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Does Hill and Ponton Represent Vets Nationwide

Does Hill and Ponton Represent Vets Nationwide

(uplifting music) – Hello and welcome to the
Hill and Ponton video blog. I’m Matthew Hill. – I’m Carol Ponton. – And today we’d like to talk to you about a question we get asked
all the time and that is: In what states do you represent veterans? Where do practice VA law? – And the answer is we work
all over the United States. VA law is Federal law, so
it’s the same in every state. There are only…there are
probably not 200 lawyers who do just veterans
work and many of those have only started doing it recently. So for years, we represented
veterans, California, Michigan, all over the U.S. – So our main office is in Florida and we have a lot of cases in Florida, but we are all over the
U.S., we travel all over. As Carol said, the law doesn’t
change from place to place and unfortunately mistakes
don’t typically change… – They don’t change from place to place. And it’s very easy to do them all over. Ya know, everything is pretty
much on the internet now. Everything is paperless and we find… I’ve had no problem for years doing that. – Yeah, our office has been
paperless for over ten years, which means that we put
everything on our server and so if there’s something our
clients need and they’ve sent us hard copies, we just send
that back, but we can also e-mail whatever we’ve been sent. That’s how we interact
with the VA as well, is that we fax stuff in. We send it to their processing center. So we’ve never really had a problem. – No and under the VA
system, they have allowed, I think 120 lawyers to access their clients
cases on the VA system. So we actually are able to go into the VA and access our clients,
wherever they are in the U.S., and look at all the things
that have been filed, what’s going on with their case. – So essentially the answer to
that question is: nationwide. And we can represent you wherever you are. We’re familiar with all
50 or what is it? 58 They always change the number. Fifty-eight different regional offices. – He didn’t major in… – I didn’t. I’m a lawyer for a reason. But thank you for joining us today and we hope to see you
again on the site soon.

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