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Exposing America’s Broken Criminal Justice System – Podcast #31

Exposing America’s Broken Criminal Justice System – Podcast #31

Hey Welcome back mile higher homies – mile higher podcast with Kendall and Josh. We are back guys. What is up? We are here today with another very interesting episode We are going to be talking about the shocking truth about our criminal justice system specifically here in the US but we’ll also be talking a little bit about different prison systems around the world as well because you know We have to compare our system to others to something so we are going to be diving into that For the majority of the episode today, but we’ve also got some very interesting Sort of sub topics today and that includes the Chris Watts you know murder of His wife and two daughters and just that whole situation mean because that hits close to home for us literally So we’ll be talking about that and then also be talking about some World news actually with a strange Russian satellite, which oh, yeah. This shit’s crazy. Dude could be a weapon So, this is very interesting Sam. 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I feel like It’s really really helped me to just be able to get through like I feel like I’d just be in bed without CBD You know It allows me to to kind of get through my day better and get through the pain and Tell me sleep stay asleep. If you like have trouble getting up in the middle Yeah, it does. It has a lot of medicinal effects which we will cover in way more detail in an upcoming episode about the hemp industry and Specifically around CBD and the whole controversy with you know, marijuana and TV and all that kind of stuff So yeah code for that by the way guys is mile higher for 20% off on illegal meds calm Right. Anyway, let’s get into it. We have like a ton did yes, we do So we’re gonna make the intro sort short and sweet today Short short, but as always we want to just thank all of our supporters. Thanks for reviewing the podcast like seriously It’s it’s awesome you guys have been leaving ratings reviews on iTunes that really helps us out on the charts and it’s all thanks to you and I also wanted to just quickly shout out Britney F and Hannah F who are new stellar patrons this month Thank you guys so much. Seriously, we really appreciate it Which our patrons are literally funding our new podcast studio, which we’re building which starts tomorrow actually, I’m super pumped are breaking ground ready to get out of out of the bedroom down here you know into a little bit more space get rid of the green screen and Have a really like good set up space and some guests. Hopefully coming. Yep soon. Definitely so Today’s question comes from Sandy and she says hey guys do you think the government and or other organizations put additives or chemicals and Or genetically modify our food as a way to control us or to make us slower mentally and physically Yes People ask these questions and then I’m always just like yup, that sounds about right Yeah, that’s that sounds like what’s going on to me from things I’ve seen. Okay. Yeah. Sorry. I dropped a monk pendant Oh, I can rescue with my foot. I got mad foot reading skills. Watch this. Oh Alright, that’s alright we have like 80 others here, so we’re good But yeah, so My whole take on it is I think there is a lot more to you know, the genetically-modified It’s up anything Easy and I’d rather use my feet anything, huh? Okay good to know mental note on that. But uh But yeah so like we talked about this a little bit in our podcast episode about the DuPont family because they have a lot to do with chemicals and additives and GMOs and things like that, which When you look at all everything as a whole and you know, you know what we know There’s a good chance that they are doing things to sort of influence our body the way our mind works I mean a lot of this has scientific proof behind it as far as some of the additives that they use as well as how they genetically modify things which it’s you know, genetically modified is a Very, you know loose loose term. Yeah exactly because like they genetically modify things for you know, reasons that are totally legit and you know They have to in order to make the crops grow better in a certain climate things like that, or you know To be Hardy but they also do some things that are a bit a bit more sketchy. So to answer your question sandy Yes, I do think that they have they are involved with some additives. I mean you look at fluoride and water things like that Well, yeah, which should be another episode coming soon. I think the water episode And everything About how it affects your pineal gland and things like that. Not only that but just like the garbage. Yeah your health I mean Like we need to talk about Flint how that yes. Yeah happened exactly Absolutely So the water episode, okay. Yeah for sure. We’ll do that one soon Yeah, let us know if you’re excited for that. But that is a great question say anything so much All right first order of business is I want to talk about some news that came out this week that I think maybe graced the headlines briefly, but then it was like lost in the Trumpster fire that they So dude, I saw it on CNN That’s where I saw it. They were like they did. Yeah, it was wolf. He’s like breaking news The u.s. Is worried that Russian satellite is really a weapon Yeah, so this is this is coming from this statement that was made is coming from a guy named Lee Mobley who’s a top US? diplomat on arms control issues and he suggested that American intelligence agencies have reason to believe that a Russian satellite may be surveying US space assets or practicing to attack them in the future, so That is a bit frightening. So there’s a satellite. It’s called the cosmos 25:19 Which was launched into space by Russia last year, and basically, I mean most of us don’t know what’s being launched into space You know, like they launched a lot of shit in a space including our own government and if you didn’t know this there is actually a Top-secret classified Space plane called x-37b I think. Oh and it’s works for the Air Force nobody knows what it does up there, but they launched it on missions and It flies around and orbits the planet and does whatever it does it orbits the whole planet. Yeah, it goes up into space. Yeah Oh wow yeah, so We have little to no idea exactly what things are doing up there But this it’s interesting that they’re specifically worried about this Russian satellite. I’ve never even thought of this happening That’s like really scary. Yeah, it is very scary. So You know Obviously when this you know, when they talk about this, they’re like, oh it could be this could be that it could be something totally just normal and You know, it may not be a weapon it may not be something that’s used to attack our satellites or something like that and the Russians actually responded and they they said Straight out that this is just slanderous and basically false that this was some type of weapon or that they’re doing some sketchy business with it, but it’s interesting that the actual you know, Like our intelligence agencies are saying we need to track this thing We need to make sure we know what it’s doing and try to figure out its mission Well, how do we know we don’t have that type of thing over another country? Oh, yeah Well, that’s well That’s why I brought up the x-37b because it’s like we probably are doing exactly what they’re probably doing to us and what if they’re not even doing it what if we’re just saying that to Continue like a narrative. I mean, I don’t know obviously, but well, I think this all plays into this whole thing that space is now becoming a Possible. Yeah place for war. Yeah, you aren’t noticing the big change in discussion around this type of stuff like yeah It’s really happening. They’re talking about it everywhere. Yeah, exactly I mean hearing, you know Trump wanting to create the space force and you know We need to be the dominant force in space and this is becoming a huge issue because China and Russia are are Going to beat us in that space race If you know, we don’t really start taking it seriously like and I don’t know I mean, I don’t want to be you know, living in a country where you know, we are defenseless, you know We’re being attacked from outer space or something. You know, I’m all for Getting a space You know military force going things like that, but you know, I want transparency and disclosure about things But obviously we probably won’t get that but it is something that is sort of looming over all of our heads. Yeah Quite literally That’s freaky, so just like another thing for me to worry about great yeah, just add that to your list of things to keep you up at night and think about Will we be attacked from outer space by Russia or China? but you can’t sweat the small stuff all you guys use hitches and then When you’re feeling a little anxiety ridden It just puffs that monk pen or they’ve got CBD vape pens now on uh, by legal meds, so all right Here’s something else that will make you a little cold. So I know I keep I need to get the cough button Well, you’re off button. I just know there’s a cough button. I know I I could have used that many times I haven’t been able to have the Complete set up that I wanted. Yeah, because that’s just Because I can’t talk there’s something in my throat choked it down Suppress your cough. Don’t cough. Alright. Well, I don’t what I don’t understand is even if I have a cough button You’re still gonna hear it through your mic. Well, right I think it’s worse in this room because there’s kind of a little bit of an echo in here because it’s like one time I went over there in the corner and coughed and you could hear it crystal clear and I was like six feet away from the mix Well, then we’re just fucked so yeah, seems were just fucked but we also might be fucked because Chinese bombers are training for possible US strikes. Yeah, and this is according to a new Pentagon report that is also detailing how Beijing is transforming its ground forces to fight it win, which China is a very large come our country. It is full of People and there’s like one point four billion people dude. There’s one point four really it like three to three fifty million So their army could be literally like as many people’s in our country like ground that’s like really scary, isn’t it? Yeah, and that’s why the would be like screwed Don’t ask me I don’t know we might be screwed but Hmm. I mean we have to I mean this all comes back to You know, hopefully we can get some leadership in position. That’s Not gonna literally piss off everybody, you know Cuz these guys are these guys are actually doing practice runs. So earlier this month six Chinese H6k bombers flew through them Miyako straight in the southwest of the Japanese islands and then for the first time turned north to fly east of Okinawa where 47,000 US troops are based the People’s Liberation Army So China’s Army Has demonstrated the capability to strike us and Allied forces and military bases in the western Pacific Ocean including Guam the report says and China is engaged in the decades-long build-up and modernization of its once Completely depleted, you know? Backwards Armed Forces, but now military leaders have a set a goal of fielding a world-class military by 2050 So they are ramping up for what you know, like why is everybody ramping up their military? Why are we trying to you know? prepare for like war So, I mean here’s the thing to then this was something I brought up Yeah, alright. I’m sure some of you are freaking out and like oh my god, the world is ending well Here, here’s a little truth truth bomb for you. So there is also a possibility that this is sort of propaganda provided by the military-industrial complex Which we’ve talked about on the podcast before which means that There is a great possibility that they are trying to scarce trying to invoke this anxiety in order for us to get behind You know politicians who are pushing for more military more weapons all that sort of thing more military spending So to me personally I’m not that worried about it because I know that a lot of this has to do with the military industrial complex they don’t they want us to continue to kind of live in fear of a world war 3 I mean That’s the term that’s thrown around all the time is like we got to be ready for World War 3 when it happens like literally Preparing for it. So it’s it’s like they want this to happen But at the end of the day is it actually going to happen? I don’t know but I don’t actually because here’s the thing now Well, here’s the thing, right? If let’s just say there was a world war 3 that happened or an incident happened where we attacked each other Well if China or Russia attacks us we have bases all around the world We have armed forces everywhere We would hit them extremely hard very very quick. And honestly, it probably would go nuclear very quickly Yes, it all comes back to this thing of like if somebody attacks somebody else. They’re gonna get fucking attacked back Yeah it’s kind of like we’re all living in this weird limbo or you’re like no one can like really attacks and I’d just be the End of the world it’s like a standoff everybody’s just like pointing their guns at each other just like don’t move stay back stay back Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and that’s what’s happening here. So again We were all scared about North Korea. Look what happened with that You know, it’s just like you gotta take it with a little bit of like, you know They are they trying to make me scared about this. Are they over exactly really? Sorry, eating out part of the story ray are they knows what we’ve been doing to them what’s on their news? We don’t know Yeah, exactly. So To me. That’s what I think is going on with all that so, you know, don’t worry too much, you know plus Maybe the aliens will save us so Ended on a good note. Actually, there’s probably a good chance because if you didn’t know there’s like all these instances of Strange things happening when they’re like testing nuclear bombs and stuff random like spacecraft Yeah, seriously, it’s wild even a laser being like like taking the top off the missiles and stuff. Yeah, so I Like to think that there is some you know some other type of higher force energy Aliens whatever you want to call it that is sort of making sure things keep going in the right direction obviously that you know mother nature does what Mother Nature wants to do but as far as like Humans destroying each other. I think you know we’re good for now at least might be a little naive to say huh, but that’s my We’re good But yeah, so let’s let’s talk about this before we get into the criminal justice system I wanted to start out with this because this has just been such a crazy story and such a tragic event that happened and for those that didn’t haven’t heard about this which You know, you may not if you were in another country something. Well, let’s start with Monday. It moves on Monday We saw it on the news before anything was out just on our local news We normally see the news sometimes before we watch Colbert. It’s like Recorded. Yeah, it’s like the night local nightly news or whatever. Yeah, so I Had a feeling that he did it like right away Well, what happened for those that don’t know what happened and who are we talking about? Yes. I’m sorry. I Thought you had already said that no you didn’t okay? So Chris watts, he’s 33 years old and he’s married to a woman named Shannon. It’s not Shannon Everyone keeps saying it wrong Shannon Watts, and they had two little girls Bella and Celeste She was also pregnant with a child who’s rumored to be a boy I think the family confirmed it was going to be a boy named, Nico and basically Earlier this week on Monday So what she can’t she was missing? She was the out of the out of town somewhere She just had gotten home from a business trip. Mm-hmm. She works for this like thrive company that does like weight loss Just like basically nutrients type stuff like it’s like one of those companies though That’s like Mary Kay or I think it’s called an MLM They’re like, I don’t know where you have to like know someone to get the products and be part of a this tariff So the people that make the most yeah, yeah So, yeah, so she she went missing she went missing after getting home on Monday Chris says he went to work that she came home around 2:00 a.m. And then he would work at 5:15, right? And he said that she was there when he left Right, and then he got home or whatever and called her She didn’t he said he called her three times and she didn’t answer if that was me. I would have called you 50,000 times I would have driven to wherever I think you were and find you like I have so much anxiety I can’t imagine just like not being like whatever um So, yeah, then he got on the news You know made this big public plea to everyone which you should watch it you haven’t see I’m actually gonna play it because it’s it’s really telling just it’s it’s very there’s a lot of red flags that get raised when you hear it and when you watch it because He literally to the cameras says like I don’t know where they are. I don’t know what happened to them I just want them to come home, you know, I miss them and Yeah, literally he ends up being the one responsible Sorry, I’m having issues finding this um, but yeah, he finally confessed after he’d already like made this public thing and Well that so the authorities like came and like started like searching his home at BK It was like a missing-persons case and he was staying with a neighbor friend and they actually said they like started noticing some weird Yeah, he just wasn’t like that concern was earned about trying his hardest Right. Yeah wasn’t even interested in following up on like tips. They were getting and stuff. Yeah, um Sorry, I’m just trying to get this video real fast yeah, it’s it’s just the craziest thing because he doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would do this and that’s always like a Thing in cases, you know Like does this person look like they would commit this heinous crime and oftentimes killers don’t look like that so I think the whole community has just been really