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Donald Trump Music Modernization Act

Donald Trump Music Modernization Act

welcome ladies and gentlemen to the live
stream Dean Reynolds media live oh my gosh super excited man super pumped yeah you
know we started this is our this is our third week and man I’ve gotten we have
gotten so so many reviews and encouragement and man well thank you
guys so much today’s topic is music
Modernization Act I gotta get that word right you know it’s a pretty large it’s
a pretty large topic it’s very it’s a little bit confusing so I hope to sort
of explain that to you in details welcome to Facebook live this is our
weekly show music Q&A you can ask I mean this is mainly about music publishing
and whatnot but any questions you have as a pertains to music you know how to
find a manager how to find a booking agent how to distribute your music
online how to find a radio single you know we also encourage you to go to our
website and book a consultation so we can go in depth with
you on your various musical music topics and you may want to wonder like why did
I put music modernization act as a topic and in parentheses Donald Trump yeah
we’re gonna get into that a little bit because we’re in a very political
climate if you would it’s and this is not a political show but yeah but he has
something to do with this act it’s a bill that has passed after been there
for so many years and but before we get into all that man let me just open up
my comment real quick and see who’s on here you guys so we have a Q&A section
that’s coming up and as you see the countdown is going down and we try to
keep it short sweet and spicy one of the big things about doing a live stream is
uh engagement we want you to guys leave a comment down below ask any questions
you want to ask music music related questions we want
you to inbox me if you have a suggestion and then we take it from there um my
name is Dean Reynolds CEO and founder of Dean Reynolds Media Group and we mainly focus on protecting musical assets um working with independent artists I’ve been doing
it for over 20 plus years and for some for over 20 years and you know I’ve had
so many different experiences good and bad as relates to the music industry but
I’m super excited that we are growing the music industry is growing my book
that’s about to come out what the heck is music publishing man yeah it’s it’s
gonna be sick and we do have a chapter in the book
that talks about the music modernization act I can’t get the word right
music modernization act oh my gosh yeah as you can see at the bottom of the
screen that’s the topic of tonight and just just to let you know what that is
so it’s basically all the artists all the songwriters that have participated
in music pre 1972 bill free night like when the bill was signed in 1908 and
then anyone that records music up to let’s say 1972 then you wouldn’t get
royalties so think about that guys like Smokey Robinson and anyone that had a
song before 1972 you wouldn’t get paid no royalties were there for you to
collect as far as streaming as far as radio play all of that stuff
and so President Bill Clinton it didn’t work out George W Bush it didn’t work
out and Barack Obama it didn’t work out and so now fast-forward we were able to
sign a bill back in October last month where anyone that records music up to
1972 now can get paid and for me as a music publisher this is huge like I’m
super excited because we like I get very happy to pay royalties any time we get
to collect royalties for any one of our clients it just gives me joy like it’s
an amazing feeling to know that we were able to hunt this down for you you know
your streams have been out there for 20 years over four years or ten years or
five years you know got played in Japan somewhere and you know or it got
played in Barbados somewhere and I’m telling you man it’s very very very
exciting to know that we can do that we have ins and outs we have all of the
right partnerships that we formed and so the music Modernization Act really helps
you know look at this right here if you are an engineer I mean anytime you
release an album anytime you release a single many times the engineers don’t
get props think about that for a second the engineers don’t get props right and
it’s even more so in a digital age where some platforms may provide a digital
booklet to sort of let you in on the producers and whatnot but now because of this act thanks to President Trump who finally
signed that bill into law man I think was October 11th but definitely last
month so now engineers can now get a piece of
the pie engineers who have been left off for so many years
then I’ll get a piece of the pie and to me that’s huge because now all engineers
get paid fairly and and the music is a thing that never dies it’s a thriving
industry I mean it’s growing leaps and bounds whether you believe it whether
you know it yes or no it’s growing and I’m just excited for
this next for the next phase in this music industry man and and and now you
get to seek your royalties for engineers you know that’s what it’s important
that’s why we always stress to do two independent artists man listen you need
to sign up with sound exchange sound exchange is that company that pays
royalties for non-interactive streams you know like you’re paying bills and
whatnot like you need to sign up it’s on exchange you need to make sure you sign
up with your BMI’s and your ASCAP’s and your SESAC’s or your COSCAP’s like it’s
it’s imperative that you do that as a musician as an artist and don’t be
fooled thinking that okay I only I’m only a producer I don’t have to sign up
