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FLVS Leadership Skills Development Course Tour

FLVS Leadership Skills Development Course Tour

Whether you’re the Student Body President
or the shyest kid in your class, gaining confidence can give you the power to create an even brighter
future for yourself. In Leadership Skills Development, you’ll
build the confidence you need to succeed by learning how to set goals, manage your time
and overcome challenges to get ahead. Mawi Asgedom will help
teach you how. Mawi is a refugee from Ethiopia who graduated from Harvard and has trained
over 1 million students all over the world. He’ll appear throughout the course in short,
inspiring videos to show you that anything is possible when you’ve got the right mindset
and techniques. Throughout this award-winning course, your
instructor will guide you through interactive lessons, real-life examples and collaboration
labs to help you improve focus, connect with others and build a strong personal brand.
You’ll even learn the same negotiation techniques they teach at Harvard Business School. And, as always, your instructor will be available
via phone, email, text or IM if you have any questions. So if you’re ready to become more successful
in high school, at college and in your career, visit the Find My Course page at
and start building your leadership skills today.

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