shocked but here is the video of him kind of making a plea to people 20 20 seconds I Swapped them back. I just want them to come back and if If they’re not safe right now, that’s what’s that’s what’s tearing me apart because if they are safe they’re coming back But if they’re not this this this has got to stop like somebody has to come forward Weird issues that I think he probably saw his own video back and was like, oh god, I did a terrible job I didn’t become he did not sell that at all. Like he’s he’s literally like arms crossed rocking back and forth. Yeah He laughs at the beginning Yeah that is so which is so creepy and weird and now you know now that you know that he literally murdered his wife and his three kids essentially and he’s saying that like I just want them to come home like it’s like We’ve got a pop probably a psychopath on our hands. Oh, yeah, I think so sociopath or whatever. Yeah and So yeah, basically he told them I buried them and he used to work at a oil and gas. Yeah Yeah, so they’re like up north of Denver they’re kinda near Greeley like yeah, they’re like at least an hour away from us north of us and We yeah, we used to live up in that direction So we’re familiar with you know, the oil gas business is really big up there and he worked at an oil on a like an oil drilling site for this oil company and After he confessed he was like, yeah, I I murdered them and then I buried them or told the investigators where he had hid the bodies and yeah, unfortunately, that’s where they then went and they um, you know, Recovered his wife Shannon’s body in a shallow grave on the actual company land which he got fired Obviously, yeah, he got that way. Yeah, which I wonder what happened with that exactly how that went down Oh, I’m sure they just got contacted by police. Like hey, we have reason to believe there’s three bodies on your yeah property Yeah, that’s right and it took a while to recover the girls which is so sad because he left them in an oil tank and from Updates that I’ve seen we’re kind of waiting for information right now. There’s supposed to be a lot coming out today unfortunately, we can’t wait that long but We believe they believe that the girls were put in an oil tank and left there for even four days Before she got home from her. Yeah, that’s what they think. He killed the kids when she was gone She got home freaked out. He killed her God, that’s just so I know this is so hard to wrap your head around like as a parent like I mean I’m not a parent, so I can’t even possibly to a dog even and like we would never do that to our dogs This is their child. Yeah yeah, you know, yeah, the daughters were Bella who’s four and Celeste was three years old and they were strangled and Yeah, put in the oil tank for four days. So sad men so they are actually trying to the defense are requesting that the girls next be swab for DNA evidence and They’re trying to take samples from the nails as well and Shannon’s nails but a judge denied these requests So there I don’t know what the what their play is gonna be here. They think that he strangled them because she also had a Like he had scratch marks on his neck. You can see in the interview you can see them There’s like all these red marks on his neck. It looks like she fought back Against him. So no, it’s just terrible. Absolutely terrible. It’s terrible you know and I Think I think if you want to talk about motive with this, yeah, there’s you know, we don’t know for sure what investigators are thinking but they were in bankruptcy Yep, they were out of money. Mm-hmm, you know, and it sounds like there may have been infidelity or something Yeah, we tried to confirm any of that right now But there’s like I said in the next week I’m sure there’ll be so much more but this is definitely I think a case to follow Yeah, yeah, so if you’re wondering though It’s one thing that was interesting about this case is he’s not being charged for his unborn child, which is unique to, Colorado There’s like a special law that doesn’t allow you to charge them and why they would want to charge him is because they’re probably seeking the death penalty is my guess and three counts will work will help them more than our four counts will you know convince a jury more than three would So that’s kind of been this big debate and there’s people doing petitions and stuff So I was kind of curious about your guys’s opinion on that Should you be charged for an unborn child? Yeah, yeah Well, I I think so I mean this is actually you know that the child is there and this was obviously premeditated like this is like Murder and it’s you know purest form evil in its purest form. So yeah We’ll see what happens with that. But obviously, you know thoughts and you know prayers go out to the family of this horrible tragedy cuz I can’t even imagine dealing with this or Being anywhere involved with this, you know, whether he knew them or not. I mean, it’s just it’s very sad, so definitely definitely keep keep them in mind, but let’s get into the criminal justice system, which you guys are gonna just be completely I Think blown away by just how crazy The the system is and it’s interesting for us to talk about since we talk about criminals a lot you talk about jail, right? So well, that’s kind of interesting to look at from that perspective, you know? No absolutely I mean that’s why we wanted to do this episode is because we do talk about a lot of true crime and we’ve covered some Cases where we’re like, you know could go either way, but, you know, did he deserve to get locked up for that? You know I’m like We’re gonna talk going to more and depth on that today because I think it’s important to actually look at the way That is working, you know is justice actually being served like our people Getting the justice. They deserve our people not getting justice or people Literally getting locked up for no reason and you know, we’re being put to death for no reason So we’re gonna look at all these different things today. 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Created this prison culture in a way because the United States is the world’s leader in in incarceration Which is not that surprising But today close to 2.3 million Americans are incarcerated According to the nonpartisan prison policy initiative more than 1.3 million Americans are imprisoned in state correctional facilities 615,000 are in local jails 225,000 are in federal prisons or jails and this figure also includes 48,000 kids who are currently in juvenile detention facilities this also means there’s probably a lot of our viewers out there who have Been to jail have someone they loved in jail or know someone somebody went to jail has experience writing letters with people So this is probably like pretty emotional for people Yeah, or just like I think all of us have probably at least had a taste of the criminal justice system I mean just just getting pulled over by a police officer. I’ve been pulled over so many times I don’t know if I’ve ever told this on here have I no you should tell everyone just real fast So basically when I was in high school I Drove a car that like I had like seniors written on the back and I know you think that this is why I don’t why? I don’t know I was targeted so much Anyway, I was not good at like doing the. We’re all four wheels like jerk back Which an who is yeah, like seriously, I slowed down I completely stopped look both ways. Like no, you know Like five cops in a year for the same thing With you. Yeah, you are with me with the last one where I really that’s where I lost my license But I’ve had all kinds of crazy things with the police I mean, I think I deserved the to lose my license. I needed to learn to be more vigilant Like I have ADHD, I wasn’t you know, I was rushing to school every time that this happened so I like needed it and I went to a really great like defensive driving course because of it and I learned a lot and Everyone was in there for like duis and stuff and like this is what I don’t want to be like dealing with that’s stressful. Yeah But yeah, and then like what like two years ago I was driving down town and I put on my blinker to get in the right lane and I started going over and Then I realized that there was a police officer kind of like that had pulled up right behind the other car So I’d be sort of cutting them off. So I quickly corrected myself like didn’t even get two wheels over the lane maybe one corrected myself went back was like, oh shoot and then when I saw the police officer she literally got behind me pulled me over and I was like So what are you like giving me a ticket for I? Didn’t do anything it almost made a mistake and then I didn’t make the mistake so like are you getting me for like almost making a mistake and Yeah, they it was some bullshit. I had to go to court. Oh my god. Yeah, I hate driving like Josh drives us everywhere I literally avoid driving at all cost. We only have one car for that reason. I hate driving cuz of that. Yeah, yeah Yeah I haven’t had always the best experience, but I also have had some great experience with police officers And I think we need to make sure that we we understand that in this episode. We are not attacking Polina or anybody in the criminal justice system for that matter because it’s a much bigger problem right any one individual, right? I just want people to know like we do anything against the police We actually both know a lot of police officers that we really care about it well, yeah, and I think I think we might have mentioned this before but both of us like just you know from a very young age have been fascinated with crime and you know, Criminal justice and things like that so much so that for me personally I that was like the major in high school that I was I was like, I’m gonna go get my criminal justice degree I’m gonna go into law enforcement I was obsessed with like the FBI and you know I wanted to be like a secret agent or you know work for the Secret Service or something and So I was really into it I actually was in a program called the Explorer program and was actually the Aurora Police Explorer program Which is basically it’s a great program. Actually, they have it for firefighters to for kids that want to Explore a career and see what it’s really like and get a really good taste for you know What being a cop is all about things like that? so I actually did that for a few years and you know, I had to go to a like Training I thought it was really hot when I met you Man in uniform. Yeah, you did have a little uniform in it. I did I did that’s pretty cool but yeah, I mean I literally went to like a mini version of You know what cops go through before they hit the streets and start patrolling and stuff And yeah, I learned all sorts of things investigative things So we both have a lot of respect for police off we do and I’ve known a lot of great ones I’ve also seen a lot of shitty ones as well Well, you have to be able to call out the shitty ones why there shouldn’t be this weird thing where you can’t say anything can’t Like point out flaws in the system without like seeming like you hate the police like that’s so overdramatic Most of us understand that police keep us safe. We need them We respect them, but there’s some issues just like in any field. That’s just how that’s the thing, right? I mean, it’s a job at the end of the day. It’s how they’re paying their bills Just like we all have jobs that pay our bills So it should be treated, you know, we shouldn’t have been great attacked for criticizing, you know People that you shouldíve job where they’re essentially, you know, we pay our taxes so we should have a say in what happens. Um, Dude, I just remembered one other time I got pulled over. This is funny one time I got pulled over for looking at a quarter. Oh Yeah, oh my god. I couldn’t believe this I was driving home from class And as I was walking out of class I had my phone in my backpack and I even remember thinking like I’m not gonna get it on my phone until I get home because I just like I don’t Know wanted to kind of like disconnect for a second. I do this kind of stuff all the time Put it in my bag. Put it in the back seat So I didn’t have my phone with me and I’m driving and in my cup holder. There was a bunch of quarters And I’m sitting at a red light and I was just bored so I picked up a quarter and I’m looking at this quarter It’s like a new you know, one of the state orders So I was checking it out and this cop turned on his fucking lights behind me pulled me over and he’s like hey Are you texting and driving? I saw you texting and driving and I was like, uh, are you talking like I have a quarter That’s all I can think of. My phone’s in the back. I Was like what I was like, okay. Sorry. Bye Just like dude. I’m sitting at a red light. I’m allowed to look at a quarter like Here’s the thing like I mean that’s just like you’ve had a lot of experiences with police where You you know, obviously like you’ve just dealt with some like a not-so-great police officers. Like can I tell this last door? Yeah, I really want to share this because this was so fucking disappointing to me. Probably the worst thing I’ve ever experienced with police So when I was a senior in college, I went to this party Anyway, I got trashed at this party like me and my friend split a bottle of vodka and I never went out I don’t drink Much at all. So I was just super nervous to be around all these frat guys. I didn’t know and Josh wasn’t there so I got super drunk and then we were going to this other frat party and When we came up to the party, he was already being busted or people were like running out of it I don’t even know police weren’t there yet? but people were running clearing the party and there was this girl that was unconscious on the Sidewalk of this fraternity house and me and all my friends pull up and I’m like, okay I’m the only one who’s 21 here. Everyone else like get out of here go and I helped this girl. So I was literally alone with this girl drunk as hell Let me tell you and she her eyes were rolling back in her head She was having like a full-on she could barely talk And so I had this girl in my arms and the president fraternity was just standing on the porch Morning, so does this fucking watching me. So anyway, I called 9-1-1 Police come there AMS come there and I came up to them and I talked to him I was like, yeah, she’s like really struggling whatever and they’re like, okay Well, you need to have someone come pick you up right now or we’re gonna take you to detox They weren’t nice to me at all. Like No, thank you for being the one that stayed behind out of Probably 75 people. Yeah and help this girl. Yeah, and I got they were mean to me They were so mean to me. I’d have someone come pick me up. I was so disappointed like try to do the right thing I mean you were very very lit for sure I was sobbing after yeah, I mean you were super emotional you literally thought this girl died I thought she did die in my arms. I really did I’ve never seen you so hysterically like Just beside yourself, like literally like I would I have believed I was like, yeah This girl like really died cuz you seemed like yeah, so upset. You’re so worried. Like you’re you just kept saying like Xocai xocai like it bothered you so much and I was like damn this girl must have been in really tough, dude You have no idea her eyes were completely rolled back in her head. She was a freshman It was like first couple weeks of school. I felt so sorry for attorneys are just they like Weird hot like in sororities what I was taught about Values and personal growth and like I would never carry like your brothers and sisters. Yes. I didn’t even know this girl I never even met her I’ve never talked to her Actually, she doesn’t even probably doesn’t even know this happen and that she was in my arms at one point But it was yeah, it was very disappointing the way the police handle it in the fraternities. Yeah Man, am I glad to be out of college? That’s all I gotta say Yeah, but yeah, I’ve had like at least what like eight bad run-ins with police Yeah, seems like you have I know it Was so straight-laced in my all of high school. And yeah Yeah, no, your your encounters have been not great for sure. No, no nice to them Like just hoping they’ll just be nice to me back. No No, like one look at her records are like, nope, not to mention. Sorry guys I’m just kind of going off but like I Also went on a police ride-along when I was in high school and the dudes were totally racist I’m sorry, the Policemen I was with we’re saying like fucked up things and I was a senior in high school and I even knew how bad it Was like they were saying such nasty nasty things. We went to the projects. They were making fun of people in the projects I was like, dude Way to ruin this experience for me. Like I was so excited I’ve always been in fest, you know interested in this kind of stuff. So taking a law class and doing the ride-along Yeah, which is surprising Honestly that they had that weren’t on their best behavior for it was crazy right along because that’s terrible they were calling Obama the n-word in front of me Wow Wow, and I’m like a little girl from high school like Yeah, so that like ruined my not really better But I’ve also had good ones. I had a dude lived across street from you as a police officer It was like the nice guy in the world and there’s also been you know, we know some other great cops. So yeah Anyway anyway America makes up 4 percent of the world’s population total but it also makes up 25% of the world’s incarcerated and on top of the 2.3 million Americans who are incarcerated 3.7 million are on probation in eight hundred forty seven thousand eight hundred forty thousand. Sorry are on parole It has since 1970. The inmate population has risen seven hundred percent and growing So basically Since the 70s like Thousands like thousands and thousands and thousands of people have been locked up in America’s prison system Which there’s a lot of you know, there’s a lot of different things that can influence this there’s changes in long policy That could explain most of the increase there’s and the results of this are overcrowding in prisons Fiscal burdens on states despite increasing evidence that large-scale incarceration is not an