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Digital transformation: are you ready for exponential change? Futurist Gerd Leonhard, TFAStudios

Digital transformation: are you ready for exponential change? Futurist Gerd Leonhard, TFAStudios

Once upon a time business as usUal was often good enough No more where we are going good enough is dead In a world where everything is connected Where everything is equally excellent [where] performance is reaching perfection. There’s only one space [left] to innovate in you Right now you are a central point of the raging tornado of change Fueled by digitization mobilization augmentation disintermediation Automation well the list goes on science fiction is becoming science fact Think about self-driving cars or computers that can learn and think The way we work will never be the same the skills. We [need] will be dramatically different Winning or losing are now happening faster than ever before So what’s your response? How will you discover new opportunities in one of the most transformational times in Human history? Are you driving change, or are you being driven by it? disruption has become the new normal With change it’s always gradually than suddenly well things really have stopped happening gradually this change is exponential Everything that used to be dumb and disconnected is now. [why] [are]? Intelligent cars cities Poets farms even our bodies will be wired with sensors and will talk to each other These game changes are also Combinatorial they amplify each other creating a perfect storm of change Quantum computing Fuels Big Data the Internet-of-things fields artificial intelligence and deep learning which Fields robotics however Anything that cannot be digitized or automated will become extremely valuable Human only traits such as creativity imagination Intuition emotion and ethics will be even more important in the [future] Because machines are very good at simulating but not at being Yes robots and software will do some of our work, but this will allow [us] to focus on things that cannot be [automated] To imagine change squared you’ve got to start engaging more with what might be not just with what is Immerse yourself in the immediate future five to seven years out from today we need to go Beyond technology and Data to reach human insights and wisdom Technology represents the [howl] of change, but humans represent the why the future is about holistic business model The opportunity is to be liquid to learn just in time not just in case not single Improvements, but complete transformations not individual systems, but new Ecosystems Humanity is where true and lasting value is created. We will engage wait and buy things because of the Experiences they provide because of their transformative power The future doesn’t just happen the future gets happened The new way to work is to embrace technology But not to become it The future is in technology Yet the bigger future lies in transcending it Let’s live and lead from here world of the boat

100 comments on “Digital transformation: are you ready for exponential change? Futurist Gerd Leonhard, TFAStudios

  1. Very good Video in content and visual presentation- Impact. I don't know why only today I get contact with this. …. I like your style very much since a couse years ago…. Congrats!

  2. Gerd, Government seems to being going the opposite direction. More complexity and less agility for itself, and worse, 19th century solutions for governing as well.

  3. Be very cautious by saying creativity is a safe career for the future, because in many cases it isn't. AI systems can already create music indistinguishable from humans, and more competition with an ever lowering skill ceiling in many creative tasks (esp digital ones like game design & electronic music) will cripple these industries as well from an income standpoint.

  4. Change is such an essential element of the progress and evolution. Leading change is a necessary criteria for all seeking to be successful or remain successful in the here, now and future.

  5. Awesome Change every few years…Wow!

    T J (Tom) Vanderloop, CMfgE, LSME, Author, Teacher & Manufacturing Technologist

  6. This is a very emotional video that is showing me how important we are as humans and what are the things that only we can do. To go and get yourself ready and work on your skills is very good idea. Thank you for this inspiring and emotional video!!!

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  8. In our approach we call it becoming a WOW organisation. The opposite to what customers normally experience when making contact with telcos or almost any service organisation out there. See our site

  9. Hello, great, impactful video!
    Is it possible to download and embed it with respect to the author's law? /
    Does not show results at the moment.

  10. Sorry to burst the human exceptualism bubble, but everything can and will be digitalised. If we do not keep integrating technology into ourselves, we will be left behind by our creations, if not destroyed by them.

    That said, great job on the video! Very well done.

  11. Yet another video talking about exponential something. Let's just stop running anxiously and do some creative job how about that?

  12. Pretty distracting way to get your message out. Turn down the background music. Use less animations. This could of been done better.

  13. An amazing and mind fascinating segment… I got instantly glued to it. Background music, narration, content, edits are all perfectly in synced to inspire. I mean wow!

