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FSM News West: Advancements in Technology – DYK

FSM News West: Advancements in Technology – DYK

Over the past 50 years technology has progressed
from something that we didn’t have to something that many Americans can’t live without. And within the next 10 years the world will be more attached than ever. For example people had to stand in the middle
of the street to wave down a taxi cab just to get place to place. Now it’s as simple as
pulling up an app on your phone and having someone pick you up from your house to take
you wherever you want to go. In the past 30 years we have evolved so much in transportation and also in the area of delivery. We went from delivering our stuff
in trucks, trains, and airplanes which took two or more weeks to having delivery drones
that deliver in two or more hours. We have also evolved in communication. Hello! Back in the day we had to send letters or
talk to someone face-to-face. Now we can use our phones and social media as a source of keeping up with everyone’s lives. The advances of technology has simplified
the lives of many people across the nation.

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