effective means of achieving public safety The prison system in the u.s. Costs 75 billion a year Wow Wow That’s crazy. Say it’s a seventy five billion dollar industry Maybe people wouldn’t want people to be locked up as much if they knew how much they’re paying for their, you know, tax dollars. Yeah Well, we’ll get into the heads some more here Not only that but there’s actually two roughly two million prisoners currently behind bars who have never even had a trial yet That’s sick. That’s that’s like so Unconstitutional and wrong it is I mean literally the six amendment states in All criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial Jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed Which district shall have been previously a certain by law and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation? to be confronted with the witnesses against him to have a compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense that Sounds pretty good. But when you look at the reality of things, this is not what happens in MO I’m gonna say most because it really feels like most it really feels like it’s it’s the the criminal justice system meaning the prosecution the state and All of its resources in the prison system behind them against little old you you know even if you have a good defense team as we’ve seen with the Staircase and Michael Peterson. Look at you. Look at AJ, you look at all these different cases where? actually OJ was a rare example of a success when it comes to a you know a defense being able to actually defend you from the state, but when you clearly did it, right, but It just goes to show that Something is seriously wrong here. If literally our you know, a sixth amendment is not even happening most of the time so do you think that like maybe that these two million people the reason that they haven’t had a trial is because they don’t think they can win a trial like they think there’s not enough evidence that they did whatever they’re in there for and they Make sure you would like let them go Could be here let me let me read this because this plays into that and this is interesting So this is from an award-winning journalist named Chris Hedges And he said the reality is that almost no one who is in prison in America has gotten a trial there is rarely an impartial investigation a staggering ninety seven percent of all federal cases and 95 percent of all state felony cases are resolved through plea bargaining Of those millions who are bargained away their right to a trial by accepting plea deals significant percentages of them are innocent Right because that that happens a lot Yeah I think it happens more than people even like to believe like it is hard to get a trial It takes a long time to go to trial. So a lot of people go the the plea bargain route and the plea bargaining route Doesn’t all it does usually doesn’t end up well for you because you literally have to plea plead guilty To the crime for a lesser sentence or lesser punishment, but you end up in the prison system and you might even be innocent like we’ve seen that so many times to where people are literally locked in prison for years because that the state was like we have enough evidence to take this trial we and we think we can you know, basically convict you and you may not even have did the crime but you’re like What do I do? Should I should I take that chance go to trial go in front of the jury works. And then yeah Possibly get a worse sentence worst punishment, or do I take the plea? But used to either way you still end up in the fucking system. Mm-hmm and Specially and if you’re innocent, the system will completely destroy you physically mentally Spiritually in every way I mean Kendall and I have been you know We’ve watched a lot of true crime documentaries that a lot of true crime shows some of our you know top ones and ones that have been most eye-opening for me by far has been 60 days in on a knee Mm-hmm where ordinary people who’ve never been in prison or jail get locked up in jail for 60 days It’s basically like they sign up to be undercover in a prison and kind of let them know who’s bringing in drugs who’s you know the problems Yeah Warden’s is that even in there’s one warden? Okay, I Don’t know why that sounds like country. Well, like the warden it is kind of kind of stuff from that I think But yeah, like the correctional officers things like that but they’re just normal people that do it’s it’s wild what they go through to like it’s very eye-opening to how prison is Because we all so much orange is the new black and we love that show But it’s like very unrealistic for how most prisons are like, that’s probably a pretty good prison. Oh, yeah, and I mean there are That’s the thing too is there are better prisons and others for sure like there’s better situations Yes, but like most county jails are a complete shit show literally a shit show. Yep, just like Degrading it’s horrible. It’s it’s equating to Animals animals and cages, you know, like we, you know, all of us want animals to build a room free and stuff obviously These are criminals but it’s like when does it become in Maine is? solitary confinement a form of torture like is that is that of Something that should even be used today still. Well, I know what it does. I think some people need to be in solitary confinement But there’s way too many people that write Non-violence in four years people are in solitary confinement for years. Yeah, that’s crazy You might meet some of them those like killed inmates fellow inmates or like a time, right? So it’s all right other choice they have what other choice do you have? Yeah, so like some of them need paint this we’re talking about the majority, right? That doesn’t wasn’t even on violent criminals – right? Yeah Well, that’s the whole thing. Right like Chris Watts like he deserves justice He deserves a harsh sentence and punishment because he’s fine with him sitting in solitary No, we’re gonna find him guilty of this horrific crime that he committed, right but like you just said Nonviolent offenders get treated the same as violent offenders most of the time and they get they live together it’s not like they separate the violent people all the time from the nonviolent like you could be a drug dealer and You know, you’re with somebody that’s literally like murdered a bunch of people or assaulted a bunch of people So that’s the problem with the system here and that’s what we’re gonna talk about. So if you look at the incarceration rates internationally United States just leads it by a long shot really fire six hundred seventy Per 100,000 when it comes to people being incarcerated second is actually North Korea, which that number is very high – Because we don’t actually know for sure but when we go look at you know, where a lot of you guys are from across the world look at like Australia they’re 167 vs. 670 way way less Canada even less 114 go all the way down to you know Sweden at 57. Yeah, that’s crazy. So very very low so we are like seven hundred percent more likely to lock somebody up than people and you know India is the lowest that’s interesting and they would have been higher but maybe not So why did this happen? Why did we have this huge increase from the 70s to now of people being incarcerated and there’s a lot of different theories – this one is a series of law enforcement in sentencing policy changes of The tough-on-crime error resulted in a dramatic growth in incarceration, which is true. It was brub I think Nixon was probably one of them and Also because the war on drugs which started in 1982 and the number of people incarcerated for drug offenses in the u.s skyrocketed from forty thousand nine hundred and nineteen eighty to four hundred fifty thousand three hundred forty five and 2016 it was Nixon that started the war on drugs. Yep He was such a fuckin sorry and for me This is my biggest issue with the whole system is drug-related Offenses, me, too. I Drug-related offense me. Personally, I don’t think we should be throwing people that are addicted to drugs into prison because as many of us know It ain’t drug free imprisoned There’s drugs in prison There’s tons and tons of drugs some of you and said like in one of the 60 days in episodes in the Atlanta jail They’re like there’s more drugs in here than there is on the streets like yeah They’re literally like doing cocaine and doing all these different types of hardcore drugs so it makes it really hard cuz a lot of people are like Get addicts off the street get them in jails or that they don’t have their drugs and they while they’re in jail That’s not reality at all Like if anything, it makes their addictions worse because that’s all they have to do and you know when you’re trying to get off of especially opioids or you know heroin or something really strong like that and we met we both like have had Like a very close up experience with someone going through this with people going through this So like we’re very familiar with what it’s like to have addiction how hard it is. It is a real disease It has to be treated as such right and you don’t get the treatment that you need in prison You just don’t it’s not rehabilitating people at all. No, absolutely not There’s actually more people behind bars for drug offenses than the number of people who were in prison or jail for any crime in 1980 so Sanity of mass majority of the people in this overall number of incarcerated is drug-related offenses So is there a possibility for major reform when it comes to dealing with? drug-related offenses, obviously a Huge one is marijuana, which we’ll talk more about than specific numbers Later is like people are getting locked up for years for life for a plant. It’s pretty ridiculous. That doesn’t kill anybody Just and it doesn’t and don’t try to come and say oh it does cuz it doesn’t it doesn’t As there’s no he’s from like overdose. No, it doesn’t There’s no proof that smoke yourself to death no you came and overdose on it. Yeah without extreme else. Yeah You can overdose on some plants though kind of it’s crazy than choil So not only did we, you know start locking people up for drug offenses But we also started sending people to prison for much longer terms And this all happened during that 1980 time period till now Harsh sentencing laws like mandatory minimums combined with cutbacks and parole release Keep people in prison for longer periods of time than ever before The National Research Council reported that half of the 222 percent growth in the state prison population between 1980 and 2010 was due to an increase of time served in prison for all offenses and There has also been a historic rise in the use of life sentences One in nine people in prison is now serving a life sentence nearly a third of whom are sentenced to life without parole Nino and Josh and I were talking about two is like obviously some people deserve to be locked up for their whole life and need to be But how it’s just thrown out so easily to people who maybe don’t deserve that it’s so…. Alarming how easily we take away everything someone’s has all you have when you’re born into this world is your life and your freedom That’s it to take that away from someone for their entire life and not even give them the ability to work towards right better Right. It’s really really sad to me What are we locking you up and throwing the key away and then? Taking you out when you die Like once you’re dead and there’s plenty of people who who are not killers that are in this situation, you know And there’s innocent people that are literally on death row. Yeah that have been convicted for crimes It did not convict commit that I mean if when you look back and you just think about all the people that have likely been Executed because or, you know due to being wrongly convicted and sentenced to death It’s like crazy when they’re innocent like it’s brought it would probably blow our minds if we even knew what that number was Yeah, and that’s interesting because I’m actually about to record a video today on Laci Peterson Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah, that’s a good example. Yeah, and uh It’s pretty crazy. Just thinking about it because I’m like, I’m pretty fucking sure Scott Peterson killed Laci Peterson but he’s on death row and there’s a slight there’s like 10% of me that thinks he may not have done it because there’s a Pretty good alternative scenario that does make sense and there’s some evidence for and it’s like yeah, how do you describe life? like We’re probably right but we could be wrong. Well, it’s almost makes you thing is like Maybe they should only be able to give you know, give the death penalty if there is 100% proof without a you know without a reason but like That they did it and only then but then again, it’s big it opens a whole other debate Like should we even be executing people still in the first place? Like this is something that we shouldn’t be doing Well, I don’t know that see that’s the thing is like I’ve never been able to form a full opinion on the death penalty I’m completely mixed on it because I study some crazy crimes dude, and there’s some people that I I Wanted them to fucking die because of what they did Is so heinous – like little girls or Scheldt. Like I just can’t picture anything else happening with them But at the same time I’ve now learned that people on death row actually get treated a lot better Yeah, it takes a very long time if it even happens before you just die naturally So it’s almost like is that worse or is it almost better for them? Like is it worse to sit in a prison cell for your whole life and just think about what you did like That would be the worst if it was me I’d probably rather just die instead of just sitting there thinking about how shitty I am for the rest of my life all right, but it’s interesting how I don’t know cuz then you also think about It’s expensive to keep them in there. I think of the amount that works. Hey, very expensive. So is it under the pants? Just let me go Right. So what do you do with them right social? Circle where I can can’t figure out exactly where I stand on that it’s hot It’s just it’s so complex and like there’s a lot of people that are like, well they don’t you know They don’t even execute people humanely, like they they’re they still haven’t even figured out What’s the right drug you inject? You know, that’s my injection like tell us about that. You told me about that so they just started doing fentanyl using fentanyl to Essentially kill you with it because it actually does work very quickly at high dosages. So They are starting to do that. But in the past there’s like literally people that have been like injected with you know concoctions of different drugs and things like that that end up surviving the execution and Don’t actually die. But undergo like horrific pain like basically torture by the state, so Looking at it from that perspective. It’s like They’re literally like torturing people. So is that okay to like because that person you know, cuz like here’s the thing Right it all comes back to like us as humans and as a human being we all make mistakes We all fuckup we all you know we all have a bad day or in a you know in the wrong place at the wrong time and You know and that, you know, if you’re somebody that’s a you know innocent and on death row I Wouldn’t want that want that to happen to me Plus? Do you believe in Redemption do you think people no matter how? Messed up you are what crimes you commit do you think everybody has that ability to come back? like I think I rehabilitate if it was you the system reaction had a rehabilitation process Would you be open to taking the death penalty off the table in order to enter them into like a serious rehabilitation program? I think if you’re sentenced to death row you should be able to work towards Being taken off death row and back into life in prison to prove that you could be a Helpful person in the prison or that you’ve changed, of course, I believe in Redemption and forgiveness I believe I mean there’s many victims out there who’ve even you know forgiven though craziest killers because it’s but it’s better to forgive right but not forget and I don’t think that they should be let out, you know, like if you take someone’s life Especially if you tortured someone or did something like that? I think you deserve to be in life in prison. Absolutely. Sure. Sure If not the death penalty Like that’s where I’m just like I’ve seen some shit where I think people should be given the death penalty So it’s so hard for me to fully Decide like Fred Andros West Did they did they ever get the death penalty or anything? I think they both just died in jail. Oh, yeah, like them sickos. Yeah Well that I mean that’s the thing here and and the death penalty has been around since like the beginning of human civilization I mean, we’ve been executing right, you know criminals for years So it’s like maybe that’s like literally necessary in order to sort of keep this balance between good and evil and yeah You know the criminals versus the the rest of society like you have to like you’ve got to have a harsh punishment in place in order to help deter people from because like What if criminals knew that the worse they’re gonna get is like a rehabilitation program. So they just go fucking like yes, you know yeah, go do a bunch of horrible heinous shit and They’re like, you know, that’s why it’s hard right and easy. So it’s like it’s very it’s very tough. It’s very tough So it really just seems like a case-to-case thing when it comes down to it So this it shouldn’t be the system doesn’t work right for every case is the thing No, it doesn’t it doesn’t at all and it especially doesn’t work very well for people of different Ethnicities and different racial backgrounds. It does not touch all communities equally Sentencing policies implicit racial bias and socio-economic Inequity contribute to racial disparities at every level of the criminal justice system Today people of color make up 37% of the u.s. Population But 67 percent of the prison population 67 percent is not white that’s insanity it is it is very Lopsided yeah it is Overall african-americans are more likely than white Americans to be arrested once arrested They are more likely to be