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Dem Party Chair Changes 2020 Rules ‘Midstream’ After Saying ‘We Can’t Change The Rules Midstream’

Dem Party Chair Changes 2020 Rules ‘Midstream’ After Saying ‘We Can’t Change The Rules Midstream’

100 comments on “Dem Party Chair Changes 2020 Rules ‘Midstream’ After Saying ‘We Can’t Change The Rules Midstream’

  1. Hypocrite Perez claims that he is running a transparent primary, but he used the 'shadow app' to disguise how the Iowa Caucus delegates were decided. Last week, he refused to open the process to scrutiny, because DNC machinations would be revealed. And now he is redefining the rules for debate stage qualification. He and the DNC are doing everything they can think of to put their fist on the scales, so that the final result is condonable by their sponsors/owners. Bloomberg made a huge donation to the DNC and now he 'owns' them. Next, will we see a contested democratic convention where the front runner is usurped by the second place contestant with the help of super-delegates? Well, it couldn't happen on the first ballot, because they conceded that in the autopsy of the last primary.

  2. Imagine the Democrats president, Democrats run congress, Democrats run Senate and the Democrats run media. Corruption would roam free!

  3. "Former REPUBLICAN mayor"….he shouldn't be allowed on that statement alone. He's not a Democrat. He's a Trojan Horse to try to make sure that we get a Republican POTUS.

  4. No mention of Blumberg's large donation to the DNC just prior to the rule change by MSNBC. MSNBC is part of the problem. Why after 28 democrats running for presidency do we need a last minute recent corporate republican to join race? It's all about money. Tom Perez should resign. He is Clinton's lap dog. It looks like they are trying to setup Hillary to be future VP.

  5. Yet another example of DNC corruption.

    They don’t realise people aren’t that stupid?

    Perez needs to go but of course he won’t. American “democracy” ladies and gentlemen.

  6. Perez must resign! This change is 100% to benefit the Billionaire, who btw, does 'not' have a Wealth Tax in his Policies, surprise!
    Imagine Justice for all, Health Care for all, Education for all, Equality for all and 20 million New Energy Jobs for the Environment for all!! 🔥🔥🔥 BERNIE! 💪💪💪 Our 21st Century Bill of Rights

  7. Bloomberg bought his spot at the debate. The man has exactly 1 donor. This is an outrage. Perez and the DNC got some money from Bloomberg and decided we need another rich White guy on stage. Meanwhile, Corey Booker and Julian Castro's campaigns were killed by the donor requirement.

  8. The presidency is not for sale, Bloomberg.
    Perez should resign. Several times over, in fact. He keeps undermining democracy time and again. Begone, thug.

  9. Ari: Most of the commentary I’ve watched / listened to has focused on whether the recent changes made by the DNC to debate stage qualifications that will result in Michael Bloomberg being able to participate in the upcoming debate(s) are fair to the other candidates who will be on the stage with him, and to a lesser degree, fair to the candidates who were unable to qualify under the previous rules … unstated but implied, but who might have been able to qualify under the new rules. The points made by all of the commentators are all defensible, and I would not argue that anything I have heard is false, but so far I have not heard anyone suggest the reason for the changes that is most obvious to me – loss of face. I’m going to emulate Chairman Schiff’s delightful paraphrase of the conversation between President Trump and President Zelensky that caused him so much grief. Put yourself in the position that the members of the DNC saw as a distinct possibility given Michael Bloomberg’s rise in popularity in all of the poles. Here is, approximately, the conversation they must have been having amongst themselves:

    “Oh crap! Look at those polling numbers! He could win the nomination … without our endorsement! He might even with the election … without US! This is horrible – we would be … nothing! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! What are we going to do??!! We have GOT to figure out some way to get that guy on the debate stage … or we are SO screwed!”

