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Ed O’Neill Kissed His Daughter’s Celebrity Crush

Ed O’Neill Kissed His Daughter’s Celebrity Crush

Congratulations. Everyone thought that it was
going to be the last season. And you just wrapped, and
now you have one more season. One more, yeah. Yeah. Yes, thank you. Thank you. And then we had one cast member
die last year on the show. Yes. Everybody was disappointed
that it wasn’t me. That’s not true. But they thought it was
going to be me, right? But it wasn’t. And here you– so now, this will
be 11 seasons when you finish. Yeah. You did Married with
Children for 11 seasons. Yes. And then this with 11 seasons. So lucky. Are you going to do
something big on the last– Well, you know, I think
we may go on a trip. We may go to Colombia,
where Sofia’s from. Exactly. Barranquilla or
something like that. Sounds something like that. Yeah, I’m sure it’s not
pronounced that way. But it’s close. Yes. And it’s supposed to
be very beautiful. Oh, that would be amazing. Yeah. And then your character
wouldn’t understand anything that anyone is saying. That’s right. So no, it’s been great. It’s just been great. Yeah. It’s amazing. So you have a
birthday coming up. Yes. Do you like birthdays? Oh, my god, no. I mean, I did when I was 12. Yeah. But I don’t anymore. No? No. You know, the whole
thing with time– you know, when people
say, enjoy your kids. Before you know
it, they’re grown. Time goes fast. I said, it goes
fast anyway, right? Right. No matter what
you do, it’s fast. It does seem to speed
up as you get older. And it does speed
up as you get older. Yeah. When you’re a kid, it
doesn’t seem to go as fast. Forever from Christmas
to Christmas. Yes. So you have two daughters. Are they in the audience here? My one daughter’s here. Which daughter is here? Sophia. There she is. Hi, Sophia. How are you? That’s her friend Jasmine. Hi, Jasmine. So is it Sophia that got
jealous that you got a role? Oh, my god. Is it her? Yes. I did a show for Jordan Peele. You know Jordan Peele. Yes. Get Out. Yep. Marvelous. Hear the new one’s great. Anyway, this is
called Weird City. Probably, none of you saw it. It’s brand new. It’s kind of a futuristic
thing, like Twilight Zone. Bit of a comedy. And I was working with
Dylan O’Brien, who’s a young, handsome actor, who my
daughter has a slight crush on. And in the story, we kiss. And she had to witness
this and was very upset– Right. –that it was me and not her. Wow. What are the odds of, like,
an actor you have a crush on– Very unlikely. –kisses your dad. Really good kisser. Good kisser? Yeah, yeah. That’s important.

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  1. I LOVE Modern Family, and my fav character is Jay, so I was so afraid they would killed his in last year.

    How can I live without Modern Family…..

  2. you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together says:

    really what are the odds lol

  3. I don’t know how to describe modern family but it feels like home at this point 🙁 please don’t let it end

  4. I am going to miss Modern Family. I have watched since 2009-2010. I am so glad they have at least 1 more season though

  5. Omg I love him 😍 , I watched Married with children for years. 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️😊😊❤️

  6. BARRANQUILLA!!!!! my curramba city: en barranquilla se baila asi!!!! yeah!!!! modern family in barranquilla, wonderful!!!!

  7. i hope Modern Family maybe win their final EMMY and gives Ed O'Neill his first Emmy for the show cause he's earned it, what do you think? Let me know
    +Kevin Haynes

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