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Ellen’s Million Dollar May Surprise for an Incredible Family of Viral Dancers

Our first guests are a
family from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Last week they posted a video
of their family dancing. It’s been viewed more
than 10 million times. Please welcome the Hurds. [MUSIC – CIARA, “LEVEL UP”] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Leggo. Level up, level up, level
up, level up, level up. Level up, level up, level
up, level up, level up. All this on me so yummy,
all this oh so yummy. You know want this yummy. Yummy all in your tummy. Level up, level up, level
up, level up, level up. Level up, level up, level
up, level up, level up. All this on me so yummy,
all this oh so yummy. You know want this yummy,
yummy all in your tummy. Hi! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Come on, guys. [APPLAUSE] Come on, come on. Good job! Man, that was fantastic. All right, so it is Emmanuel? Yes. And Shazia? Yes ma’am. And which one are you? What’s your name? [INAUDIBLE] OK. And? Emma. Emma? Emma, yes. Manny. Manny? OK. You are a wonderful family. You posted this, could you
believe the attention it got? No. Oh my god, no. No. Not at all. I posted it just
to honor my wife. And I wanted to do
something that would blend both of our cultures together. And I just posted it, we woke
up the next day and boom. Boom. Incredible. And how did you two meet? In Tulsa there’s a strip all
the cars like cruise on it. It’s 51st and Memorial,
we were there. And I was up dancing on
this hill and I looked down. And I saw her. And I said, I’m going
to get that girl. And all my buddies said
dude no you’re not. And three kids later. [LAUGHTER] You showed them. I sure did. OK. So how’s it going you almost
done with that lollipop? [INAUDIBLE] Don’t throw your
trash on our floor. [LAUGHTER] All right, so you’re going
to perform now right? Absolutely. All right, let’s do it. [APPLAUSE] Here we go. Dad, this is so cool. [MUSIC – USHER, “DJ GOT US
FALLIN’ IN LOVE”] Yeah, man. So we back in the club. With our bodies rocking
from side to side. Side, side to side. Swear I seen you before,
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes. Eyes, eyes, eyes. Cause baby tonight, the DJ
got us falling in love again. Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ
got us falling in love again. So dance, dance like it’s
the last, last, night of your life, life. Gon’ get you right. Cause baby tonight, the DJ
got us falling in love again. Hear no evil, speak
no evil, see no evil. Get it baby? Hope you catch that like T.O. That’s how we roll. My life is a movie
and you just TIVO. Mami got me twisted
like a dreadlock. She don’t wrestle but I
got her in a headlock. [APPLAUSE] Bada bing bada
boom, Mr. Worldwide as I step in the room. I’m a hustler baby,
but that you knew, and tonight it’s
just me and you. [APPLAUSE] Oh my God! Oh my God! And you look really pretty! Oh thank you, so do you! Hi, you got another one. This is so cool. You are so cool. Thank you so much. Oh my god. Thank you, thank you. What a– what a great– what a great family. Yeah that’s Twitch over there! All right, as you’ve
probably heard we’re partnering with
Walmart to do something called Million Dollar May. And we’re giving away a total of
$1 million to deserving people throughout the
entire month of May. Anyway what would
you say to that? [LAUGHTER] Oh, and also because
I’m telling you that because later
in the show I’m going to give you a chance– it’s a game– it’s a
chance to win $60,000. [APPLAUSE] All right, we’ll be right back. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re back with the Hurd family. It’s time for
Million Dollar May. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] Here’s your challenge. Each of you gets a football. Just 1 time per person. You’ll pick a spot and
you’ll throw your ball, but each spot is worth a
different amount of money. The first one is worth $2,500. If you hit all 5 you’re going
to go home with $60,000. But we’re going to start
with– hey, [INAUDIBLE].. We’ll probably give Elijah one. And we’ll probably
start Elijah over here, I’m assuming on
this mark over here. Elijah come here. On this mark. Come here stand right here. All right, and you need to
get that ball through there. Put it in there. There that’s $2500! [APPLAUSE] All, right. Now you go to the $5,000 mark. Emma. Yep you did it! [APPLAUSE] All right. You’re going to $7,500. Stand right on it. Oh my gosh. You can go, go there. Because you want to
make sure you make it. Manny, down Manny. Manny. Just. I can make it, dad. I’ll make it. [APPLAUSE] Yeah! Yeah! Give me some, give me
some, give me some. Yeah! That’s my boy! All right, I think you’re
going to go here to $10,000. All right, you can stand on it
or a little– any of the holes, yeah. It just needs to
be through a hole. Mom, just pick the smallest one. OK. You’re still going
to make $10,000. $10,000! [APPLAUSE] It’s OK. It’s OK. That’s all right. Yeah wait wait. Under hand is hard. All right. My man take it home. You got home. Bring it home. I got you. I got you. You can hold it
whole one second. $25,000. Hold on, let him do this. And then you’ll do that. [LAUGHTER] Come on make it. Make it, make it, make it. Oh! It’s OK. All right, I don’t like it. That was $15,000 let’s
just rounded up to $20,000. What? What? [APPLAUSE] Go throw it in. [APPLAUSE] Oh my god, thank you. Thank you! Thank you so much. [APPLAUSE] We’ve got a lot more
of Million Dollar May. So if you or someone you know
is doing something fantastic. I want to hear about it use
the hashtag spark kindness. We’ll be back. [APPLAUSE]

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