    When you are looking for WHY someone does something, always, always, always, look first to their self-interest. Once in a great while, that might steer you in the wrong direction, but most of the time your answer will be somewhere in that vicinity if you look carefully. In this case, I seriously doubt that a debate between the members of the DNC about the “fairness” to the other candidates ever took place. There MAY have been a brief conversation about what was best for the Democratic Party. Maybe. But the main conversation would have been about themselves; about how being completely ignored by the winning candidate would result in an irredeemable loss of face, which would then result in the loss of political power through their demonstrated loss of relevance in the face of a Republican-turned-Democrat billionaire candidate who had announced to the whole country by his actions not only “I don’t need you to win”, but “I don’t need you at all.” I am reminded of a line from Blazing Saddles:

    “Gentleman! We must protect our phony-bologna jobs!”

  10. Why should I vote for a Democratic candidate sponsored by these crooks. Remove that liar Parez and clean your house & I would consider voting a Democrat

  11. Empower them so they THINK they have a say. But, as soon as THEIR PERSON is a front runner- we’ll change them because we actually pick screw the people

  12. They need less candidates to start beating Bernie. Not more. All the people in Yang gang, Tulsi fans, Booker, Harris, all screwed for a Republican to join Hilarious

  13. Check out Nomiki Konst as she worked around Perez and others and is an expert on many issues Perez……hear here explain how he even got the job he has. If you actually want some limited insight.
    I am not suggesting any politics, just there is a ton TV news will never tell you about how things really happen.

  14. Perez is the type that makes Dems look bad not only should he resign he should register as Republican as only a Republican would pull this kind of thing, leave the dem party Republican spy!

  15. Careful Ari, I've watched MSNBC fire everyone that defies corporate agenda. They will not tolerate this kind of info for long. If Ari Melber did more on this story and climate change he would be gone and paid off to never say why. Ask Ed Shultz or Melissa Tyler Perry

  16. If it's a fair debate, Bloomberg is probably going to do really badly. If they made the effort to get Bloomberg into the debate though, you can bet they'll make an effort to rig the debate.

  17. Mike Bloomberg is polling 10% and sometimes higher so I think it's only normal that he should be on the debate stage to debate the other candidates. The old rule where you needed to have certain amount of donor money was kinda weird to begin with.

  18. Resign Tom Perez. Delete your channel, MSNBC. You’re both fake news and enemies of the people. Snake emojis and rat emojis and poop emojis to all of you!

  19. 😖Ari😳Melber, 👀👍‼😖😳You didn't just call the DNC chairman a liar & a cheater on corporate media cable network⁉️😏That's unbelievable, remarkable. 🥺 I know you just walked yourself out the doors of corporate media. They will fire you now. But b4 they do. I want to commend on A JOB WELL DONE. I can cancel my MSNBC & follow your coverage of the news. Just let me know.

  20. Why does polling ever count more than grassroots support?
    Clintonazis are worse than MAGAts.
    MAGAts don't lie about who they are.
    Clintonazis never stop lying for their 'Epstein Certified' pedophiles.

  21. It's clear that the US needs to break up the two party system like antitrust laws do for corporations. Join the rest of the democracies that offer real choice. Have a run off election for president and governors, maybe even representatives and senators too, if no one gets over 50% on election day, as France and other countries do.

  22. For this election we need more than a normal DNC regular ruling unfortunately. Trump got Rusia last election and nothing happened to him. Trump and his puppets only care about winning. We need to be prepare for anything and Bloomberg is that candidate that will bring the fight to him at his level. So, DNC bring it on…. let’s play Trump game if we have to. Trump did it all the nasty things any president could do and here he is walking like a dictator. We need republicans tired of Trump to vote for democrat candidate. This elections will be far from normal and from peace and love.

  23. The DNC changed the RUSE. Bernie RULES! Bernie 2020 "Bernie is NOT a con man. Bernie is NOT a racist. Bernie is NOT a cheat."

  24. Yeah, MSNBC has a corner on sleazy commentators but Ari and Chris Hayes dignify them selves with true well thought out arguments as opposed to the drooling spitting drunken machinations of Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd and his garbled nonsensical spew and the mean spirited LIES of Joy Reid.

