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DBBest – Our Products and Services

DBBest – Our Products and Services

Today DB Best consists of four units: two
services, two products. On the services side we position ourselves as experts in data management.
There are many projects around making your data better as a customer. We do a lot of
modernization projects . Modernizations in a sense of taking main of the legacy-based
applications. So to speak, applications that have been written five, seven, ten, fifteen
years ago and perhaps leverage somewhat older technologies. And moving them over or modernizing
essentially to let say the latest version of SQL Server so these could be migrations
SQL or upgrades to SQL Server or database consolidation type of projects. Another type
of projects that is very important is this whole net new projects around data . So business
intelligence – creating reporting, analytics type of applications, creating mobile applications,
apps that access your data and process the data really well. Creating big data apps.
For the big data we’ve got a couple of offerings around as an example creating Hadoop clusters
in Azure. This is really hard, this is very interesting and i’m sure will be able to share
a few success stories with you how we’ve done some very cool, very interesting websites.
Another thing that we’ve done is if you heard about Power Data Warehousing, PDW this is
one of the offerings from Microsoft. We created the converter tool that helps customers to
move to PDW. Yet another example we created and an offering around helping customers to
move their applications to the cloud. So whether you consider running in the hiber mode having
some of the data on-premises and others in the cloud or entirely moving to Windows Azure
or SQL Azure we can definitely help you with tools, methodology and really deliver this
whole project.

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