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Gearbox/transmission oil change (2007; Peugeot/Citroen BE4R 5-speed manual)

Gearbox/transmission oil change (2007; Peugeot/Citroen BE4R 5-speed manual)

so I’m changing the gearbox oil of my
Peugeot Partner 1.6 HDI 2007 so it would be very similar to other Peugeots and
Citroens, so first we need to get the engine quite hot on in operating
temperature chock the blocks of the wheel put a jack then crack the bolts
and the car has to be in gear and handbrake applied so first just crack
the bolts slightly, lift the car. Next thing is to remove the bolts. Of course remove the wheel. The oil filler cap is here and it is a 19mm bolt so that is the oil filler bolt and
underneath the car this here is the drain bolt and the gearbox drain oil or
here that one, so I’ll first do the oil filler bolt and then undo the drain and
drain the oil. With a bit of an extension, but let’s see this should crack
fairly easy That is the seal and the bolt. Next to unscrew
the gearbox sump bolt, so that’s 21mm bolt, let’s
see how this will go That was fairly easy actually, let me put the jar pan not jar, this can be done by hand,
probably not, yeah not, now it can be done by hand I’m too far now it’s all probably start going, sprayed
a little bit, that’s it, now we have to wait for this to drain, so the drain bolt
has got a copper washer and that’s 22 millimeter outside diameter and 16
millimeter inside diameter but it’s actually 1 mil thickness I only have
copper crusher washer that’s exactly the same diameter but it’s a lot fatter so
hopefully that will work this is 2 millimeter not 1 and yeah I’ll put
it there, hopefully will crush slightly and will make a good seal so next is to
wipe the bottom slightly and put this so so there is no torque for this bolt, but
I’ll do 25 Newton meters because it’s not that much first do 20 see how it
goes and then do 25, so first to wipe it off a bit, I mean still dripping
slightly but only very slightly and just to wipe this portion there and then
I’ll wipe the whole thing off actually just to fit the bolt
with the copper crusher so it will stop dripping and now torque it to 22 Newton meters That’s 22, slipped slightly, I need my extension. That’s 22Nm.
I’ll now wipe everything off, completely dry so I can then check if there is any leakage that will take a while to completely
clean it, so the fuel bolt it has a washer aluminum washer 22 millimeters
outside diameter 40 millimeters inside diameter thickness is 1 millimeter but
again I only really have have a washer that’s same diameters but
is slightly 2 millimeters thick that’s what was
on the internet but it should be all right
otherwise it’s one millimeter thick I don’t think it’s it’s crushed to be one
millimeter it’s just that this one millimeter because there is a
indentation where it’s being crushed by the outside has stayed, so I’ll use
the 2 millimeter aluminum washer so I’m using Total transmission gear 8
75W80 and this takes either 1.9L or 2L so I have 2 bottles of this I
don’t really have I don’t really have a convenient thing to fill it in with so
I have a syringe 100 milliliters so this will be a long process of drawing
hundred milliliters putting the back in but when this starts dripping it means that
it has been filled so it should be roughly about 1.9 liters or so as they
there will be some oil left inside so it will be probably hundred milliliters or something
we’ll be left. When this starts dripping it means the the fluid is
inside so this is the leveler kind of hole, so I will start pumping
in oil. It’s fairly viscous fluid so may require quite a bit of a
pushing so it’s going in It will be quite awhile, I can draw about 80 milliliters of
fluid, so it will be quite a while to fill everything in, so it started to
drip, so next thing is to put the bolt in, tighten it up, mop a bit after, and 22Nm, that’s it mop it up everywhere put the wheel and
so on, check for leaks and so on once once the car is running but let’s see
the fluid. So this is really the fluid from the gearbox, I mean that’s a tissue
that I’ve dropped but otherwise it’s actually not too bad, there are bits and pieces but
is not really too bad this is probably the mixture from from the old and the
new so the new has stayed on the top, is pretty transparent but at the bottom is
quite a bit dark yeah that’s it thank you very much for watching
hopefully that was useful let me know for comments or the description of
the the newton-meters the milliliters, the washers and so on will be in the
description the video thank you very much subscribe and let me
know for any comment

3 comments on “Gearbox/transmission oil change (2007; Peugeot/Citroen BE4R 5-speed manual)

  1. Nice video, but there's no need to change gearbox oil, it's simply not subjected to the same stress as engine oil and is an unnecessary expense as the vehicle will be scrapped/sold long before it fails due to the oil alone.

    The oil is usually clear/amber even at 200-300km the fact that yours is brown/gray says more about the wear condition of your gearbox and driving style then the oil itself.

  2. I changed oil but put the new oil in through the top of the gear box. There is a fill plug just between the air intake and the battery tray. Have to take battery out and remove the tray for better access but once done much easier to fill. 1.9 litres came out as per guide

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