convicted and once convicted they are more likely to face stiff sentences. This is fat guys It’s not this is not just like opinions of you know, it’s modern-day slavery in other ways I mean literally I mean black men are six times as likely to be incarcerated as white men and Hispanic men are more than twice as likely to be incarcerated as Non-hispanic white men. That is very alarming. Yes And I mean this this whole problem is far deeper rooted than just the criminal justice system being fucked up I mean this goes back to Racism in America it goes way way back and this is a major cultural problem that we’ve got on our hands But the criminal justice system definitely does not work in the favor of all all people by any means not even close So what does mass incarceration and Public Safety have to do together so Crime rates have declined substantially since the early 1990s But studies suggest that rising imprisonment has not played a major role in this trend the National Research Council concluded that while prison growth was a factor in reducing crime the Magnitude of the crime reduction remains highly uncertain and the evidence suggests. It was unlikely to have been large Several factors explain why this impact was relatively modest First incarceration is particularly ineffective at reducing certain kinds of crimes in Particular youth crimes many of which are committed in groups and drug crimes when people get locked up for these types of offenses They’re easily replaced on the streets by other seeking and income are struggling with addiction second people tend to age out of crime Research shows that crime starts to peak in the mid to late teenage years and begins to decline when individuals are in their mid 20s After that the crime drops sharply as adults research and 40s Which is interesting that it’s like this window of like your teenage years to around like the 30s that you’re most susceptible You see most of the crime the National Research Council also are that their recent study concludes that because recidivism which is reoffending rates decline with age lengthy prison sentences Unless specifically target very high rate or extreme danger offenders are an inefficient approach to preventing crime The recidivism rate for American prisoners is 77% within five years of being released according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics Roughly thirty nine percent of these rare rests were for drug offenses Thirty eight percent were for property offenses in twenty nine four were for violent offenses so basically, this is just saying that is incarceration even a Good, like does it actually deter crime does it actually keep people from Murray committing crimes? No No clearly, it doesn’t I mean especially I mean especially for the drug related stuff. Yeah. Yeah you here’s the thing I mean if you’re addicted to drugs you’re gonna you know, even when you get released from prison, you’re you know You might relapse and go You know strict continue to struggle Or the only people that they really know in their life their friends and family are using drugs or they’re going right back into it Yeah, or I don’t know any other means to support themselves They just immerse they don’t fall back in or they come out of jail completely addicted still Oh, you’re not worse for people who went in there without being addicted came out addicted, you know, exactly no that happens too. It’s wild cuz Here’s a reality. The reality is is like if you go to prison and you spend any amount of time in prison Especially if you spend years in prison you come out It is not and you have nothing it is very very hard to get going again. You can’t get a job Most of the time you can’t get a job if you get a job. It’s a very low paying You know job But you have no access to government benefits can’t get welfare you Can’t get food stamps and that’s why so many inmates After being released end up homeless Yeah There’s a homeless or they just want to go back in or they just want to go back in and it actually makes them want To commit more crimes or they feel like they have to in order to survive Yeah There’s no help for that transition now or preparation as we see in the shows like it’s chaos It’s absolutely yeah. Hey us yet to the point where like the whole jail is flooding with water. There’s inmates everywhere There’s girls nobody’s watching anybody It’s literally just a free-for-all People are pissed off They don’t they get to see the light of day like two hours three hours a day If they got nothing to do that’s like lucky if you see it two or three hours a day I feel like most of them it’s like maybe an hour if that that’s like people that are like solitary confinement stuff They have to like I think by law they have to like get you outside and well, that’s good But but it’s still it’s not that good. I mean the bad thing is like they got nothing to do So all they got to do is think about what they did. Yeah, start shit with other inmates. Yep, or like, you know do drugs exactly, so What is it doing? Nothing? It’s not Rehabilitation band-aid it’s like taking a person that’s bothering us and putting it in a little drawer a box. Yeah, stay in this box Yep, can’t come out. Mm-hmm and what’s crazy to me is like so many people that are in prison have no idea like About their case or what’s going on or when they’re gonna be released or anything? They can’t get any answers no information CEOs don’t help with something as serious as Incarcerated someone taking away everything they have you would think the system would work a little better as far as answering their fucking questions and like treating them with respect and Giving them their constitutional rights. Yeah, I would think You would think You would think But things really haven’t got that much better unfortunately And I mean there has been some reform at the state level actually California voters passed a ballot measure Proposition 47 in 2000 14 which reclassified certain low-level property and drug crimes from felonies to misdemeanors Well and will reinvest some of the fiscal savings into prevention programs New York policymakers reform the Rockefeller drug laws in 2009 which imposed harsh mandatory minimum sentences for low-level drug offenses So they’re so well, that’s the thing. There’s a lot of laws and things still in place from the war on drugs That are locking up people for like literally just having possessing like a small amount of of weed or NY Drugs or substances? Why are they doing this though? It’s because they are afraid people like the Rockefellers are afraid of people using natural sources of medication You know marijuana Mushrooms whatever things that come out of the ground That natural run. Yes. Yeah because it competes with them being able to hook us on prescription drugs It’s just yeah, I mean it all comes back to money at the end of the day in the government Let’s not forget. The government is very involved in the drug trade secretly. It’s really crazy Like Josh might have seen some stuff on that. That’s just wild. Yeah, it is. It’s like a total conspiracy It is it really is though? it is a real conspiracy and it is a real thing and there’s a lot of real evidence to suggest that there’s a lot of Drug trafficking quite frankly that goes on with government agencies and entities So it’s it’s I don’t know It’s very disheartening and I knew this episode was gonna get me Just feeling like pretty down about the system because it feels like it’s like how do we change it? What can we do it seems like it’s so set in stone it seems like that’s how it is with most of the things that we want to change like they feel it feels so hard to Even know where to start and you end up feeling so like helpless You know, does it take completely? it’s gonna take like a takeover like a revolution a Complete Revamp of the system from ground, you know ground zero just literally redo the whole thing, because you not only you do have the you know racism issues and People of color being locked up unfairly and being literally Targeted by police I mean there’s the stop and frisk in New York things like that – I’ve been on literal ride alongs where I’ve literally witnessed the Police officer I was with racially profiled somebody Literally just straight-up tell me he’s like anybody that looks like they’re probably dealing drugs probably doing drugs Things like that and that’s their excuse to pull them over and obviously their actual excuses like you made an improper lane change That’s all they gotta do. They only have to provide like some little thing in order to pull you over and then as you see time and time again order they just Abuse their power and abuse their ability to make people do especially people of color do what they want them to do And yeah, pull them out of the car when they don’t have a right to do it, you know Question them and beat them and just do all sorts of crazy or shoot them and kill them Exactly. God, I mean how many times we’re not? Really? There’s a problem Unarmed good God, that’s the thing in what pressing I love when it from the training that I took the only time you should ever ever ever Discharge your service weapon is if you feel you fear that your life is literally Hanging in you know, it’s a life or death situation only if you just yeah right be good fucking reason But there’s got to be a reason there’s got to be a weapon there that could hurt you They got to be coming at you aggressively. They got to be. Well, here’s the thing It’s still very loose about what that means and so people Cops do this on you know every month or it seems like we hear about a story like this where a cop ends up shooting somebody and They’re like I feared for my life because he was coming at me aggressively, but then he technically by law right by law though That’s the thing the laws have to be rewritten around this like they have to create new policies around when a cop should be able to Use, you know force like that deadly force. So for instance, I can’t remember his name There’s so many of them that it’s sad, but the one he was running away from the officer. Yeah We’ve gone into straight murder. That’s my question is It when you’re training did did they tell you anything about like you shoot once and you don’t aim it at deer you’re supposed to like make sure you Aim to kill are you supposed to aim at like their foot or how many times are you supposed to shoot? Well, are you ever supposed to unload your weapon into someone unless they are literally coming at you with another with a weapon? Absolutely, not. Absolutely not That’s the problem though is like they do teach you that if you are gonna use your weapon you’re gonna you’re gonna shoot to kill not to in like it’s never to you’re not gonna shoot to maim or try to Injure somebody it’s shoot to kill That’s what they teach police officers but it’s gotta be in a situation where you could be killed you could be severely injured and that’s where you have the right to do it, but that’s what what’s happened is is that cops think that, you know, I Mean the bad apples out there think that they can get away with it with this kind of loose loose you know policy there is around this because there’s not anything really defining like what is a situation that falls under this right to use deadly force, you know, it’s very, you know, And that’s the thing is cops work for the government the government works for the state and that’s the court system So they’ve got their backs. They’re gonna protect their officers They’re gonna protect, you know, they’re always gonna choose that side over the victim. Unfortunately, that’s just the reality of things Most of the time obviously we have seen some justice be served for cops that have been literally you know removed from their positions fired and even put in prison for Charges of murder and things like that. They shouldn’t be treated any different No, but the sad reality is is that they are like, you know, they are and as we’ve seen in so many of these cases Where police have fucked up or have done a horrible job not following protocol breaking the law lura leave staging like all these different things Often times there’s no repercussions for them. No, there’s no accountability So and that just makes it worse because then people are just gonna do it because they see other people get away with it If you crack down less people would fire their weapons Well, that’s the thing exactly. If a cop knew that he has a very good ance of being tried and Getting charges put on him for going to prison. That’s what I always thought I always thought it was a very I was like, you know when I was thinking about being a cop I was like I’m never gonna I’m never gonna you know Even think remotely about firing my weapon unless somebody is firing a weapon at me cuz here’s the thing right you have other tools you have mace you have tasers you have other non-lethal ways of Controlling somebody but cops, but I think I think the problem too just comes back to like the people that are being Accepted into these police officer programs and things like that and they’re not yet being trained properly They like all cops should be like mixed martial artists. They should all be required to be like jiu-jitsu Yeah, it’s like they should know how to disable. Somebody takes me to the ground properly You know with these types of mixed martial arts because it’s you know, You’re not gonna kill the person but you’re gonna be able to deal with that situation so the fact that that you know They do teach you some of that stuff. They do teach you no problem, Krav Maga to self-defense things like that way yeah, great and more cops should be trained that way but Let’s let’s what’s the reality here? The reality is? There’s police departments are underfunded a lot of the times they don’t have the resources or the money to provide this training and You know every cops got a gun So they’re like, you know use that as your your tool so to speak and you know We’re all human. So cops. Could you know you could make a mistake? Yeah, I mean shit you’re in situations where you can’t you know, like the kid the kid He was just trying to get into his mom his grandma’s house or his mom’s house Oh he got shot at the door and the cop thought he had a gun or like Reese offered but He had a cell phone. They thought it was a gun and that’s the thing is like fuck dot. I? Don’t know. I I feel like something’s got to change with that cuz that’s the thing is they do tell you that if somebody reaches if somebody reaches for a weapon or Looks like even looks like the reaching for a weapon. You have a right as a police officer to shoot them Mm-hmm, so I don’t know maybe it’s time we change them be like You know what? You became a cop because it’s a dangerous job and if there’s risk involved with it So you’re not allowed to shoot at somebody unless you see actually see a weapon and they have a what been confirmed on them Mm-hmm. I think it’s like it’s just like such a tough situation. Like what do you how do you how do you deal with that in every situation like you can’t and if you’re if you’re a cop and you’re like You know cops Adrenaline’s pumping. Yeah, I can see how they get scared. I Don’t know though, man But it’s like it just happens too much. I felt yeah, and it happens to black people mainly, right Like is that part of the reason they’re scared like it’s just stereotype. Yeah. Yeah. That’s the sad reality of it for sure I think they have to be crackdown on because we’ve just like It’s very scary. How many? Women of color feel the need to tell their children what to do and like how to deal with police because they’re afraid of them being shot Like this is not a world for them to be growing up in it’s fucked up. It’s so bad So we have like we have to start cracking down on this stuff even if we feel like oh, well he was confused or he was you know, It doesn’t work for this resort regardless though. Every single incident needs to be you know reviewed reviewed by an outside independent investigation and Everything needs to be reviewed all of Evans seems to be reviewed and ends I feel like sometimes that doesn’t happen and you know people get a you know police get away with very very questionable Action, you know actions and officer-involved shootings and things like that. So, I don’t know it’s so complicated that’s the thing about this is like we’re just like Given opinions and thoughts on this but this can go a lot of different ways. There’s a lot of reasons There’s a lot of things that you know, we probably haven’t you mentioned that go into all this It’s just such a complicated system and you know because there’s so many unique Situations like the sacramental justice system needs to reflect that Just like a bicycle works best when it uses different gears based on the train that you’re on We need a justice system that has different responses for different situations Shifting gears to treatment prevention and long-term public safety solutions as appropriate Also by taking a practical approach to criminal justice reform. We can decrease crime enhance public safety and make more responsible use of our resources Because that’s the thing is the system the way that it is right now is just like So like, you know you do this equals this and in every situation It doesn’t you know, it doesn’t always align with what you’re being charged with they have to put charges on you But the charges may not even fit the crime. They may not even know what to do with you So they put something on you that’s completely unrelated to what you did it Just seems like there’s a lot of guessing a lot of guessing going on Yeah, there is and that we can’t guess when it comes to people’s life No, well, that’s especially people’s lives. We can’t guess we need to have a system that works for all types of situation but also differs Drug-related offenses should have their own court system with their own, you know their own type of punishment treatment Involved process. It shouldn’t be the same as somebody that you know Murders their family. It shouldn’t be the same thing So, let’s see one, uh something else I want. Um, so let’s talk about the rest of the world in Comparison to the US. So other countries have vastly different criminal justice systems, obviously from the US