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Future of Food: Farming in the age of climate change

Future of Food: Farming in the age of climate change

I’ve kind of accepted my fate, in a way, of being, sort of, the guy that’s alarmed about this before everybody else is. “One slice of New York cheesecake.” Why is it, in so many of the sci-fi movies, “Breakfast of champions.” food of the future comes out of a gadget? “Hydrate level four, please.” But if you really want to understand the future of food, it’s probably not gadgets you should be paying attention to. People who make raising food their business say the biggest challenges coming involve how food is grown. We’re kind of a throwback to a different era. This South Dakota farm looks old-school, but the Ortman family has designed it around their vision for the future. Better to embrace change on your own terms than wait until it embraces you by force. Several years ago, the Ortmans began rebuilding their operation from the dirt up, after realizing that they were barely breaking even, focusing on a conventional crop of, mainly, corn. My conclusion, after pushing the numbers on this, was that going organic was going to work better, economically, because of the organic price premiums. This wasn’t rooted in some kind of dream, or wish, or some philosophy. It really did start with economics. Switching from conventional farming to organic was a huge change. Instead of plowing and spraying to kill weeds, the Ortmans make multiple trips through fields to carefully scrape them out. Instead of fertilizing with chemicals, they spend months preparing one of the oldest tools in agriculture. Our operation is really built around compost. We’re talking about manure here. For these farmers, all that effort is worth it. Because, for them, the future of food has a lot to do with the future of dirt. If you boil down food production into its most basic form, everything that we eat comes off of the soil, originally. And the soil is a living organism. We tend to take the soil for granted. That’s the ultimate source of most of our food. History holds lessons for societies that fail to keep soil in mind. You look at the history of the spread of western civilization, it’s, in many regards, a story of people moving on after degrading the land. Individual droughts, or political events, or war with the neighbors; those kind of events are the kinds of things that will actually take down civilizations. But the table is set, if you will, by the state of the land. One of the reasons this is so important? Climate change. Farmers will feel the impacts in their fields long before we feel the impacts in the grocery stores. The trends are all towards extremes. Rain doesn’t come gradually throughout the year anymore. It comes in fewer, but larger doses, that the land is just not able to soak up. Will says he’s found that minimally-tilled land, enriched with organic material like compost, tends to soak up more rain and stay moist through dry spells. Other growers have found still more dramatic solutions. This indoor vegetable farm in New Jersey has eliminated dirt entirely, and recreated climate from scratch. We grow in warehouses, without sun or soil. Independent of the seasons. Independent of the weather. And this is how we can take back what’s becoming more and more challenging with climate change. Another vulnerability could be the conventional farming model practiced across the United States. It tends to favor large operations that specialize in just a few crops or animals. This monoculture agriculture, which we tend to have had, is so vulnerable to weather changes, and climate, and pests. If a disease were to wipe out the wheat crop worldwide, it would have potentially devastating, catastrophic impacts, globally. Everywhere. I’m not saying it’s going to happen tomorrow. I’m just saying that a good farmer has got to be a good risk manager. The Ortmans manage their risk by spreading it out. They grow a variety of crops, like corn, rye, black beans, soy, and strawberries. And they also raise cattle, and chickens that lay eggs. It’s exactly like a stock portfolio. Not very many people have all of their holdings in one stock. Small organic farms may be one part of the solution to the challenges the future holds. But in a world whose population is heading north of 9 billion people, it’s probably not the only solution. That’s because the human race will consume more food in the next 50 years than it has in the past 10,000 years combined. It’s a complicated problem. But it is a problem that the human race can deal with. We’re going to need everything from traditional agriculture to exotic agriculture. Everything from industrial agriculture to locally scaled agriculture. And we’ve got to remember that overlying it all is the consumer. And the consumer is king and queen. And they, ultimately, will decide what they’re going to eat and, therefore, what the future of agriculture is going to look like. Feeding the future will require us to grow a lot more food. But it’ll probably also require us to waste a lot less. We throw away about 35% of all food that we produce. That’s both here, in the United States, and elsewhere. That is low-hanging fruit. That is almost enough, if we could figure out a way to deal with that problem, to feed people over the next couple of decades. So, in our little corner of the world, we’re doing what we can to enrich our soil, to diversify. I hope people can see that that the land is responding to what we’re doing. I hope people can see that we’re not starving, that we’re doing okay, financially. Knock on wood. And the Ortmans believe their operation could hold affordable lessons for improving resiliency in the developing-world countries where farms are small, and populations are large. It’s not going to be a gadget that’ll do it. There’s a constant exchange of ideas and of experiences. I don’t want my kids to say, there were all these warning signs, when I was a kid, and my dad just looked the other way, and now look at what we have to deal with. This is the ark we’re building before the rain.