  14. Predictions by futurists seem to be based on the occurence of the singularity

    I won't be too dependent on it

  15. Listen, there are two, kinds, of technophobes out there. One is the kind that avoids technology for his/her past, and one who avoids it for his/her future. The kind of future they see or more accurately, fear, is the Orwellian dystopic empire, where everything seen by big brother is eradicated as individuality. There is another future posssible! If you're bored then go theorize living in a POSITIVE and technological future! Embrace the technology but don't BECOME the technology! And there WILL be corporations that will promote their clients becoming the technology! The Borg, in star trek is a perfect example, of the futility that could become, our resistance, to the technocratic future were hurtling towards at ninety miles per inadvertent second…

  16. I used this with a group of 1,200 executives yesterday. Gerd better articulates the future better than anyone I know. One day I will have a client where I can hire him.

  17. From my poin of view, these digital transformation motivation keys lead to empowers more people to be creative, or in another case it more simple if "creative people has a bigger room to.move in every case"

  18. I have to admit, the world of tech gadgets, widgets and geek stuff can be pretty unsettling
    If one has isolated themselves in the old manual labor, elbow grease, push mower mindset. Kinda like the horse and buggy man seeing a car for the first time and thinking, 'Terror of terrors!' what is this alien contraption on the road for except mayhem…But we still have a choice nowdays to keep the values from the past that respected and safeguarded all, but still embrace the new and helpful devices that give us quick progress in our daily endeavors. Take it slowly, one concept or device at a time and then I think it won't be so overwhelming to go tech. Wade on in to the pool, here…

  19. I am ready and perseverance is required to remain ready.
    Purging sexual shame and self hatred.
    Working through family scripts, reclaiming masculinity, honouring the feminine.

  20. Exactly so – truly excellent! Congrats on this contribution: it's the first clip on this subject I came across where I find myself in agreement along every statement during the four minutes. Again, great stuff, thank you.

  21. Exceptional video! After 35 years as a Financial Advisor, I'm taking courses in Robo Investing, Blockchain, cyber-currencies and see that my field is changing super fast! Many other advisors are just retiring or are married to their old ways. NOT me! I'm just getting started with an excitement for our future ways and this video does describe so well my reality in stepping up to it right now!

  22. An excellent video mixing the imminent technological challenges in terms of their impact on business and highlighting the managerial virtues and the full potential of the human.

  23. "everything is connected" – who may use it?
    …respectively who is the one at the top, who may evaluate all datas, being faster, better, more effective, more rich, more organizied, …to use it for his own interests?
    To whom belongs all technologies, patents, science results? The investor?
    May he command, what robots have to do, which stations trains arrive, how humans have to think and whom they serve? How they have to live —- and if not, they are out?
    then: No money, no pension, no health care, no car, no home …1 child? > look China!
    at last there will exist a big group of `ants`, without education, chips in brain and under the skin?
    Which chance they ever would have to take part?

    Where are the corresponding political and social movements?

    I´m concerned about there is coming a new big dictatorship, controled by high technologies, …òO´
    Grace us!

  24. If you would like to engage for any consulting enagement on digital tranformation talk to ALTEN Calsoft Labs. They have transformed many companies – Get your digital transformation right. or write [email protected]

  25. Part of being involves having an opinion. Most people have opinions, and because we all carry biases, nearly half of us will be wrong in our opinions. Because sometimes our biases cause us to have false opinions, our fear and greed impulses get triggered and we say and do stupid things. This is partly why our news and information is so terrible today. If you believe the false news, and are hooked into a narrative, then it either makes you think irrationally, or even mentally ill. There is a lot about "Being" that is way overrated. Unless we can learn to respect other peoples opinions, then "Being" is not worth very much. At that point, we all lose our liberties.

  26. This is an excellent video, establishing a digital footprint is very important.
    In this interview Michael Friedin, the Chief Strategy Officer of Hot Paper Lantern discusses the challenge of establishing a digital footprint and and how microservices and digital enablement are the future.

  27. well, we all need a bit of Creativity, Imagination, Intuition, Emotion, and Ethics when driving a car, so does that mean driverless cars have a bit of those as well? if No then we will have accidents everywhere, if Yes then Creativity, Imagination, Intuition, Emotion, and Ethics can be automated. lets wait the see

  28. I like the hype he deals the 5th wave of technology has surpassed our emotional brain this is where we truly need to be now a piece of machine feels pain & pleasure?!