  25. Democratic party working for trump just like they always seem to – a lot of true colors are showing these days but bernie's colors have always been the same – true red white and blue – Bernie 2020 –

  26. Nice piece from MSNBC. I wonder if the rise of new media is pushing them to be more critical of established power. Hopefully!
    I cant wait to see Bloomberg on the stage tho. I have a feeling he wont have a great time.

  27. You can explain these election chananighans till the cows come home,it won't make any difference to the weird foreign policies of America – These fake wars that America has gone into over decades,based on lies & killing millions in the process is UNFORGIVEABLE.- The only reason why America goes into wars becz it's highly profitable at the expense of humans,they can put puppet regimes in place,they can control & steal the Oil resources of countries & they do all this for American Interest .So America's democracy is more of a De' " mockery

  28. This isn't the year for the democrats to have their motives called into question. We need to be seen as the anti-corruption party; otherwise, where does an honest voter turn? I, for one, won't be voting for Bloomberg, or any billionaire.

  29. Vote for progressives on the down ticket also….for senate, congress, mayor, Governor, city council, AG etc.
    Bernie will need a progressive congress to realize these progressive agendas. Check out @flipthesenate and @justicedemocrats on twitter for info on progressive candidates that don't take Cooperate PAC money

  30. This is gross, I don't know if the DMC is trying to manipulate who the democratic nominee will be or if money is what changed the rules but either way it is a awful look and Tom Perez should resign. Shame on him.

  31. Because the Dems just get dumber and dumber we are going to have Trump for four more years. No, it is not fair. I don't plan to vote for Bloomberg. I am a Bernie voter – I was a Bernie voter four years ago and was forced by the Dems to vote for Hillary by the damned DNC which I regretted ever since and will not be forced to do again. VOTE BERNIE

  32. MSNBC questioning the DNC's idiocy, miracles do exist! Too bad MSNBC will not treat Bernie with the same respect and coverage they give to all the other candidates…smfh

  33. As Ana Kasparian explains “Let him on the debate stage! That way the Americans will see Bloomberg actually address the issues which he hasn’t done so far. He will have to face the other candidates who will tear him to shreds. We don’t know his policy positions!!!

    I don’t see this as a problem except the fairness issue.

  34. Question: why don't individual contribution limits apply to donations to one's own campaign? The reasons for contribution limits apply just as much whether I say what I pay myself to say or what one other person pays me to say.

  35. Question: If Bernie was in 5th place in the primaries and Biden was in 1st place would the DNC change the rules for Bloomberg?? lolol just kidding, we all know the answer.

  36. Props to Ari for covering this. The DNC is so corrupt. Fun fact: Mike Bloomberg got term limits removed so he could run for a third term in NYC, then got the limits reinstated before he left office.

  37. The fact that several of the DNC members are on his campaign committee proves they cannot be impartial and the fact that they immediately move to change rules for him shows a bias. Fire them and Perez should step down

  38. Wow. Money gets to talk…at the debate stage….Real Sh%+ has to walk …. After we change the rules…..(Booker , Harris , & others) Corrupt goes a long way … From RIGHT..straight down the CENTER and leaning to the LEFT

  39. I don’t get why Booker, Castro and others don’t take the DNC to court. People has spent millions supporting them and thousands of hour. Someone has to pay.

  40. Am I the only one who feels that Ari Melber's mustache-stubble, only covers one side of his face??? It might be an optical illusion, but I'd like to think he's hoping someone would notice… #threefingers #opticalillusion

  41. The changing of the rules is complete BS. That said I think if the moderators ask him about his history the voters will see him as the Republican that he is

  42. Ari Melber is a fantastic journalist. He's courteous and fair to everyone who comes on his program, yet will not hesitate to call out hypocrisy anywhere he sees it. He can grill with tough questions without annoyingly badgering and, as he shows here, can speak truth to power through facts, rather then hyperbole.

  43. I’d be surprised if this guy still has a job after the end of the segment because he actually told the truth. Who would’ve thought MS NBC?

  44. Changing the rules to help the republican Bloomberg win. Can’t believe anyone would vote for someone who funded so many of the republicans in Congress and before last October was a Republican.

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