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  1. It's still good to find new solutions to produce food as Climate Deregulation threatens our survivance, but these artificial farming (no soil, artificial lightning, no insects, no sun…) can only produce salads and low caloric vegetables; they can't produce hight caloric food such wheat and corn that still need a good soil and outdoor sun. Btw, they consume artificial energies and natural ressources; how will you do once you'll run out of these energies or need to repair or renew your installation? Like green energies, this "solution" poses some new problems and questions. They don't look really sustainable.

  2. Climate Change?  Radiation GHE is a lie and the CCF (Climate Crisis Fraud) is a lie.  CO2 does not induce back radiant heating of the surface, just like it doesn't induce back radiant heating of an IR filament as shown in my video.  Radiation GHE is a lie.

  3. It's a great video, but I'm pretty sure we don't have a world population of more than 21,310 billion people.

  4. the food shortages are caused by the cooling.

    the loss of ground water is by insane human practices of growing grapes for wine and not corn to feed the masses.
    nowhere in nature is there a constant, ever day it gets hot and cold. every year it gets hot, then cold. we know that there is a similar hot / cold for out climate over decades.
    in 2020 we may see global famine from no crops because the warming alarmists shut down any actual science and any honest discussion.
    18 months after this video global famine is on or door, the US might produce 60% of a typical harvest due to the Grand Solar Minimum. France suffered a loss of 40% of their wine grapes due to a late frost. the trend is to colder and colder weather, not a rising hot climate because we waited the decades and the natural cycles are once again doing what they have always done, cycled.
    are you ready for a mini-ice age ?

  5. Strange to talk about the issue of land use and feeding a growing population without mentioning that switching to a plant based diet will already solve the problem today and for the future.

  6. A correction for 2:13

    For these farmers all this effort is worth it, because for them the future of food has alot to do with the premium price of organic crops

  7. There's a movie called CODE46 I don't know how many people ever saw it,but it is worth a watch because there is a part that illustrates the female character supporting(really lead character) who has a vertical farm in her place. Acouple other dystopians all mention thee importance of having a vertical farm in one's home. Unfortunately, this is your future.

  8. If there is more food there will be more people but at somepoint this will stop there womt be enough food and people will die unless the over populated countrys put a stop to this and force people not to.have children for 5 years for example or

  9. Climate changes regardless, they ship strawberries to Michigan form California, when did Michigan stop being able to grow plants?

  10. Yeah well, we have about 8 years left before the catastrophic events start taking place.
    8 years to turn around our economic infrastructure.
    8 years to convince the idiotic fools and corrupt corporations that climate change is real

    Guess who's not gonna reach that goal… Humanity.

  11. The real problem here is the extreme poverty and wars induced population growth. Largely created by the west to get rare resources for cents. Stop creating overpopulation and your problem is solved. Give an African a job a house with air conditioning and they won't have 7-16 children.

  12. GO VEGAN, and you won't need to worry about mono-cropping. Also stop wasting food and start composting in ALL CITIES. Here in Harlem people barely know how to recycle properly and no one bats an eye about it. Such a stupid culture.

  13. Food production is mostly from massive corporations, family farms are disappearing. Just ask the rep at your local grocery store where your produce came from… Could be the other side of the planet… Especially with beef.

  14. LOL; lets grow crops with fossil fuels and inside because we destroyed all our soils and don't have sense to use sunlight. That's modern thinking and modern farming; thinking technology can compensate for years of ignorance and mistakes.

