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33 comments on “Eric Wieschaus (Princeton) Part 1: Patterning Development in the Embryo

  1. Thanks for the lesson, Professor. Amazing topic, the trapped maternal RNA and the bicoid protein gradient story blew my mind…

  2. I like to pretend that the picture of the drosophila egg is life size and that the professor is actually really really small

  3. Why are only his eyebrows black and his facial hair/ hair on top of head is grey??

    Answer that for a scientific question..

  4. Love the passion put in your lectures. Wish to contact you to ask for help with some online lectures on development. Meanwhile, I can enrich with your iBioseminars. Thanks

  5. I appreciate this. Thanks you tube and The Professor. He soo smooth with his lectures. with this technology we don't even need to pay to go to school. we can just learn at home. =D

  6. @Dalai Llama the reason your hair turns grey is often due to the hydrogen peroxide radicals (toxic wastes) produced in your cells building up in melanocytes and killing them. melanocytes are colour producing cells, they make melanin which is responsible for skin tone, freckles and hair colour. when these cells surrounding the hairs die, they no longer produce colour in newly growing hair strands. so you notice that there is often patchiness in colour and grey etc. because they die in different places. i would say the hair turnover has to do with this phenomenon in that some places retain colour and live melanocytes more than others.

  7. Such an informative lecture, you made me really excited about starting my master's degree with a lot of interesting questions about gene expression and how it affects the morphological development of drosophila in an embryo stages. Thanks again Dr. Eric.

  8. Super helpful! Thank you so much!
    I love the fact that despite being a Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Wieschaus' is so humble

  9. Okay probably not an appropriate comment but I can't stop thinking that Lorl Morella from Orange Is The New Black HAS to be his long lost daughter. Just the way he speaks 😉

  10. so so simple and helpful , maybe after 10 years people will never go to university , they will just watch IBIOLOGY

  11. He is so nice and so enthusiastic about his topic that it is an absolute pleasure to learn what he explains.

  12. This guy is AMAZING. He is one of the most remarkable people in this field, won a bloody Nobel prize for it and is so humble. swoons

  13. wait why would a concentration gradient of a transcription factor allow activation of other genes ? changing the concentration may change the kinetics but it doesn't change the reaction ? Maybe hunchback promoter has a lower affinity than kruppel promoter ? so weird

  14. Many thanks, you have answered a question I have been asking to myself for about 20 years!! Btw seeing this "magic" of nature, how can it be that some people still believe that this is not all controlled by God? Having this mechanism resulting from random arrangement of atoms and molecules (like "evolution" preaches) has an extremely low probability to occur. For me, it looks way more likely that God exists 🙂 Thanks again, a lot.

  15. Sir. thanks for the great information, which is very relevant and important topic,.Could you please explain about the anterior posterior patterning in drosophila and different types of gene expression.

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