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Ellen Looks for the Mystery Celebrity Hiding in Her Audience

Ellen Looks for the Mystery Celebrity Hiding in Her Audience

My staff is constantly talking
about how observant I am. And so here’s what
they did to me today. All right, just hand it to me. So they said at some
point while I’m talking, I’m going to get an envelope
with instructions in it. And, thank you Esteban. That’s not his name. I’m observant enough to
know that’s not his name. What is it? It’s Pete, right? Yeah. All right. Says Dear Ellen, We thought
we’d play a game with you today. Somewhere hidden in the audience
is a celebrity that you know. The only catch is we hired an
award winning makeup artist and disguised them. You have 15 seconds to
find this celebrity. But you can’t move from
where you’re standing. Ready. Go. [RATTLING TIMER] [LOUD BUZZER] Are you pointing to that man
right there with the pipe? No, that is one of my producers. And I noticed him right away. It– it threw me
off at first to see, not only– not only him but my
writer Jason who’s in a dress. Hi. All right. All right, the audience,
I’m just being told, do not help me if you
think you know who it is. The audience cannot help me. They’re playing a game with me. I see another writer
who is Allison who is in a wig and glasses. So they’re trying
to throw me off. Because when I first
walked out here, OK. So now, now, OK, turn
the page it says. I’m going to have
more time, right? I can look– your
observational skills have– if you haven’t
observed the hidden celebrity, you can go up into the
audience, get a closer look. You have one minute. Then you will have
hints on other pages. OK, I have one minute now. [RATTLING TIMER] All right, ah. [RATTLING TIMER] Why are you all holding hands? [RATTLING TIMER] Sorry, I wanted to
see if that was a wig. [RATTLING TIMER] Jennifer Aniston, no. [RATTLING TIMER GOING FASTER] This noise is very aggravating. [RATTLING TIMER] Are you with that man? Are you with that man? Yes. Do you know him? Yes. [RATTLING TIMER] Four, three, two, one. [LOUD BUZZER] OK. All right. Um, here’s a hint. He did not play a
character in Finding Dory. That is not a hint. He’s part of an Emmy
award winning family. Emmy award winning family. That’s, like, I’m
thinking Modern Family? Yeah. Is that what I’m thinking? [CROWD CHEERING] I’ll walk around more. Well, we know it’s– it’s a man. We know that. OK. Why are you all holding hands? We’re excited. We love you. OK, good. But, like, are you one person
somehow pretending to be– well it’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson. So now I– I know that. You did– wh– you’re not
saying– you came with him? Yeah. No, you didn’t. [CROWD CHEERING] Hi. I do not speak the English. Oh, no? No. No. Ah– Hi. Hi. I– I did not think that you– Things have really gone down
hill since I last saw you. Yeah. Wow. All right, so, I’m told there’s
like a transformation we can watch. How long did it–
well, we’ll watch. I’ve been here for three days. All right. Walk down here, and
then we’ll watch this. Bye Debbie. Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do. That’s sneaky music because I’m
about to get into a disguise to surprise Ellen. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, I think I kind of like it. Yeah. I think I might get a
nose job after this. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sing. The fact that this guy bought
a single ticket to come see Ellen, I think should be
of great concern to everyone. [MUSIC PLAYING] Dealing with this extra
weight that I’ve just put on very quickly. I’m not hating it. It’s a no pain muffin top. Ellen, best of luck finding me. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sing. That’s so funny. [CROWD CHEERING] All right. The foot is under there. What is happening under here? I just have my no show socks. Ah ha. I want a pantsuit. Uh-huh. All right, I really did, I– when I asked if
she came with you, I didn’t want to be insulting. I thought you looked
a little strange. And I thought ah– I just– That’s Debbie and
she’s just a friend. Uh-huh. Hi Debbie. All right, so go get cleaned up. All right. I guess you’re going
to come back later on. I’ll be back. All right. I’ll see you later. [CROWD CHEERING]

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  1. What a shame this thing is. Ellen is too repulsive for me to even look at or listen to. I change the channel if she shows up even in a commercial.

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