Following disease outbreaks and overcrowding in its prisons in the late 1990s the Russian government took deliberate steps to lower its inmate population Today the country incarcerate Sri flee six hundred eighty one thousand inmates about the same per capita as the state of, New Jersey According to the New York Times Germany and the Netherlands incarcerate citizens at a rate roughly one-tenth the rate of the US and sentenced prisoners to jails that focus on rehabilitation and re-entering society and Many Latin American countries from Brazil to Costa Rica to Mexico have banned life imprisonment altogether Haitian So we are like one of the only countries that still hands out life sentences on The regular like ends but they’ve eliminated it completely. Yeah, like some of them have no life imprisonment. What’s wrong though? that’s like what they have rehabilitator Right, but hot but they don’t deserve that chance. Like who are you to just say that they can’t well based upon a lot of people out there, who are Psychopaths who aren’t gonna change and they know how to make it look like they have and that’s very frightening Especially people have killed multiple people in these times Well, no. No they do but I’m saying like they have different dirt. They don’t just like release them back into the wall necessarily they Literally, but they like put them in a you know, put them in a psych facility Like they have to they move from a prison cell to like a psychiatric facility where they’re under watch things like that. Okay, okay Well, then in that case Yeah, I guess but I don’t think they should be let out Okay Depending on what they did though There are some people that deserve to be in prison for the whole life. Okay, I think so I think when you take a life for multiple people knowingly You might deserve that But I don’t know I mean it’s such a hard such a hard situation Because it’s like how could that person ever possibly? You know repay that debt that they did but at the same time it’s like You’re just you’re a life for a life as your your stance on It’s like no not necessarily depending on the situation But if they killed multiple people it for fun or tortured them But what it but when you look at but that’s the thing though Right you look at these people that do these types of crimes. There’s ought. There’s always an underlying thing. It seems there’s always an underlying Condition and experience a traumatic event a childhood something that fucked them up Yeah, Fred Andros West even their parents were off Like do you blame cuz like here’s the thing, right all killers serial killers included or children? once they were all we were all just innocent children once Nobody’s born evil. Do you believe people are born evil and like wanting to murder people? Yeah, you do really out of the womb their fuckin life There are people that are serial killers that their parents were completely normal that they had perfectly good lives went to college so there might be some just people some people are just psychopathic dude, or they have this like evil people have These conditions these mental conditions maybe So they’re uh, you’re right. I will be open-minded and say maybe there is just like an evil gene That’s just like you got this gene. You’re just a fucking evil person and there’s no hope for you basically There’s no case to look at this Dang, what’s this? Hang on? I need to look this up for a second Derrick Robbie. Who was his killer Eric something terrified me Because I talked to Eric Smith Okay, this is an interesting case because I talked about this on my channel and basically this kid committed this crime He killed another four year little boy at age 13, and it was really brutal He like beat him with rocks is really bad. And now he’s an adult and he’s every two years they give him another probation hearing Perl hunting whatever and he’s trying to get out and in my video I said that I feel sympathy for him because he was Abused he went through a ton of shit and he was 13 when he did this. Yeah, he’s changed a lot since then He’s very remorseful. He feels you know, and I I said I started questioning my audience do you think someone like this should be able to get out like he was 13 should his whole life be in prison and I kind of lean towards he should be able to get out especially if they’re able to prove that so I don’t know it’s kind of hard and a lot of people got really mad at me for saying that it’s like one of my videos that there’s a lot of controversy on because I said I Mean it’s hard. I have more passion for more compassion for kids who made mistakes I Definitely don’t think if you’re a child when you commit a crime he was 13 and was tried as an adult for what reason yeah That’s not that’s not fair at all sentenced to life in prison at 13. I mean I Just that’s where I have a problem. So in the case of kids committing crimes, which there’s plenty kids that killed their parents all types of weird stuff but that’s the thing though right is I get like Emotions are heavily involved with this and I get that I could never possibly know that feeling of loss and just utter destruction you know of having somebody do something horrific to me or my loved ones that I couldn’t possibly understand how it feels and I I’m not gonna I’m not gonna you know fight that at all cuz I don’t know. I don’t know I might feel differently. I might feel like they should die or, you know be locked up in prison forever I think that how are you that’s the hard thing. It’s emotional. It’s so emotional and you know, you’re so tied in with that That’s hard to look at it rationally and logically because here’s the thing. It’s like Everybody’s getting tried under the same system So this might be beneficial for you personally because you had something done against you but then again somebody else who’s completely innocent Possibly is getting completely fucked on the other side of things Like that’s the problem with this is the blanket system as it exists now is just yeah They work sometimes it’s not yeah, there’s no there’s no real justice happening I mean you look at cases like this this kids spending his whole life in jail or whatever and Then you look at Casey Anthony who’s free who clearly killed her little girl She is free That’s the problem with the criminal justice System Oh Jay Simpson being free Shows us a problem with the criminal justice system that it comes down so hard on some people and then like look back on others Yeah, just a little slap on the wrist. Go back to your life. It’s very true Well, it comes back to like we talked about in a previous episode about like maybe we need like a professional jury system That’s like professionals that are knowledgeable that Understand the way to be so I don’t know. How would you pay? You know, how would you you know fund that cuz it would create jobs though it would create jobs, but the problem is is that our prison that our prisons are horrible like they’re Here’s that here’s a statistic for you so In 2004 more than 40 state prison systems have been under some form of court order whether it be for brutality Overcrowding poor food or lack of medical care and that’s in 2004 so I bet you that number is doubled at least if not tripled and As we’ve seen literally on TV, like these jails are absolutely awful. People are getting sick people there’s feces I mean, it’s really really bad Overcrowding is the biggest thing right? There’s too many people locked up that really don’t need to be locked up in cages with along with all these other very violent offenders Why can’t we? Figure out a different solution. Why do all like, why does everybody get locked into the same bucket? You know, why isn’t there any? Why isn’t there any differences between crimes like why is everybody punished the same like that’s stupid. That doesn’t make any sense That’s so antiquated and dumb like there should be different court systems for different things it it needs to be redone because this is this is kind of mind-boggling especially if you’ve never even known about this, but Norway Nor in Norway less than 4,000 of the country’s 5 million people were behind bars as of August 2014 and When criminals leave prison they actually stay out the country is the lowest recidivism rates in the world at 20% The majority of crimes reported to police in Norway are theft related with violent crimes typically linked to drug trafficking and gang problems Too to reiterate in the u.s. Seventy six point six percent of prisoners are Reinforced so that’s our rate almost eighty percent of people are Really in prison because the prison system eats you up and then spits you back out and then you just come right back Because you don’t know what the hell to do Norway takes advantage of a concept called Restorations to repair the harm caused by crime rather than punish people Something the US should consider don’t you think? Yes, especially for nonviolent offenders because as You’re seeing if you’re watching this on YouTube prison cells in Norway are Pretty humane and not that like something like it’s not great It’s still like a small room but at least you have like your own room and you have like a bathroom in a decent place to To be it where your know that we saw on that one documentary I’m talking about I believe it was noir. It was you know, it was madhavan Sweden. They’re very similar though. There’s a documentary called What is it called? We’re talking more. So more really interesting and eye-opening just the world and They toured a prison. I think it was Sweden could have been Norway, but they literally had full access to kitchens with knives These were like killers that they were rehabbing. It kind of looks like a college dorm. It does like it doesn’t look bad It’s better conditions than like a lot of people in the world though. Oh, yeah. It’s way better. I Mean, we’ll talk about the the flip side to it, but I wanted to read this for you. This is from a Reporter With the huffington post’s who went to the prison in norway and she found herself interacting with two deckhands on the ferry to bastoy island We are criminals one of the men told her really we are criminals Are you afraid she said no and was then offered a handshake and an introduction I am widow He told her he was serving a 21 year sentence, which is the maximum in Norway, though He’ll likely be out next year We worked the 6:00 to noon shift Kaito the other deckhand and prisoner said then we go back to prison and relax her exercise Come you want to meet the captain. He is not a prisoner. The only one who isn’t on this boat when many picture prisoners serving time in the US, they certainly don’t envision them working on a boat, but Norway is different as The boat sets sail I spied bestow a cluster of gangly pine trees in a gray sea stretching toward a gray sky Inside the both small seating area Kaito sat down next to me and turned on the TV flipping to the History Channel Widow says that people think the stoy is a summer camp but being a prisoner he knows all too. Well the difference Wigga was right. It did look like a summer camp model leaves fell on cyclers Yes cycling prisoners and a horse and carriage centered by or cantered by Gingerbread houses dotted the landscape they were dull yellow green trim and red roofs. I spied sheep and cows but no fence or barbed wire Bestow is an open prison, which means prisoners can sometimes keep their jobs on the outside while serving time Of Norway’s prisons 30 percent are open and bestow is considered one of the best More prisons should be open almost all should be we take as many as we can here But there isn’t room for everyone explained bestows governor or the warden named Tom The island houses about 115 men overseen by more than 70 staff members There’s a perception that oh, this is a lightweight prison you just take the nice guys for the summer camp prison, but in fact No our guys are into pardon my french some heavy shit drugs and violence and the truth is Some have been problematic in other prisons But then they come here and we find them easy we say is that the same guy you call difficult It’s really very simple treat people like dirt and they will be dirt treat them like human Beings and they will act like human beings Tom explained Basically goes on to say that this system is simply humane, and it sounds like a prehistoric An actually go and buy ingredients to cook meals for themself they have unlimited use of the phone Wow and They’re there for years one guy spent 18 years in the prison is now living in a neighborhood. He got rereleased He’s a normal old guy. No, one cares and you find this a lot of many friends who’ve been to prison Norwegians are very forgiving people Interesting so that is the reality in other countries and I mean obviously that’s a very like Pristine example of what prison could be like and maybe that wouldn’t work here, but we’ve never tried it We’ve never even remotely tried because here’s the thing right on every prison show that you see locked up whatever it is You always hear the prisoners say I just want respect. I just want some respect because They don’t feel like human beings in there cuz how could you right you get treated like an animal or works to get treated like? just crap like just shit like you get you don’t get treated like anything which again some people might deserve that but nonviolent people that committed a theft or grand theft auto or well, some of them are like I mean some of the guards are brutal on them, too. Yeah talk like women who get raped in prison Well, yeah, that’s the whole other thing is like some nonviolent people who didn’t you know did something fairly petty and then go to prison end up getting assaulted and Crimes committed against them while being in prison because prison is not a safe place as we all know in the u.s. At least know where as Norway they’ve taken a different approach to the criminal justice system and provided a rehabilitative approach for people that have murdered people people that have done really heinous things and they are able to rehab rehabilitate these people so Could that ever happen here? Absolutely Absolutely, but it would take a lot not as long as the prison industrial complex existence I Just want to go through this because this this is what it’s all about So prison is a big business and working prisoners are a corporation’s dream prisoners are caught being contracted for work right now on a massive scale and Despite the alarming and unsustainable growth of inmate numbers in the United States Incentive to lock up people is only increasing prison labor base in private prisons which yes people there are private prisons, which are for-profit is a multi-million dollar industry with its own trade Expeditions conventions websites and mail order internet catalogs. If you didn’t know that you can literally order product from a prison The industry also has direct advertising campaigns architecture companies construction companies investment houses on wall street plumbing supply companies food supply arm security and many more Furthermore private prisoners at the state level produce a variety of goods and services from clothing to toys to telemarketing and customer service The private federal prison industry also produces nearly all military goods From uniformed helmets to ammunition along with durable goods ranging from pain to office furniture so the corporate stockholders profit from This exploitation of of prisoners which are not again. I’m not against like prisoners working I think giving them a job to do and giving them something to work on is is Absolutely a good thing. But yeah, I don’t think I think the exploitation of of prisoners so that Corporate entities and and rich people can get richer. Yeah. Is there something wrong with that, right? So let’s I wanted to talk about this because I think you’ll find this very eye-opening there’s actually a surprising number of well-known corporations Who are making a killing off of the prison industrial complex? Here are just a few you might have heard of number one Whole Foods the State allows inmates to work for the profit of a private corporation. Whole Foods is one of the many companies that takes advantage Buying fish and cheese produced by slaves and inmates and paying them a rate of 74 cents a day Which again like Wow whether or not you want to pay the minimum wage? But to pay them literally like cents is just pure wrong Lavery like what if these guys are really working hard? They’re nonviolent offenders and they’re trying to like save up some money So they have a little bit of money when they get out that they can like survive and actually make it but instead scary Fucked over if they were being paid. Well, they’d probably do a better job. Yeah Yeah, and this is where we’re buying her food from Yeah And then what they do with this cheap labor Whole Foods then increases the price of the product astronomically Toll tilapia raised by inmates for example sells for $11.99 a pound at Whole Foods Wow And then basically they just reap all the profits. Yeah, and they’re paid 74 cents a day a day Oh my gosh I Think that I can get him ramen noodles in prison For a whole day’s work that came get a cup of cup of noodles That’s insanity because they only made 74 cents McDonald’s Which it’s no secret that McDonald’s is suffering right now in a world where people are steadily waking up and moving towards a healthier lifestyle There is no place for such heavily processed and unethical food yet. Despite being the world’s most successful Fast-food chain. They still source many of their goods from prisons including Containers uniforms and cutlery the inmates who sew the uniforms hardly make anything Wow, these corporations are literally just using like read free labor Well, a lot of these corporations tie back to those families and you know, it’s pretty obvious that they set this up See like this. It’s absolute like it. Absolutely modern slavery. Literally Walmart, I mean that’s my surprised by that purchased products from prison farms that’s where they’re where they have to work in difficult conditions without sunscreen water food and basically working for free Victoria’s Secret Undergarments and casual wear are sewn by female inmates for a Victoria Secret In fact in the late 1990s