  15. It will take 100 years for the chemicals in his soil to completely dissapate so how is he growing organic when there is so much residue in his soil? Fact is his veggies are better but still contain too much pesticide from soil residues to be called organic IMO. Takes 20 years just for the glyphosate residue to drop by 50%.

  16. Idea. Lets stop planting houses where trees naturally grow. There is no reason we cannot populate dryer arid spaces.

  17. the rest of the world wastes way less food than the states..just saying.we have the biggest footprint.

  18. what if the seeds itself is genetically modified? Is there still purely organic plant seeds that are being sold? I really hope someone can tell me

  19. The graph at 5:31 really doesn't provide valuable information… daily calories consumed in 8000 BC and prior

  20. organic is the same only thing it the price 4 to 10 time's the price not surprised farmers want to grow overpriced food

  21. There are a number of other problems, the construction homes and neighborhoods on farm land, the destruction of vegetation, forests around the world, the soon be shortage of water due mostly from over population and then the end comes from pollution which we seem to control fairly well here in the U.S. but the rest of the world has yet to accept and apply any controls. We can die from any of these issues, nit juts because of climate change. I do believe we contribute but also believe we as a planet are doing nothing.

  22. "Farmers will feel the impacts in their fields before we feel them in our grocery stores" is such a good line, and definitely true. Great video.

  23. A farm should be a self sustaining and an integrated one…one's farm should rear animals whose waste can be converted as manure….. farming when practiced as a life process can produce quality foods..foods produced in factories can never be healthy and only feasible when land is dead ….at that point we can do nothing….but nonetheless the future of farming is very bleak…

  24. I just came here because I would like to say that while they raised some important issues in this video, the solutions they portrayed are not at all solutions. I'm a student of Agroecology in university so I can say with some property that organic farming as it was portrayed here does not at all changes how we produce and distribute food, it's only difference from conventional agriculture is that it ceases to use chemicals. This is a problem, as is the very system of food production that it keeps that must be replaced in order for meaning change to happen. We need a much more deep and complex change. A system change. Organic farming is not that! It still has a high degree of machinery use (and so fossil fuel), water usage and outside input (for example the manure he talks about in the video, where is this coming from? Organic agriculture does not adress that) usage. It doesn't get better with hydroponics.
    So no, this is NOT the future of farming, because if it is, funnily, it will not be on longer future. As those two kinds of farming portrayed do not address the reasons why we are in the situation of climate change in the first place and so it cannot sustain life in the planet on a long-term.
    So we actually need a cultural and spiritual change, a fundamental change in the way humanity understands itself and see its place in this world and our interactions with it. To begin with, I recommend a read on Permaculture.

  25. Geoengineering weather modification needs to be stopped or chemtrails , or solar radiation management . Or nothing will grow at all. Manure is awesome. Keep plowing and spreading manure. Climate change is geoengineering weather modification done by the government's.

  26. Nice video, however, I feel that we also need to address to issue of over population. Have children, just slow down. Too many mouths to feed and not enough resources.

  27. BS Left Wing propaganda. Organic farming is less sustainable than conventional farming, as several new studies have proven. To boot the amount of nutrients in organic food is not any more than conventional farming. The only thing we need to move away from is pesticide use. I hate the big farm model as much as the next man as a small scale farmer, but organic farming is not the answer. In fact its going to cause billions of people to starve within the next fifteen years. How? Governments are going to mandate all farming to be organic, which will make those of us who have spent our lives farming rich, but those of you who cannot grow food, well, a lot of you are going to starve.

    And, those of you who have not farmed =will= starve. You will find that growing food is extremely difficult, both conventionally and organically, believe me I do both and have done both. I farm certain crops organically, like strawberries, but other crops it just isn't feasible to do.

    You best reread the Georgia Guide Stones. That is the population level the elite want. There are far too many "useless eaters" out here, after all. You have roughly 15 years to prepare for this. I am not kidding I am a farmer but I also have a masters degree in mathematics and taught at university. I know the plan. I have been warned.

  28. 5:48
    "Feeding the future will require us to grow a lot more food"
    Wrong, we already produce enough plants to feed over 10 billion humans, the problem is that we use that to feed animals we eat and that we waste food.

