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3 comments on “Enterprise Solutions #2 – Developing & Deploying an Enterprise MES

  1. Since you're using agile, why not be eliciting and incorporating operator/end user requirements in earlier design, build, test rounds? Or at least documenting process and interface specs at the Business unit level earlier.

  2. The most important take-away from this video is this — developing successful enterprise solutions hinges on your ability to start small, adjust and then scale. Requirements will change — and you can't spend all of your money refactoring. If you believe you can collect all requirements up front and then deliver turn-key, you will fail. If you don't account for the impact your client's expanding knowledge will have on your project, you will fail. It is easy to bolt on new features to a sound framework — it is next to impossible to refactor the underlying framework and not impact all of the bolt on features that have been added after the initial development.

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