with a PRO that’s incorrect the music Modernization Act now protects you as a
producer that is super super super cool man I’m trying to open up my questions
on here so I can see who I’m in my comments to see who’s commenting and
whatnot feel free all right pardon me guys let
me just pull my other devices here so I can see the comments
yeah we always have something to work out so let me do this
standby let’s do this right here so we can get this party going let’s get this
party going so I can see who is on here I played this video last week let’s do it
again Celeste Buckingham my last song Oh this is my last song yep welcome to Dean Reynolds Media
alive and I wanna shout out man my homie Megan Clark what’s going on Megan it’s
been a while I know you’re watching from Jamaica totally appreciate that also
joining us man I want to shout out to I’m looking at my other other devices
here yeah Ria Simone what’s going on girl
China Morton thank you for tuning in thank you for watching I totally
appreciate it and Brenda I appreciate it and we also got here Thomas
appreciate it man oh this is Dean Reynolds media live and this is a weekly show
Mondays every Monday and our 8 p.m. Eastern and um like I said we uh you
know we’re definitely growing and we are going to work on things as we go along
and try to make sure the show gives as much information as possible if you have
any questions regarding music feel free to ask if you don’t wanna ask now while
you’re allowed you can always ask in the comments below if you’re watching the
replay thank you guys so much for tuning in if you’re watching us on youtube
thank you so much for tuning and we really appreciate it
please feel free to leave a comment below if you’re watching us and YouTube
feel free to subscribe to our channel and hit that Bell to be notified every
time we go live every time we post a video so the music modernization act it’s super important and don’t be bummed out by the title
it’s just a law that now gives us as creators the rights to collect royalties
pre-1972 you now can collect royalties and they also form their own music
licensing agency MLC so I don’t know what’s gonna happen to people like the
Harry Fox agency who we are we are members of the
because they’re the ones that represent us as far as the music licensing and
paying out royalties to our clients you know but they’re different changes but
now a lot of times like over the years people like Spotify they have gotten
away with so many different things man streaming music and not paying royalties
and then they will they’ll get sued and then when they go to court they’ll say
well your honor you know didn’t know where to send the money we didn’t know
what was going on we didn’t know we didn’t know who owned what and you know
it’s a fair thing to say I guess but now all of that stuff is over because of
this act right here so once again shout out to President Donald Trump for
signing that musical bill hear me loud and clear don’t mince my words don’t mix
up what I’m saying I’m giving him props for this specific thing signing this
music bill that no other President signed before him all right that’s all
I’m giving him props for it is what it is it’s important to highlight good and
that’s what I’m doing right now and as a music publisher I’m super excited for
the bill that that that passed the music Modernization Act
you know engineers can now get paid that’s that that to me is phenomenal
like that’s super cool you know music producers and the thing with with sound
exchange you sign up and you know they can pay a piece of the pie to your
background singers uh you know to various producers on the track you know
it’s all about having your splits right it’s all about making sure that your
music is properly documented and that’s what you need to focus on so once again
this is Dean Reynolds Media live it’s our weekly live show go ahead and
share this stream you know we totally appreciate it man
send it out to your friends excuse me especially if you’re in the music space
the book will be out soon definitely before Christmas and
we’re gonna do a sort of a soft launch on this stream here once it comes out
man it’s gonna be amazing I promise you by next week we’ll show you the cover
looks like the official cover by next week so tune in next week at 8:00 p.m.
Eastern you know that’s when we’re going to show you the cover and so so so it’s
very important guys to stay abreast especially when you’re in the music
industry because there it’s so much to think about it’s so much to do it’s so
much to try to manage and we at Dean Reynolds Media that’s part of our job we always
say let the creator’s create and let the publishers do their work like we do the
behind the scenes work as administrators going after your finances making sure we
were properly set up like that like we do that stuff and that’s important you
can’t just do everything and even if you own your own publishing company that’s
good you and what you want to think about is having like an administrator to
make sure all the I’s are dotted and all the T’s are crossed and that’s us go to book a consultation with us we can answer any questions you want to
answer leave a comment in the comment section below share and please like this
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a brand new show in the 3rd week right now we’re still working things out but I’m
not gonna keep talking about that each week we’re just gonna go at it man and
and do what we do thank you guys so much for tuning in another week of Dean Reynolds Media live join us next week same time same place
peace good people

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