two prisoners were placed in solitary confinement for telling journalists They were hired to replace made in Honduras garment tags made in USA tags. Oh Wow Crazy crazy and they were placed in solitary can find. Yeah that’s fucked up Wow, so, that’s Victoria’s Secret, British Petroleum AT&T and Aramark which is a company that provides food to hospitals schools and colleges. They have a monopoly on food serves in approximately 600 prisons They have a history of poor food service a problem, which led to a prison riot in Kentucky in 2009 So these are just some of the corporations that benefit hugely off of inmate labor and exploitation of basically modern human slavery, it seems like I mean If you’re gonna do that like that’s the thing like even in they they talk about a lot of this and orange is the new black a lot of these like Issues with prison and stuff like working and not getting paid like they won’t the prison won’t even provide them with jobs So they have no way to make money. They have no way to get money and like nobody’s giving them money on the outside So they can’t get commissary Cuz that’s like how you get a lot of your essential goods like remember in like we just saw an orange to the new black Like the women could even get like maxi pads or like tampons or you know essential items That females need like they could even get that which that’s like a reality – that’s like obviously based off some a real-life situation yeah, like that’s just fucked up like you’re now I’m gonna provide basic necessities that You know that’s you know, like humanizing sick it is so Susur Lee makes you feel it does it makes you feel hopeless cause like what do we do? What do we do? Oh, yeah I was just saying make sure you like appreciate your life and freedom It does and it makes you never want to commit a crime. That’s not sure Cuz you know once the system is not fair. It’s not just You’re you know, you’re not guaranteed anything as soon as you’re arrested. You’re not you know, you’re you’re not guaranteed anything The best legal advice is shut your mouth and get your get a lawyer get a lawyer involved if you’re ever involved Because you know, some people are just like what about people are literally just in the wrong place at the wrong time, right? like Stanley Yelnats In the right time because it was all supposed to have the knowing strands are on the end it did but taking That movie that’s why I like remember it so well, that’s a great movie I just well, I watched the whole thing, like really recently. I love that movie, but it’s exactly it’s an example of China booth but if you like Weren’t work all humans were not prone to make you know, we’re not prone to not making mistakes So like what if you make a mistake or you’re just driving you accidentally like hit somebody you kill them? Like what happens like you’re not a bad person. You’re not like a criminal at heart it was just a shitty thing that happened a good example of this is I actually Like just know of someone from my community didn’t ever meet them personally but they got in a drunk driving accident and killed two women two older women like they were selling mary kay or something and He hit them and I don’t even know what his sentence ended up being but like he felt so bad But he was drinking in like the middle of the day. Yeah, and it’s to women’s life So what do you do? Like, it’s it’s hard because clearly he’s not an evil person Right. That’s that’s the thing that I have more sympathy for is understanding when people just like have fucked up Versus when they’re evil some of the best people out there have fucked up and like literally gone to prison Yeah Literally like some of the best people out there have literally about a locked up situation and they ended up in Prison Where they report they literally got fucked up even more So that’s that’s reality. So like to wrap things up like what do we do? what are some ideas to improve the system because it needs improving and It seems like no matter how much we talk about this or how much the media talks about this especially the lamestream media Nothing ever seems to come up come of it, you know, no matter what politicians get elected that say We’re gonna change and everything else, you know change the system. We’re gonna do prison reform and everything else. Nothing ever happens because the corporation’s are so heavily entrenched into the prison system is my my theory, yeah But here’s some ideas for one when talking about the police return to community policing. I think this is basic I can’t believe it doesn’t happen yet. Well, some people are doing it. Yeah, there are some great officers officer Daniels Oh my gosh. I always forget the name of this one police officer. I fall on Instagram That’s just such he’s so involved with his community. He’s a great example. Yeah, there’s a lossing there is actually a lot. Mm-hmm There’s a lot of you know Like as we’ve seen on like Instagram cops were like showing up to public events and like interacting with people versus just being like, you know All alone in their cars driving around all day, you know. Yeah, they’re in the community. They’re visiting people they know their communities names they like meet the locals and it’s a totally different thing and It’s a shame that like it’s not for that. That kind of stuff is not mandatory yeah, like you should I think you should be I Think you should live in the community and what you pay Yes agreed if your place officer you should live in the community that you please because hey that’ll help you do your job far better because that’s the thing like most cops do not work where they live and they’re the reasoning for that is because of the safety issue with it, which I kind of do understand cuz it’s like You know You don’t want some bad dude showing up at your house because that’s the thing is people are like crazy these days So like there have been cops that have been murdered at their house by gang members and things like especially if you like Patrolling like a really gang infested area like it can be very dangerous, but it’s time. It’s like I think that if you were to look at the statistics that how often that happens versus how much good it would do it would be Are you talking about the one that’s on live PD? No, oh Trying to find this guy that I follow that’s just so great. Oh, His name is Tommy Norman T Norman 23. He’s doing He’s a hundred and ten percent committed to making a difference inspiring world. He’s all about community police work and showing how a Police should exist in their community and he highlights community like citizen. He’s just so good See, that’s great. That’s yeah, that’s what should be the standard for great officers Right, and that’s why people can’t bunch them all into a group and running things like fuck the police that’s offensive Yeah, and I see how that bothers people and I see why people are angry at police There’s obviously so much that needs to be done But like there’s people like him out there That are really really gonna change the system if anyone’s gonna change it’s gonna be people on the inside So I think it’s so cool. I think he’s really cool. His department allows them to kind of be this Well, it’s great to see that We are seeing the culture with these police departments change bit and letting them be more open like They’ve been doing like lip-sync challenges little things to kind of make themselves more visible make them human that you know humanize themselves So that’s the thing is that yes, they need like cops just need to humanize themselves to the rest of us Cuz a lot of us just like live I mean how many of you out there literally like if you see a cop behind you while you’re driving? Kind of get like a little nervous or your heart drops and your stomach. You’re like even though you are doing nothing wrong Everybody gets that like feeling of like, oh shit. I’m a police officer and think to yourself. I’m safe not I’m tired I’m war. I don’t want it. I don’t want to run into this guy. It’s like yeah, it’s like you have like a killer behind yourself we all act like or some of them that just stand there like with their arms crossed and like glaring a Million everybody like you’re here to protect me. Why are you acting like you’re like against us? Yeah, like we’re in the military in you’re right. That’s the thing too is like there is a lot of like militarization of the police and the police departments and you know, they say because of these new wrists and you know, all these different things that have come about in this modern era, but I Think that we we need to go the other way the this way of community policing and being visible Humanizing themselves. That’s why there’s an organization called humanizing the badge which officer Daniels is involved with yes It was actually uh, if you’ve ever heard of officer Daniels has anyone it’s kind of crazy he is Actually a used to be a security guard at my high school. Josh was like a good buddy of mine Actually, we I went on a ride-along with him before he’s just a really great guy He’s he’s he’s had a vine He was a vine star and did a bunch of like really funny, please. You’ve probably seen his vine So I’ll link his stuff but he’s also a great example of community stuff And yeah, his nonprofit is humanizing the badge his is officer Daniels underscore one. He is almost five hundred thousand followers So that’s that’s great. And I hope more police fall after that and I think well, if we kind of rebuild this police culture and Humanize them and met you know, cuz that’s the thing, right? They’re just a human being like you or I there’s nothing different about them from like human perspective. They’re not. Yeah, you know, they’re not There it’s not like they’re never gonna make a mistake either like you have to be understanding of when they do mess up but at the same time it’s like People shouldn’t be like dying at the hands of police as much as they do and they shouldn’t be just like getting to go back To work we can get right people, right? You’re done. Yeah, like that’s it. Yeah, I agree Seems like one of the biggest things that could be done is people within the system trying to make changes going outward Yep, exactly. I mean there’s a lot of different things we could stop the use of solitary confinement in prisons particularly for juveniles and detention facilities because Solitary confinement just it messes with your messes with your head. It really fucks you up long term and that’s that’s like a psychological Proven, you know issue. Mm-hmm obviously there needs to be way more prison accountability and leadership to reduce violence in prison because there’s tons of people that get assaulted and Even killed in prison when it should be a safe place it should be It’s not but you know support for alternatives to arrest incarceration programs There should be more mental health centers drug treatment options You know, I think the biggest thing is like that once the war on drugs officially gets ended and you know Things like marijuana and different types of very, you know, non Dangerous substances that have shown, you know, people can’t get addicted to things like that are may legal across the nation It’s legal in Canada. It’s gonna be legal across the u.s. Pretty soon I think we’re gonna see, you know inmate population go down, hopefully Unless they just find something else to you know Feed this prison industrial complex. That’s the thing. It’s just such a Such a complex thing But I think sent I think this whole minimum sentence thing for the you know for every crime kind of like a one One-size-fits-all thing when it comes to sentencing is ridiculous Yeah, you know just because you you know There shouldn’t be like a mandatory minimum sentence of like 20 years for selling selling drugs or something. Like that’s craziness Yeah, that is especially marital, especially marijuana exactly Ending the death penalty because it cost millions millions to to to even keep people to do that plus other countries that were Here’s an interesting fact Europe and most of them of the Americas have abolished it Leaving the United States in the company of China North Korean Pakistan on the list of countries who retain the punishment, so that’s pretty interesting China North Korea and Pakistan and us are the only ones that still have a death penalty Wow everyone else is kind of like moved on Yeah, or it’s kind of whine about how it used to be though. Like well right up Just no trial execute. We’re talking about like the Wild West days like if you Rob somebody and like murdered somebody you’d be like hung in the Town Square like the next day. Mm-hmm, but here’s the thing Does that actually deter crime at the end of the day did it was like well I think back then like people are like fuck I don’t want that to happen to me. I’m gonna lay low and but I think people I don’t think it’s heard That’s the thing about is does it deter people? Does the idea of being like excuse maybe there weren’t as many executions back then Maybe there was less crime there probably was but there was also less people, right? Compared to now porn desperate times back then too. There wasn’t like, I don’t know people are in desperate times now, that’s worse That’s true. It’s actually worse now. I just feel like that would be really scary like as a criminal I’d be like I’m good, you know like seeing someone get hung or burned. Yeah Well, yeah, you would think but some people just like doesn’t faze them death doesn’t faze them at all like norwich trials. I Guess they did have a trial dog Sam. Well Carl’s Like a completely ridiculous unfair trial based on bullshit. I Mean this this shit goes back. So long ever since humanity’s been around we’ve been Dealing with these issues the question of What should the punishment be where we crossed the line? Mm-hmm? It’s interesting stuff, and there’s not a simple solution to any of this. I mean just none of you know looking at everything as a whole that we talked about today and like Trying to figure out like what’s the way forward? I mean, I don’t know I don’t I don’t know if the current system can even be fixed. I don’t I I personally don’t even think it’s Possible. Like I think we can definitely improve it and if we You know are smart and stick together and come together as as people in Order to effect change in the system. I think we can do a lot of good but at the end of the day I mean as long as the corporation’s have the power that they do and the hold over the government and the Various systems that are in place we’re screwed like the truth Try to just fix this we can work on community policing we can try to get whatever you want petition It’s not gonna fix this. No, we need complete revolution pretty much together away from the Corporations as long as these corporations are run and shit. We’re fucked That’s how I feel like and it’s very it’s very scary cuz like Howard any of us deal with taking them down You can’t you can’t So it definitely leaves you in a place where you’re just hmm What do I definitely I have so many times where I just leave things feeling. So helpless and so frustrated I mean, I guess I Guess our hope would be that the more people that that’s the thing is a lot of people just aren’t informed They’re not woke they don’t know what’s going on They don’t have any idea that this kind of injustice is happening. And that things are as bad as they actually are So many people are asleep to all of it because they’re just living in their own little worlds going through life and they don’t think about anybody else but themself and in reality like a lot of people are being you know in Oh, I came to think of the word. It’s like just unfairly tried and and you know put into this system of ours that Literally chews you up and spits you out only to eat you back up again until you’re a shell of a human I mean I think a lot of people that are in prison right now have a Possibility of being rehabilitated and and brought back into society as productive citizens. I mean and like why can’t we like have them at least do things that like maybe The rest of us don’t want to do why aren’t we having them clean up the trash everywhere like yeah like if they’re you know, what are they all just kind of like you can’t do that like why I feel like they’ve The good ones do you know I’ve never seen it in actual in person. I seen it like movies. Yeah, like they shouldn’t like They shouldn’t be as separated from society as they are. It’s like banned from reality Like literally just like exiled it’s like the old days where they used to exile Exile you to an island and then it’s like so long Good luck. Wow that used to happen like and so people I think people lose their humanity and loose who they are as a human being because they’re literally being treated like scum and and You know, some people are scum but it’s like I think everybody’s got a chance to redeem himself specially if you have Done something that hasn’t harmed another human being I think you especially have a shot to come back and who knows do something great, you know So, I don’t know we want to know what you guys think about all this So very interesting because there’s just so much I mean we couldn’t even like cover everything and I’d love to hear if you Personally have someone in prison or you’ve been to prison, you know, no judgement here We’d love to hear your story your experiences and just your ideas on things your thoughts. What can we do to change things? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, I mean Maybe maybe you know one day we can have somebody on That’s actually been been there done that and yeah can really give us a first-hand account of what is really like What they went through. Was it rehabilitating or was it just deep? ability or whatever that word is so Yeah, I don’t know guys. We definitely want to what you guys think if you enjoyed this podcast and you’re watching it Please give it a huge thumbs up subscribe on iTunes and YouTube for future episodes From the mile higher podcast. We’ve got so much good stuff coming So much good stuff is coming down the road. So definitely want to stick around for that but yeah that is it for us today and Thank you for joining us for episode 31. Yes of the Malheur podcast. We will catch you guys next

