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Elon Musk’s ‘real big change’ prediction for technology advancement by 2035 revealed  – News 247

Elon Musk’s ‘real big change’ prediction for technology advancement by 2035 revealed – News 247

 Elon Musk is the tech tycoon behind numerous companies, including SpaceX, Tesla, Nuueralink, The Boring Company and OpenAI During an event at Stanford University in 2015, the entrepreneur was asked by DFG General Partner Steve Jurvetson what his vision was for 20 years time, or 2035  Musk had an interesting response. He said:  “It’s always really tricky looking to the future, as some of it is really obvious, like computing power is going to be crazy  “The real big change is the cost of computing power, not so much the circuit density   “If you’re looking at what is the actual dollar per unit ratio, that is dropping  “You’re rearranging a computer on a little chip and once the capital cost of the development and the chip plant is paid for, the marginal cost of the chip is very tiny  “I think we’ll see massively parallel computers and computing power and storage being really as much as you want ” The 48-year-old was also asked about his views on Artificial Intelligence (AI), of which Musk has been an advocate for the regulation of  He added: “I think AI is going to be incredibly sophisticated in 20 years.  “It seems to be accelerating and the tricky thing about predicting things they are exponential is it looks linear close-up, but it’s not  “AI appears to be accelerating, but I’ve had this debate with people, where is the Y-axis?  “If at any point of time your predictions for AI are coming sooner or later, that would help to determine if it was accelerating or not  “Three years ago, it was 10 years away, two years ago I thought it was five years away, now I think it’s three years away  “There’s a second question as to when regulators will approve it.” Musk rounded up his prediction with a reference to SpaceX’s plan to colonise Mars   He continued: “Computing, AI that’s beyond anything the public appreciates today, I think we’ll have most of the new vehicles being produced being electric  “We’ll probably have the huge majority of electricity being produced being sustainable, primarily solar  “Those are some good things and hopefully we’ll be on a good path for sustainable energy “Sooner is always better, but I think most of the transport will be sustainable and broadband everywhere and hopefully a couple of people based on Mars – a city ” Trending  In July this year, Microsoft invested $1billion (£823,825,000) into Musk’s AI venture that plans to mimic the human brain using computers  OpenAI said the investment would go towards its efforts of building artificial general intelligence (AGI) that can rival and surpass the cognitive capabilities of humans   CEO Sam Altman said: “The creation of AGI will be the most important technological development in human history, with the potential to shape the trajectory of humanity  “Our mission is to ensure that AGI technology benefits all of humanity, and we’re working with Microsoft to build the supercomputing foundation on which we’ll build AGI ”

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