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Eric Stonestreet Gushes About the New Woman and Man in His Life

Eric Stonestreet Gushes About the New Woman and Man in His Life

So your girlfriend is
lovely, I met her backstage, and she’s a nurse. She is a nurse. That’s a good thing for you
because you’re a hypochondriac. I’m a big baby, too, yeah. Are you? Well, she calms. Me she calms my nerves. I’m a very high strung person. Wow. You can tell, right? Yeah, I can. What are you looking at, ma’am? Now– No, but she calms– You scared the hell
out of that lady. My nurse girlfriend
will take care of you. So you have a new
woman in your life. You have a new man in your life. OK. Yes. I love this. Oh my god. It’s Hollywood
baby, you know us. You never know. Whatever you want. We’re a bunch of crazies. What is that? I don’t know. Try it. That’s how you do it. It relaxes you. Yeah. Especially when
you’re doing that. So let’s show a clip of this. Do we have a clip of
him or a picture of him? Of Roscoe. Oh my god, he’s cute. Yeah, he’s cute. He’s amazing. That’s him. Aw. He’s a good– he’s
a good catcher. My old– my other dog
Coleman, who passed away, couldn’t catch anything. Wow. That’s impressive. OK. He is– And he was
found on the streets. Yeah, I got him from a
rescue called Wags and Walks, and he was found in the
streets of Pico Rivera at three months old. And he came into the
house and he saved me. You know, do we– I love the saying, do we rescue
them or do they rescue us? He definitely brought me back. I lost Coleman a year ago. I met this guy a year to
the date– not on purpose– that Coleman passed. So he came into my life for
a reason, and I thank him. He’s a great guy. He really is. And dogs that you rescue,
they know the difference. And he’s in the dressing room. We have a camera in
the dressing room, let’s see what he’s
doing right now. Because he’s– aw. There he is. I just bragged how good
of a catcher you were. I know. Catch it again. Come on, one more time. Throw it again. Yeah! God, he’s so cute. Love that guy. Oops, he’s peeing on your couch. No. He’s going to get you a
fine of some kind, too. No. He really is so cute. Did I give him
enough toys or what? Yeah, those are all your toys. We walked in and the guy that
makes me pretty for the show, he’s like, I have no place
to put on my hair products. It’s all dog toys. Yep, I gave him all the toys. You can bring all those home.

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  1. Love them great people. Remember where the shrug came from? Steve Martin & Dan Ackaroyd, he might have hinted on it.

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