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Eric Stonestreet Finally Gets His Scare Revenge on Ellen

Eric Stonestreet Finally Gets His Scare Revenge on Ellen

You’ve promised. No, I know. Nothing– nothing today. OK. Nothing at all. All right. So you were a security guard. Yeah. I saw a picture at a Garth
Brooks concert of you at– look at– there you are. Yeah. That’s me in 1994-ish,
’92-ish, something like that, working a Garth Brooks
concert in Manhattan, Kansas. I did that. I lied about my age
earlier in high school and got a job at the
amphitheater near where I grew up in Kansas City. And my first concert was
like a real Christian singer. And then my next concert
was Eazy-E and Boogie Down Productions. Oh my god. It was like, oh, wow. OK. This is different. But that was ’89. And so it was a
lot of hairbands– Cinderella, Ratt, Poison. Those kinds of bands. So I saw more boobs
than you could– Wow. –ever imagine as
a young junior. And did fans try to like–
because you’re the security guard, try to convince you
so they could go backstage. Oh, all the time. And I would get kind
of the crappy positions because I was a young guy. But they put me off to the
side of the stage one time and I think it was Warrant,
Winger, and the BulletBoys. And this girl comes
walking up to me. She has this beautiful
flowing skirt on. And she’s like, hi. And I’m like, hey, how are you? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] She’s like, so what would I
have to do to get backstage? I’m like, oh, well, you
need this special pass. Not kidding you, she lifts
up her dress and she goes would this special pass work? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Oh my god. And I’m like, oh my god. That’s hilarious. Because I can’t
let you back there. Oh my god. I can’t even imagine. I mean, if you’re a security
guard, especially at that age, where you’re actually– [SCREAM] [SCREAMING] [LAUGH] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Finally! Finally! [LAUGH] Tap out. Tap out! Now. Tap out! [AUDIENCE CHEERING] [LAUGH] Now who’s laughing, punk! I’ve been waiting
for that guy for– how many performances? I don’t know. A lot. He’s done a lot of them. I’m out of breath. Nurse! Lindsay! Oh my gosh. Corey, you were
out of there so– literally, we were hoping when
he jumped up, you’d grab him. But he started leaving. And then I showed my quickness. Yeah. You did. You got him. How’s Corey? Is he OK? I don’t care. [LAUGH] [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] How am I? Oh my god. I don’t care. Oh my god. Hey, Corey? Wanna go again, bro. Oh my god. I think I did hurt my shoulder. Oh, no. Where’s the Warner
Brothers Fire Department? Not coming. Yeah. They’re not here now. Nope. No. They’re out writing tickets. [HEAVY BREATHING] Modern Family starts tonight. Toy Box starts on
Sunday, both on ABC.

100 comments on “Eric Stonestreet Finally Gets His Scare Revenge on Ellen

  1. 1:24 she gaves him a signal. I was thinking he gonna scares ellen but no, this is for that guy (sorry for my english, im argentinian)

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  4. Ellen gave him the cue to walk around then she scratched her mic to signal the dude to jump out so basically she set up her own scare dude

  5. Ellen needs a new signal for when the hidden guy pops out. Her signal every time is when she plays with her collar with her hand.

  6. He going to get. Ellen back with his joke see if she scare out of her chair thank you for sharing Bless you love your video

  7. Ellen i realy wish i could meet you im subscribed and my post notification is on I love your videos I think you're really funny

  8. I waited a long time for this. John T Hand made JB's daughter Martha marry a black. John lives in the Fullerton neighborhood, Boston. T Swift, Lover.

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