  29. Hi Gerd Leonhard, I love this video.
    It is really amazing.
    I use to talk about it in some of my business presentations ….hope you don´t mind if I use it in any meeting 🙂

    Looking forward to see you f2f

  30. "Change is exponential."
    Oh plz!!
    I'm driven by this kind of change by you Marxist freemason Satanists driving these gov't psyops
    on the tv screens. With all these new words of things that are hoaxes. Like Vegas!!

  31. Digital transformation is not digitisation.
    Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It's all about the impact on final customer experiences!

  32. Por si alguien necesitaba la traducción como yo 😉

    ¿Estás listo para un cambio exponencial?

    Alguna vez hacer negocios de forma estándar era suficiente.

    Pero ya no, el entorno al que nos dirigimos algo razonablemente bueno es la “muerte” empresarial.

    En un mundo donde todo está conectado, donde todo es igualmente excelente, donde el desempeño está alcanzando la perfección, solo existe un lugar más en donde innovar tú, en este momento.

    Tú eres un punto central en el furioso tornado de cambio alimentado por tecnologías de digitalización, movilidad, acrecentamiento, desintermediación, automatización y la lista sigue creciendo.

    La ciencia ficción se está convirtiendo en dato científico, piensen en automóviles que se manejan solos o computadoras que pueden aprender y pensar, la forma en la que trabajamos nunca será igual, las habilidades que necesitaremos serán dramáticamente diferentes, el ganar o perder está sucediendo ahora más rápido que nunca antes.

    Entonces, ¿Cómo vas a responder? ¿Cómo vas a descubrir nuevas oportunidades?

    En uno de los momentos de mayor transformación en la historia de la humanidad.

    ¿Estás liderando este cambio? o ¿Estás siendo arrastrado por él?

    Lo disruptivo se ha convertido en la nueva norma, estábamos en “el cambio es siempre gradual…” en un instante… bueno… los cambios dejaron de ocurrir gradualmente. Este cambio es exponencial, todo lo que solía ser tonto y desconectado está ahora conectado y es inteligente, carros, ciudades, puertos, granjas, inclusive nuestros cuerpos estarán conectados con sensores y nos comunicaremos entre nosotros a través de ellos.

    Estas tendencias disruptivas son también combinables entre ellas y se amplifican entre ellas, creando una tormenta perfecta para el cambio. La computación cuántica alimenta el “Big Data” el internet de las cosas alimenta la inteligencia artificial y el aprendizaje profundo, que a su vez alimentan la robótica. Sin embargo, cualquier cosa que NO puede ser digitalizada ó automatizada se convertirá en algo extremadamente valiosa. Rasgos exclusivamente humanos, tales como: creatividad, imaginación, intuición, emoción y ética serán mucho más importantes en el futuro. Porque las máquinas son muy buenas simulando, pero no lo son ¡Siendo!

    Sí, los robots y el software reemplazarán algunos trabajos pero esto nos permitirá enfocarnos en cosas que no pueden ser automatizadas.

    Para imaginar el cambio al cuadrado, tienes que empezar relacionándote mucho más con lo que puede ser no solo con lo que ya es. Sumérgete en el futuro próximo 5 a 7 años más adelante, necesitaremos ir más allá de la tecnología y los datos para imitar la perspicacia/percepción humana y su sabiduría.

    La tecnología representa el “cómo” del cambio pero los humanos representan “porqué”. El futuro se trata de modelos de negocios holísticos, la oportunidad es ser uno con el cambio aprender a hacer las cosas “justo a tiempo” no “por si acaso”, no pequeñas mejoras sino transformaciones completas, no sistemas individuales sino nuevos ecosistemas.

    Lo puramente humano es donde se crea el verdadero y duradero valor, nos relacionaremos, interactuaremos y compraremos cosas por la experiencia que nos proveen, por su poder transformacional.

    El futuro no solo ocurre, el futuro es construido por nosotros. La nueva forma de trabajar es adoptar plenamente la tecnología, pero no convertirse en ella.

    El futuro está en la tecnología, pero el mejor futuro está en trascenderla.

    Vivamos y dirijamos desde este punto.

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