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FedEx announces another expansion & Governor Bill Lee loves it

FedEx announces another expansion & Governor Bill Lee loves it

TENNESSEE GOVERNOR BILL LEE IS CALLING A TRIP HE TOOK OUT WEST VERY PRODUCTIVE, WHEN IT COMES TO FINDING COMPANIES WHO WANT TO MOVE TO TENNESSEE. HE SPENt THIS MORNING IN MEMPHIS, CELEBRATING THE EXPANSION OF A COMPANY THAT’S ALREADY HERE. WITH 30- THOUSAND WORKERS, FEDEX IS NOT ONLY THE LARGEST EMPLOYER IN MEMPHIS.. BUT THE ENTIRE STATE LOCAL 24 NEWS REPORTER MIKE MATTHEWS HAS TONIGHT’S LOCAL BUSINESS. MIKE MATTHEWS/LOCAL 24 NEWS “Governor Bill Lee was here. The visit was short, but to the point. He’s talking about business and business coming to Memphis.” OK…EVERYBODY KNOWS FEDEX IS HERE…ITS BEEN HERE A LONG TIME…AND EVERY NIGHT YOU KNOW THE LOCAL OFFICIALS SAY A PRAYER HOPING IT WILL NEVER GO AWAY. THE PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED FOR NOW. THE COMPANY IS EXPANDING ITS WORLD HUB… DON COLLERAN/FEDEX CORP. VICE PRESIDENT “The modernization will include a construction of a large facility. A state of the art sort system building. And a new area to improve the handling of oversized shipments, We have been seeing more and more of them as the e- commerce business expands for FedEx.” TENNESSEE GOVERNOR BILL LEE LOVES THIS STUFF. HE IS A BUSINESSMAN…AND HE LOVES GIVING TENNESSEE THE BUSINESS. ITS WHY HE SPENT A WEEK ON THE WEST COAST. GOVERNOR BILL LEE/ TENNESSEE “We met with private companies. We met with major corporations, multiple companies. A lot of technology based companies. Primarily our conversations were around the business friendly environment of Tennessee.” DON’T GET THE WRONG IDEA. BILL LEE LOVES COMPANIES WHO HAVE SET UP SHOP IN TENNESSEE FOR DECADES. COMPANIES LIKE THE ONE THAT HAS ITS NAME ACROSS THESE BIG JETS. GOVERNOR BILL LEE/ TENNESSEE “Not only do they employ 40- thousand in the state of Tennessee, but companies come in here in a greater measure which creates more jobs for this region and changes more peoples lives for the good.” MEMPHIS MAYOR JIM STRICKLAND SHOWED UP. HE DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING… HE REALLY DIDN’T HAVE TO. GOVERNOR LEE DID A LOT OF THE I LOVE MEMPHIS TALKING. GOVERNOR BILL LEE/ TENNESSEE “The city is becoming a real leader in job creation and company relocations.” MIKE MATTHEWS/LOCAL 24 NEWS “There are indications that more announcements will be made in the coming weeks or so concerning business in the city. In Memphis, Mike Matthews, Local 24 News.”

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