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Expert breaks down Food Safety Modernization Act, results for consumers

Expert breaks down Food Safety Modernization Act, results for consumers

[music playing] I
think the key thing that the Food Safety
Modernization Act does is establish a foundation
for food production in this country that’s
based on hazard analysis and preventive control so
that all food processors and food producers
understand their responsibility for producing safe food. The past few years we’ve
seen a number of large and very high profile
multi-state outbreaks of food borne disease caused
by salmonella and E. coli O157 and those outbreaks have
happened in a context that we’ve got fractured
oversight of the industry with multiple federal agencies,
multiple state agencies, and in some cases no
clear authority or mandate for oversight of food
production in this country. So, because of the
continuing occurrence of these large outbreaks,
there’s been a desire to try to create a more systematic
and consistent approach to the regulation
of our food supply. There aren’t a lot of things that are going to
happen overnight. The provisions of the bill
are going to require funding, there’s a lot of rule
making authority, and so we’ll see changes
occurring gradually over time. So what the consumer may see in
the near term is some increase in prices because
some of the provisions of the act will necessarily
lead to cost, increased cost of food production and it
would be surprising if some of those costs weren’t
passed on to the consumer. That should be seen as a good
thing because we need to invest in food safety and ultimately
it should lead to less cost of illness also being
borne by the public. Well, I think ultimately
if food is made safer in this country,
then we all win. The consumers win,
the producers win, and we have a healthier

7 comments on “Expert breaks down Food Safety Modernization Act, results for consumers

  1. U know the power it gives the FDA, the beacons of food safety who allow aspartame, GMOs, and dangerous psychotropics on the market?
    How much did they pay you?
    Seriously, how much?

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