  29. Biodynamic Agriculture is the future. Mark my words. The Ancient wisdom is coming back!
    People are finally waking up! You don't even need cow manure, the worms eat the food/scraps and they shit the best compost in the world for our plants!

  30. there was , there is and there always will be climate change on this earth u fking retards. if you think we can steer the temperature of the earth by controlling 3% of 0,038% of carbondioxide you lost controll over your mind. what about volcanos? what about the sun? what about other factors? this is a political campaign to controll and consolidate economy and controll humanity by taxation u fking morons. NWO!

  31. Humanity will be fine if everyone learns to eat one meal a day! Time to actually live like a yogi instead of practice fake multiculturalism white America!

  32. We all need to get real with this "organic farming" circle jerk. Industrial farming has nearly ended world hunger.
    I think organif farming is much more practical in places like California where you can grow crops year round.

  33. You know we could just limit population growth, then we wouldn't need so much food and the farland could replenish itself more easily while slowly learning how to make it completely sustainable.

  34. So grow food using permaculture techniques like we did centuries ago lol ok great glad you guys figured out what us homesteaders already knew

  35. necessity first, economics second. Nature has rules for all life. people seem to think they should get a reward for not destroying the Earth. To push this idea organized crime entities invented a problem and then gave their project a name waiting for people to blame it instead of the world elites.   Great farming family. Doing half of what nature demands if better than none. All life has cycles. Learn them and use them as nature intended. Food and water shortages are not in our future for a few hundred years.

  36. Climate change is a LIE. Mankind are not increasing global temperatures but while we're on the subject, tell me why the name changed from Global Warming to Climate Change?

  37. I really LOVE farmes that go for sustainable farming like organic or even permaculture.

    One question: what exactly are you tipping over your salad at the beginning?
    It really did look very american. No offence.
    It is just e little funny seeing you talking about sustainable farming while tipping that ready-made sauce in a plastic tube over your organic salad. 😀

    I hope this will be taken with humor. Because i really appreciate when farmers fo organic.

    I mean plasticiser do reduce sperm production and raise infertility assumedly.

  38. Both farmers and ranchers work extremely hard to put food on "everyone's" tables! I was born a farmers daughter, and farming was what I was doing to make a living supporting two boys after my first, very unfaithful husband left! I ended up re-marrying , and my current husband of 27 years, is a 4th generation rancher. Because of my love of animals, I prefer ranching, but there are some moments when I miss certain aspects of farming.

    That being said, I saw the thumbnail for this video and only stopped to say very emphatically… "There is NO SUCH THING" as GLOBAL WARMING!!!!! We have all been "fed" this by the globalists around the world. They know what is really going on, and what has been happening, and the major event that is about to happen which is causing all of this crazy weather, that is beginning to increase and will continue to do so… is a planet system that is re-entering our solar system… which will then pass back out on its elliptical orbit, to never return for another 3,600 years!!

    These catastrophic events were recorded globally, in historical writings, around the time of the Biblical exodus, and was predicted in the Bible to come back at the end of days. Revelation in the Bible, calls this planet "Wormwood", and YES it is causing the planet to heat up because the gravitational pull on earths core and other planets in our solar system are effected by it! This by the way, was written about in newspapers and magazines since the 1940's and I have read several of them. But they stopped talking about it in the late 1970's because they didn't want the expendable people…. like us regular folks, to know what was about to happen.

    Ask yourself this: Why on earth in 2017 was there a record amount of ice build-up in Antarctica? The oceans are warming BENEATH the surface, not in our atmosphere "caused by man". And yes, ice sheets are melting due to this, but from under the surface where man cannot affect it!!!

    The globalists (Cabal, Illuminati, deep state, elite) …. basically the Rockefellers, Bilderbergers, royal family in England, and those 13 families who have worked diligently behind the scenes for the past thousands of years, want YOU to believe that YOU caused the earth to heat up, so they could quietly steal your money to "help global warming"…. using billions of tax dollars to build D.U.M.B.S. under the earths surface… so when this planet reaches its closest point to earth, THEY can live comfortably underground in huge, cities!

