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28 comments on “Ethereum DeFi Development Course Launch – Programmer explains

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  2. Hey Ivan I never can catch the live, from northern Arizona. whats up with ethereum classic???? how about a video ethereum v.s. ethereum classic????

  3. Everything on here is spot on! DeFi in 2020 is going to be like ICO in 2017. Look at TRB, SNX crazy life changing pumps in just the past few months. 🤯

  4. Voews have dedonately dropped because people have realised you are jist a snake oil salesman who provides little to no valuable information that you havent been paid to publicise.

  5. Nice. Will check this out after I finish with 101. Does the oracle section of the course use Chainlink? That would be cool.

  6. @Ivan on Tech

    You really are a great guy. Very well analyzed! Thank you for your help! It's great that you share your knowledge with us. Live long and prosper.

  7. @
    Ivan on Tech
    Life is short. You are a person who helps others to understand. So we will donate for you. Thanks for your great help.

  8. I learned that you learn to program with oracles, which makes me very curious. I really want to learn to program smart contracts and interact with them from the web.

  9. Trying to warn people about the Voyager exchange it is holding up transfers using dash or any other token by several hours and has been doing so for weeks now
    Horrible exchange keep away

  10. I learn that the ACADEMY is always upgrading its courses and adding more courses to it. Ivan and Filip are working hard for us. Thank you so much.

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