretty dark for a
Disney movie of course this could very well be a skull to a different species
or even if it is a lion it doesn’t necessarily mean that scar actually hate
it maybe it’s Mufasa skull that scar kept is a trophy okay that’s actually
even darker theory number 4 Simba and Nala are related all right I hate to go
here but it has to be done it’s a video on dark theories after all reddit user
Sarah von trapp suggests that Simba and Nala are either half siblings or cousins
because Nala’s father either must be Mufasa or scarf why is this well in the
wild lions arrange themselves in the prides made up of a coalition of two
male lions and numerous female lions and it looks like that’s the case in the
Lion King because aside from Simba that’s exactly what’s represented in the
pride obviously Mufasa and scar have formed the coalition and the pride
consists of them Simba and all the females which is why you never see any
other Alliance which means that any Cubs here
are the offspring of either scar or Mufasa making Simba and Nala either half
siblings or cousins but again it’s a cartoon I get it we can’t assume
everything in the film is realistic to nature for example lions don’t talk
there’s no weird you have no idea but you know hypothetically if we did base
all our theories off nature scar also likely would have impregnated the
lionesses while he was the ruler and after the credits rolled Simba likely
murdered any of scars offspring because that’s what happens when a lion takes
over a pride in real life but I get it it’s a cartoon theory number 5 Mufasa
was the bad guy controversial I know but this theory has been floating around for
a while Mufasa may seem like the rightful king I
mean his name literally translates the king in Swahili but really looked at
Mufasa as Kingdom the cats at the top of the monarchy get to eat all those
beneath them now I’m no vegetarian I love a good steak but there’s something
a bit cruel about convincing everyone in your kingdom that you get to eat them
and not only just eat them but eat them and have them love you for it it sounds
like the whole circle of life thing is just a catchy little propaganda tune
used to convince animals that by allowing themselves to be your dinner
they’re serving some higher power because you know dead bodies are just
like tomorrow’s grass man you can eat that too we are all connected in the
greatest circle of life let’s not forget that the hyenas have been segregated
from the pride lands and Skaar is the only one fighting for their equality
what if the lion king is just a story retroactive Lee told by the victors what
if painting Skaar out to be a monster is just some form of propaganda story I
mean the hyenas are even showcased as goose-stepping fascists let’s be real
talk about some dirty political tricks there Simba how many times have you seen
that happen for all we know the problems with the pride lands the famine the
drought had nothing to do with scars decisions I mean what if it was just
weather how was a lion going to control that all we know is Simba idolized his
dad and the pride lands is a clear monarchy so after he killed scar the
story was to be told his way because he’s the king now and bonus theory
mon is a cult leader when Simba first stumbles upon Timon and Pumbaa Timon
who’s clearly the smarter of the two tells him that symbol will grow up to be
big and ferocious and if they have a lion on their side things will be way
easier for them what if he’s on our side you know having a lion around might not
be such a bad idea when he realizes that Simba is hurt and vulnerable he
introduces him to his philosophy Hakuna Matata and for all we know before Simba
Timon pulled the same trick with Pumbaa after all Timon is smart charismatic and
despite his small size a leader in his own unique way
his goal seems to be recruiting bigger animals by targeting them when they’re
young and impressionable by promising them an awesome carefree lifestyle
sneaky little guy so those are our favorite dark theories about the Lion
King do you think any of them are true or do you think they’re just kind of fun
to think about and do you have any dark theories about the movie that we missed
let us know in the comments section below make sure to LIKE this video
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100 comments on “Dark Theories About The Lion King That Change Everything

  1. Well, Simba and Nala being related isn't so dark. I mean, in the animal world incest happens all the time and am pretty sure that it also happens with lions. It's only with species that preserve their weak (humans) that incest causes problems. Even in countries that are genetically stronger because the weak die young (countries that have a lot of wars for example) cousins marrying each other and getting offspring isn't a problem. But when we pampered physically weak Western people get children with a relative there will be a lot wrong with the children, because genetic weakness is preserved and then double given to the offspring. That's cultural, not natural. For natural creatures it's not a problem so I don't really see the darkness in Simba and Nala being related.

  2. Really? Zazu obviously got freed at the end of the movie if you watched. Get viewers without misleading them

  3. I like Mufasa he is funny but he’s not evil zazu was knocked out when about to tell someone so when he got hit by his head on the wall he probably forgot

  4. Film Theory also this an interesting where they proved that in realistically scar would have been the leader due to the way he was designed

  5. Also remember scar is the older brother so if the kitten was passed down from their father scar should have been the leader

  6. that isnt a lion skull…. clearly it has flat teeth like an herbivore would and most have 2 sets of fang teeth like we do.

  7. I had a theory that maybe Scar wanted Nala as his queen (based on a cut scene), but when she refused, he named Kovu his heir.

  8. I used to watch Timon and Pumbaa's 1995 spinoff series all the time as a lad and I think Disney should put that on DVD first and the 2019 live-action film second (not the other way around I hope).