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  1. Thoughts on Chris Watts? Does our justice system need an overhaul?
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  2. i really want you to do a podcast about marilyn monroe. about her and JFK and her death, because i looked into it a little and it really doesnt look like a suicide at all, im really interested in what you guys could dig up on it.

  3. My god you two are such a great couple. So kind to each other and supportive of each other. You really are a true team. I love it ❤️

  4. My brother is a police explorer here in Texas! I am the same as y’all, I’ve always been so fascinated with the criminal justice system. Listening to y’all right now at work but driving, working out and even work sometimes gets me exited bcs I know I get to listen to y’all!

  5. Actually he confessed to killing Shanann but not the kids. He has a hearing tomorrow. Excited to see what happens in the future of this case. Praying for justice. I personally believe he DID also kill the girls because what kind of innocent person puts his own flesh and blood in oil tanks to rot?
    So sick.
    Anyway I love you guys! ❤️

  6. In my opinion I could careless about the drugs. People want to do it their choice. I do think some drugs are very serious. I personally whether it was legal or not would never try most of them. The sexual offenders in my opinion need more time. I know a person that got 60 days after reoffending everyday for 3 years and to a child. I also think death row should be in every state some people are never going to change.

  7. I hate the death penalty NOT because the sick freaks don’t deserve to die for what they did, but because I don’t think it’s right for ANY person to take someone else’s life. The people who perform the death penalty on criminals are still taking someone else’s life. Every person dies eventually and no, it isn’t fair that the criminal gets to continue living after taking the life of someone else, but I don’t believe that it should be okay to take ANYONE’S life, criminal or not.

  8. You two are fuckin awesome! I listen to this she I have down time and when I'm getting ready for work. It's educational and makes you think.. Thank you!

  9. Who does their nails during a podcast? The smell of nail police must be killing him lol. Couldn’t watch more than 5 min. This nail thing is irritating

  10. my husband is a satellite launch science guy ( we live in Australia and he is ex Airforce/ space program) Most of what he has done/ does now is "secret squirrel" stuff , but it seems like that eyes are on getting to Mars and off- earth mining rather than weaponising satellites. It's way too expensive to conduct war in space. Look to low orbit planes which are technically not spacecraft, for where the technology and science is focused. Just saying.

  11. U both aRe 💯💯!! We think ALOT ALIKE!!! ThaNx 4 puttin truth out inTo thiZ craZy world 🌎!!!!! MaD resPects!!!!

  12. Apparently shortly after the murders, Watts had googled lyrics to the Metallica song Battery , consisting lyrics like “Smashing through the boundaries, lunacy has found me, Cannot stop the battery
    Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession, Cannot kill the battery, Cannot kill the family , battery has found in me

  13. My close friend has a FELONY because for his job he has to have a gun which is bullshit in my opinion because he drove a carriage with horses and it was for “looks” and it misfired and hit a kid in a foot accidentally! He was fine it did no damage and the mom pressed charges. He was in jail for 4 years while his daughter was born. He’s been on parol for 5 years now and he still has to pee in a cup and get blood drawn every month and has to pay for it. I mean I know he shot a kid but it wasn’t him it was the stupid gun in his holster ! I think he was bullshit but I see both sides. But seeing the affect is so sad he has four kids and can’t find a job because of his felony.

  14. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Jerry Hartfield case, but he spent 35 YEARS in prison between trials, without ever being convicted

  15. Can you tell me, I suffer with chronic pain 24/7 after an 11 years battle with cancer and the radiation poisoning from my treatment. I've been left with no bladder, no bowel and a few organs lost from the damage of the radiation poisoning, I've also lost 6 discs in my spine leaving me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. If I could have just one day without the pain I get in my stomach and spine it would be life changing! I am on s huge battery of meds 4 times a day in tablet form plus large syringes 4 times a day of ketamin which is rotting my teeth! I was in a small mug 4 times a day of methadone (not for drugs!) For pain relief but they took me off that after 2 years as i hated it, it was rotting my teeth and tasted foul! The ketamin doesn't taste as bad but I hate taking all these meds. I take around 14 tablets in the morning and at night then 4 tablets twice a day between morning and night, I also take any extra ketamin I may need if my pain is bad! And I have extra morphine in tablet form if I need that on top too. If I could lower the ketamin alone I'd be happy! Would the CBD help me at all? I also suffer with depression and hardly ever leave my home, sometimes I don't leave my bed for weeks, and I just want my life back! I've gone from being super energetic to nothing over the years.bif you could email me or message me if be so grateful. I'm just worried it's not going to be strong enough. Many thx and great vid.

