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Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

(upbeat music) The last couple of years have seen a lot of changes in terms of how health information is taken, and communicated. We’re no exception to that rule. We now have a comprehensive medical records system that’s been introduced to Johns Hopkins Medicine. It’s called Epic. The system is very efficient in collecting large amounts of clinical information and putting it in a form that can be shared between all of the members of the care team. If you send someone for a referral, all of the information is there. The other unique feature of this is a patient portal where patients can see their labs in real time as they become available. You can also have communication and dialog with the office, with our nurses and then with our doctors, to ask questions, and to alert us if anything comes up between your visits. We think that the patient portal is going to be an important way for us to disseminate information in the future, especially regarding education. As we roll out new videos, for instance, about teaching people about medications, we can send you a link to that through the patient portal. There are additional opportunities for us to send questionnaires to patients before they come to visit, so that you can save some time at the time of the visit, completing the questionnaires on line before you come. We think these are really going to be exciting developments that are really going to facilitate patient care in the future. (upbeat music)

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