    THEY know the coastlines of our continents will flood nearly 100 miles inland!! Which is why the CIA headquarters was relocated to Denver, Colorado! Why the Vatican closed up its VAST library and moved it to a "safe" location, and why so many major institutions have been moved to the central United States. Also ask yourself about these "seed vaults" which contain EVERY variety of seed a person could think of on earth, is being stored so carefully. THEY… want to be able to go back to normal, after you and I "John Q public" are dead ! THEY want and are looking forward to a population reduction… check out the Georgia guide stones!! — Nobody knows who put them up, and talk about being politically incorrect and racist…. they announce in several languages that they want to reduce the earths population drastically!!

    Here is the good part! The Bible which is 100% accurate, tells US that these underground cities that these globalists have built, will NOT save them from Gods wrath that will be poured out on the earth (Wormwood/Planet X/Nibiru/ Zena)-Whatever you want to call it, causes! It describes a time when men will actually call out for the mountains to fall ON THEM, because they are in such terror!

    Those who know Christ, and trust in Him, the Bible is very clear that they will be removed from the earth prior to this last 7 year period! Know Christ… know peace!—–No Christ… NO peace!

  39. Organic farming is nice, it is the way my family farmed when I was a child. The problem with that is it takes a tremendous amount of physical labor, therefore, limiting production. I do not believe in climate change as something new the earth has and always will continue to change. You are right in stressing the need for increased production with world population projected to push 9 billion by 2050. The thing that bothers me most about increaseing production is the takeing out of production of our most productive soils through urbanizatoion, with absoluately no regard for future generations, all in the name of progress "greed".

  40. Living in Patagonia, where food barely grows, owing a farm, I can say that complaining and growing fake food indoors will destroy food as we know it.

  41. Tell China and 3rd world to stop having 5+ children. Stop deforestation to fuel multinational consumerism, fast fashion cheap China crap, this will help against the "climate change"

  42. Can anybody help me? I have this on-going argument with someone that if really "a vertical farming" would benefit us. He said it's just a waste profit. His look of future is kind of dumb for me you know. I want to believe that vertical farming is indeed one of the solution to the modern agriculture! But I'm quite having a trouble with the feasibility of this farming system…

    Hoping to find some answers here!
    If my explanation is quite not clear to you, feel free to ask with the reply.?

  43. The climate is not the problem, it is that farming has been taking over by large corporations (through the use of OUR pension funds and the stock market) that produce on such a large scale that SMALL FARMERS CANT MAKE A PROFIT!! It called GREED and that is why this family turned to organic farming which is actually a farming method that is good for the land.

  44. Raising cattle and animals is worse .. just cut out the animals and try vertical farming.. let the land return to the wild. Vertical farms use way less land and is by far far more efficient.

  45. Two questions for who understood the dinner scene:

    – What were they eating? (I'd like to know every ingredient)
    – What song were they singing?

  46. Never buy indoor grow food its a evil scam
    Its about home grown house and garden design
    In 10 years automated production systems in every backyard looking normal no transport storage energy costs recycle no waste water catching on the property and used close to property grey water recycling and Black Water composting back so ill go back into the garden and lawn food return to self sufficiency will be normal
    Insect harvesting for chook food and fish food
    Fish waste hydroponic systems
    Say goodbye to the front and back lawns as it's all gonna be production area

  47. OMRI – HORIZON AG PRODUCTS – HUMIC ACID – organic acids. Organic certified. 100 times better than any compost. Plus it helps uptake nutrients.

  48. At the age of climate change!? Climate change been around even when it was just dinosaurs wtf y'all talking about???? Stop thinking we humans are that important and are able to make that much impact on our ecosystem. Smh Globalist bullcrap. As time pass bye, We humans, animals & nature evolve along with our Ecosystem. Get used to it. FYI We've been farming indoor Lol smh. We are even able to stay alive on mars if we have to and grow everything we need so stop it already.

  49. pff
    ever hear about letting the land go fallow for 1 year in 7?
    I wonder if God the creator of the world knows a thing or two about farming…
    you want to build an ark before the rain? consult the one who sends the rain!

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