  16. As one of your better presidents said “beware of the military industrial complex) they will fill you fear and spend billions whilst Americans beg for healthcare. Be wise guys.

  17. If that’s true about the Russians , it’s sure no where near the “bad stuff” that the U.S. does to others! Don’t like having a taste of your own medicine I guess 😆

  18. I have another theory of the whole racial issue and why so many people of color are incarcerated. I’d love to talk to you guys about it! No, I’m not racist! I think it’s a huge issue I just have another view on it.

  19. The system does need an overhaul but in the case of Chris Watts they did everything perfectly right IMO. Every single thing was recorded and has been put online and the police and courts were amazing in Colorado.

  20. kendall, I have autism and NVLD ( so I don't drive) totally relatable. except mine is mostly for poor visual-spatial issues and limited cognitive issues).

  21. I do Crossfit and I have heard of a guy who was in jail for drugs got out and joined a crossfit gym. He now owns it and also trained guys while he was in jail before he got out. He is now drug free and very healthy! Some stories do have happy endings!

  22. I’ve been to jail, and and both my brother in laws have been to/ are in prison, and the people who are in for life will do anything (killing, drugs, gang involvement, etc.) because they have nothing else to lose. My brother in law is currently in prison and is very mentally ill, and they don’t care! He spent a whole year off of his meds and kept getting into trouble and nothing was done! He just recently got back on his meds and is back to his old self, but they don’t make them take their meds or anything.

    Also while i was in jail, some of the CO’s would totally abuse their power. Laundry day was Thursday, and the CO’s that worked that day, would make us stay in our “cubicles” all afternoon while they put the new clothes in bags and made the process of getting our clothes soooo much longer so they didn’t have to allow us to have “dayroom” (when we can make calls, get some fresh air, etc).

    While i was waiting to see the judge for sentencing, there’s a person that comes to interview you to make a report for the judge. Well in Tucson there’s only like one person who does it, and when she came to interview me, she was going on vacation in a day or two and totally botched up my report to the judge! She put all kinds of crap in my report that wasn’t even true!

    I have a non violent felony (i interfered with the custody of my daughter and that’s how i got my felony) and it has made it SOOOOO hard to find any kind of job! It’s so ridiculous!

  23. One of the biggest issues with our system is "the time fitting the crime". People get locked up for ridiculous amount of time where others get such short sentences. These min and max times needed to be rewritten or revaluated over time.

  24. Y’all are so amazing for sharing your knowledge. I am so appreciative of y’all. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  25. There’s no law that says jails have to let You outdoors. I spent seven months in county and never saw the sun once.

  26. Hi Dudes, we don't have the death penalty in the UK anymore not since Ruth Ellis in the 60s, Rose West is rotting away in prison for life. 👍
    I love these Podcasts and topics, keep em comjng dudes. 😊👍

  27. I took a quick look through the comments, and this is an older video so maybe you've already seen this, but there's a great documentary on Netflix called Breaking the Cycle about the Norwegian prison system and the successful (!) attempt to institute it partially here in America. There is a prison in North Dakota that has taken massive steps to overhaul how they're treating the prisoners and it's working. There's also an article on Mother Jones called "North Dakota's Norway Experiment" that delves into it.

  28. I think if we are charging a man for causing the death of his unborn child we should treat abortion the same way. Both parents should have equal rights and say about their future child. I`m not supporting CW, he`s a POC and I hope he gets raped in jail every day. It`s just something I`ve been thinking about. Women are treated differently when it comes to killing their children, they usually get away very lightly…

  29. My dad died when I was a baby by a women speeding on the freeway that hit our car from behind and made us flip and I have forgave that women for it but she plead reason of insanity and she got to walk free but I feel she should have got like a year or 2 in prison

  30. Hi, love the podcast! Just wanted to say one thing as I push my glasses up my nose. (lol) Nobody was burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials. Everybody convicted was hung and one man was crushed to death. (I know that was probably annoying but sometimes it's fun to throw out a "well actually")

  31. I love the way they just look at each other.. u can see the love in their eyes. & the way Kendall looks at him when she turns her chair & tilts her head! 🤣😍🤷🏻‍♀️

  32. we should humanize black kids, because they’re they ones who will suffer at the hands of the police. the police all benefit from institutionalized racism, and they get away with a slap on the wrist while innocent children are brutally killed.

  33. There could be, at the least, a two criteria system: one that deals with murder; the other that deals with all other manner of crimes. Well done guys: interesting listening (which afforded me the time to clean and shine to "as new" my stove-top).

  34. I'm commenting as I'm listening to the podcast so I don't forget what I want to say and for the jail/ prison portion of this I think a lot of the problem is that every jail and prison has different rules, they don't just all follow one system so therefore it's easier for people to cover up reasons why something unlawful may have been done. When I was sitting in jail waiting for a GPS system because I didn't have a permanent address and I was ordered to wear it until my next court date in case I didn't show up they could find me ( this wasn't house arrest ) but our county is very very poor and didn't have a extra one at the time so I had to sit in jail until one became available I was assaulted on the first day I was there by a CO and to cover up any complaints I may of had she said I assaulted her and stuck me 23/1 for two days and then usually when you get this you have to go in front of a judge to see if you get any extra time and to make sure the accusation is correct I was denied that hearing so therefore I wrote a complaint and when I got my papers the lieutenant told me I can fill out the paperwork and turn it in but nothing is going to come of it and walked away. This was at Allegany County Detention Center in Cumberland, Maryland 21502. Anyone else have an experience like this?

  35. She did NOT fight back her father said she died in her sleep. She was sleeping when the monster strangled her there's proof via their Vivid security system.

  36. Do the Water Episode!! I saw an article a while back that somewhere was considering adding lithium to their water. LITHIUM. Wut.

  37. Its also the kind of people who are being accepted to the police force there should be psychological testing for a person's personality

  38. i wish they would do an episode or kendall would do a video on that rich canadian couple who was murdered in their house like two? years ago!!!

  39. i know 4 people that are in prison right now, 3 that just got sentenced, and i know at least 5 other people that have recently gotten out. this is just prison, not country jail. all of their charges were different, but handled the same. fuck the system dude.

  40. I am currently in school and took a criminal justice class. The teacher was someone who was a CO before being a phd in the field and she informed all of us (i cant remember the exact statistic now) that a couple days in solitary confinement was equivalent to some absurd number in regular prison. She said that in most cases it would be better for the prisoner to be in solitary for a couple days then sent to a rehab facility to actually correct their behaviors. She said she has witnessed way too many times that the justice system fails time and time again because its a cycle for some people that they literally cannot escape.

  41. I can’t believe how much you guys have grown in just under a year. I’m so glad Mile higher exists, you have honestly changed my life and educated me so much.

  42. Pretty sure it's been discovered that no1 was ever burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials. I think only 1 or 2 people/woman died during the trials & they were either hung or died in jail. Been awhile since I heard it so I can't fully remember.

  43. Psychopaths & all the like, cannot be reformed. Leave those demons locked up. Drug offenses, totally different, and makes no sense to me. Our legal system is a scary fucked up mess. It's just abt making money , it's a huge biz, they want people locked up

  44. I agree with yall about not sending people to jail with a drug addiction!! They should be taken to a place that will eventually help them. Like yall said there are more drugs in jail than on the streets, it's horrible. Being sumone who is a recovering addict, I never went to jail for drugs or anything, but I have had many family members and friends sent to jail for drugs. I finally got help 4 years ago and I think it would help so much if the justice system really sent people with a "problem" away to a rehab or counseling to get help. I also say though you cant help someone who doesnt want to be helped, they have to want to be clean and live that life. It's a touchy subject for some people but being sumone who has lives both lives it would be worth it to send them to get help or at least try!!

  45. Nobody cares about rehabilitating and fairness. Its the money. Its literally SOOO expensive to sit in jail. And, cops meeting their quotas. And, where i live, theres new trucks for cops and like you can barely see the black on black cop logod and the lights that are strategically placed where you can barely see. Its basically entrapment.

  46. You guys are such a relationship GOAL. I can only hope that I will get lucky with such an intelligent and kind husband that talks about the REAL shit happening on Earth &space rather than focusing on shit that doesn't matter 😊💜

  47. I totally agree with the drug sentences. I am a recovering fentanyl & heroin addict myself. Instead of being locked up, people need to be sent to a REHAB! Getting off opiates, alcohol or benzodiazopines I it is a horrible ordeal/withdrawal to go through. They need medication detox! Especially alcoholics, they can have seizures & DIE. It's just such bullshit that they get treated like horrible criminals when they're not! That shit pisses me off SO much.

  48. The Netherlands is like the complete opposite. Here you get 18 years in prison for murder lol, no joke. You can rape 20 girls and get away with it.

  49. Sadly inmates are just the sum of there SID #, there food here at Oregon State penitentiary said 'NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION' in bold red letters. Its quit sad how many innocent people rot in prison 😢

  50. Do people not understand that police officers are humans therefore there will be good ones and bad ones. Stop pointing out bad experiences you had with just a few of them. 🙄🙄🙄

  51. I think that if someone has a gun and is charging at you and shooting and there’s no other way to protect yourself other Than by firing your gun you can at least aim for the leg or foot, somewhere where they won’t be literally killed. Even with the use of a gun there’s a way to subdue actual threats a better way.

  52. With all the people we lock up, we some how miss all of the child molesters & domestic abusers. It's fucked up.

  53. I was in Denver Drug Court 7 years ago. After a horrible car accident that almost killed me, that then led to a 5 year opiate/heroin addiction. Drug Court was an intensive rehabilitation program that had me do therapy several times a week and an opiate replacement therapy program for 2 years. They helped me rebuild and while I graduated the program, I'm still sober and rebuilding today. It saved my life! There is also similar programs in Arapahoe County and Jefferson County but there was talk of these programs being discontinued which is terrible because I have gone thru treatments with dozens of people whose lives were saved and changed by these programs.

  54. My dad was arrested for 4th degree assault. I don’t want to get into it but this woman barged into our home and when my dad pointed for her to leave his ménière’s disease (basically constant vertigo) flared up. He was about to vomit and fall over; his finger poked her. If he didn’t poke her he would’ve completely fallen over. In the moment he apologized. 30 minutes later an officer knocked on our door. They arrested my dad based on the women’s word. At the time he was 53. He’d never been arrested, hadn’t had a ticket in 3 decades and came from a well respected family in our small town. It’s ridiculous. The officer told him the only reason they didn’t keep him in jail was because of his diabetes! Once it got to court, the prosecutor immediately dismissed the charge because of how stupid it was! Now my dad can’t get a job because of his “criminal record.” He even tried to become a driver for UberEats and was denied because of baseless charge. This justice system is so fucked!

  55. If you take a life (not defending yourself), you don't deserve a life. Life in prison is my stance for murderers. I don't believe in the death penalty purely because of the risk that they MIGHT be proven innocent later. In that case, they can at least reclaim some of their lives, and they should 100% be given monthly payments equivalent to however many months they spent in jail.

  56. Great podcast guys! Love these topics that get us thinking ‘how can we as a society get better?’ Thank you so much for the quality content and your kind spirts! I feel like I have grown sooo much listening to you guys! I wish y’all guys luck with future videos and podcasts! Thanks so much!

  57. Don't you think that the main difference between us here in the US and many of these other countries is that they're way more homogenous than we are, they have way stricter immigration laws …we are a melting pot. I don't think it's fair to compare us to other countries when our situation is so vastly different.

  58. 60 days in is for jails not prisons lol your funny!! Love you tho Kendall!! Love watching you! You need to see worlds toughest prisons if your intrested in this

  59. Omg I’m from a small town in Idaho and there is this big site everyone works at because it pays good, but it’s a nuclear weapons center. And there is a small town right next to the base called Arco and it has so much rumored alien activity. Crazy!

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