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Eric Stonestreet Attempts to Scare His ‘Modern Family’ Castmates

Eric Stonestreet Attempts to Scare His ‘Modern Family’ Castmates

And then the three of you
have these two for parents, and that must be– I mean, do you feel
like they’re almost your kids, because didn’t
you teach Nolan how to shave? Yeah, it’s a little
like life imitating art, art imitating life I think. It’s like a give and
take between that. But yeah, Ty actually
taught me how to shave. He also taught
Rico how to shave, but it didn’t go so well. Yeah, no. [LAUGHTER] Didn’t get the memo. No, missed a few spots. So it’s great
because like I said, I hope it keeps going because I
want to see what happens with– I mean, we’ve watched
the family grow. And I hope that we
keep watching that. And also, you think about
all the physical activity, especially for you Ty,
that it starts out really, really fun season one. 10 years in, are you still
enjoying the physical stuff they give you? I enjoy them in the moment. [LAUGHTER] The day after is different. Mhm. Than it used to be? There was an episode last
season on a hover board. And after I kind of
figured out how to do it, I got very cocky,
which is not unusual, about something
physical like that. I felt very proud of myself and
rode it all in between takes. There were take after
take after take, and then I would just ride
it around the sound stage, like grabbing
something to drink. And I’m just assuming
that that hover board thing ended badly too? I actually– I woke
up the next day, and I’m not exaggerating that
I couldn’t get out of bed. I– Yeah, but a hover boards the
thing that just carries you. Yeah, there are no
muscles being used. There are no muscles
activated by a hover board. None. And I somehow managed
to mess up my back. But it must have been some
core activity or something. So Eric has been– you’ve
all been with us a lot. But Eric has been with us a lot. And we’ve enjoyed– no,
we’re just going to watch. No, no. So let’s look at Eric
scaring some people. [LAUGHTER] This is funny. Boo! [SCREAMS] Mother! Boo! Jeez. Boo! [SCREAMS] No. [LAUGHS] Oh, hi, Eric. Boo! Hi, Eric. [LAUGHTER] How you doing, man? All right. Boo! Oh, no. No, Eric was trying to scare me. Boo! [SCREAMS] Mother
of pearl, stop it. Boo! Really? Ellen tell you to do this? [LAUGHTER] All right, we got some of them. No, Ed was genuinely scared. Sophia was genuinely scared. I was. You got some of them. You did. OK, so we hear someone is
getting killed off this season. That is correct. Jesse. No, don’t tell us. Maybe, I don’t know. I don’t know. So– We can’t say anything. I didn’t get nervous when
I heard somebody was– You didn’t? No. Because you knew– If I had heard somebody
was going to get deported then I would have been. [LAUGHTER] It was either Rico or me. [LAUGHTER] I think Rico would go first.

100 comments on “Eric Stonestreet Attempts to Scare His ‘Modern Family’ Castmates

  1. season 9 got over!waiting like mad to watch their new season!i love love love modern family!After modern family was over i don't
    know what to watch!

  2. Look at Ed O'neill's body language when it is asked about someone is being killed off. He already knows who it is. I think it will be him imo.

  3. I love how everytime Eric turns around to see if there's someone behind him, he turns around exactly like his character, Cam, from Modern Family.

  4. I think they are killing off Joe. They supposedly lost him for this new season and got a new kid to play Joe but he wasn't working out so the original got brought back. But that is just what I heard. It might just be rumors.

  5. Did anyone else notice Julie whispering to Ty, “He’s so handsome,” about Nolan when he started talking? <3 she’s such a mom

  6. OMG I love modern family!!!!!! I am up to season 7! And the hover board episode that Thai talked about I literally just watched!

  7. I love modern family, I have watched all the seasons more than twice. It's so funny and I love Claire and her coping mechanism of death. ? ? I wish they don't end it at season 10.

  8. I feel like I'm watching a guesting of a family from reality tv show… Lol love them still better than the Kardashians anw ?

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