  9. But at the beginning of the lion king live action, scar tried to eat zazu and was about to do it until mufasa stopped him.
    This makes the second theory kind of weak

  10. There is no way Mufasa OR Scar can father Nala for these reasons.
    If Nala was Mufasa's daughter, then after Simba was ran out, Scar would've tried to kill her to preserve his bloodline. He wouldn't let the second heir to the throne grow up to among his Pride. He would've rather exiled her to the Outlands.

    If Scar was Nala's father, then Serafina would be his mate. So after Mufasa died, she (Serafina) would be Queen. Nala would be the future Queen.

    This would ultimately ruin the plot of the second movie, since Scar had a wife (Zira) and a step-son (Kovu). He would have no reason to chose Kovu as his successor if he already had a biological cub of his own.

    And why would Simba allow the daughter of his father's murderer to be his mate? He'd banish him at best, and have her head at worst. Especially since he is not hesitant to exile the rest of Scar's pride, 1 of whom was his second wife, and 3 of whom shared no biological relation to him.

  11. Your statement about who zazu is based on has no bearing. Timon and Pumba are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and they don't betray Simba.

  12. I don't believe that Zazu simply had amnesia after he got hit by Scar. Even if he did surely when he returned to Pride Rock he would remember after seeing everyone else's reaction.

  13. The slow death of disease or insect or violent death by hyena jaws in all direction. None compares to lion's fatality. Apparently it's the easiest way to go. XD

  14. In the live action it was said by scar “a hyenas belly is never full” which explains why when scar became leader and allowed the hyenas into the pride, why everything died off. Cause there was no balance. They just ate everything.

  15. Zazu low key could have
    Save the whole entire Lion King like in 1 minute because after scar knock them out he could have just told her the other loins

  16. nala and simba dont have to be siblings or cousins. male lions dont stay as long with the pride as the female lions do. so nalas father couldve gone already, couldve died already… many things to choose from 😀

  17. It was outside Scar who when outside the prideland and killed like 5 Male Alpha lions and kept the most Dominate lion ! Àlso Nazu is Nalas father ! Mufasa killed him !

  18. The Zazu theory of him being with scar, then who would've told Mufasa that simba is in the elephant graveyard? as far as ik Zazu told Mufasa that simba is in the elephant graveyard after he was launched out of the mini volcano.

  19. had scar been mor patient and mufasa of lived at least till simba was grown simba would of been forced to leave the pride and then scar could of taken over after killing the king .

  20. Na Timon and pumba are equally as smart as pumba brought up the fact that simba could be on their side n Timon just rephrased it n made it his own idea m

  21. Isent everyone carnivores.

    Hear me out

    If the bodies turned into the grass aren’t they still eating the bodies?

    I know it sounds weird but the thought of it is stuck in my mind

    What do you think about it?

  22. Theory #?? The Hyenas are mexican. Classic American racist bullshih and the baboon is played by a black man. Mufasa (black man)played by James Earl Jones was killed so a white king can reign: Jeremy Irons then Mathew Broderick… Phuck you disney… Lying King

  23. I just had a thought. The Outcasts in Lion King II: Simba's Pride could be Scar's Offspring. In the Lion King Canon, Simba only exiles them to the shadowlands.

  24. I know the whole story, Sarabi nad Sarafina are sisters and Sarafina had a baby Nala with a white Lion and he runs after Nala was born and Sarabi had a baby Simba with Mufasa .
    Fun fact:
    Also I know that Taka (Scar) get that name beucase of a scar on his face. Wanna know how he got it? – He get it from his father, his father Said the same that Scar says to Simba after Mufasa’s dead.

  25. The Darkest theorie that Sadly turned to be True ?Was the rumor that Beyoncé would star as Nala in the 2019 version ? Well….Sadly it came true and thus She complety Ruined this remake with Her Complety Miscasted rol and Annoying Voice ?

  26. The creators of the Lion King both confirmed Nala's Father is either Scar or Mufasa. Also a deleted song implied Scar would've dominated Nala to prove he's King

  27. Also Kimba the White Lion was a manga released in the 1950"s with roughly the exact same plot as The Lion King film, released in the 1990"s

  28. I had thought of the Zazu one before and the thumbnail was honestly what brought me here. I would like to add one more thing, what initually made me think like that, to that theory's "evidence". Scar wasn't concerned with Zazu possibly wittnessing it. He could easily have cut him out of the picture too, yet he lives.

  29. People say what dey want but sompt'n fuuucked up bout zazu bitch ass. Dat bitch be look'n down at simba wit dose eyes I swear dat bird be some kind of PEDO, AND DA WAY HE TALK TO SIMBA LOWKEY HE SAID WHEN YOU GROW UP U AN YO GIRL HOMIE GET'n MARRIED DAT FUCKED UP AH *SHIT*!!!!!!


  30. When some movie remake arrived. People never stop comparing. (they want to tell everyone that they watched the animation at 94') @

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