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GEICO’s Management Development Program

GEICO’s Management Development Program

Once you work for GEICO, Every person I’ve talked to is like, And the opportunities are there if you’re willing to take them. I love it. I actually love going to work and that’s hard for a lot of people to say. The Management Development Program is really a fast track position for you to come in entry-level into a corporate company and really in order to be a supervisor. Go into, search the “Leadership Programs,” you’ll come across the MDP program. It’s really easy to just apply online! All the other jobs, “Oh, you have to have ten years of management experience.” “You have to have, like, five years of this experience.” And I’m like, I’m brand new. Showing your adjusters that, yes, I was a field adjuster. Yes, I was successful. Yes, I know how hard you work. It’s your buy-in to know that you’re there to help them and support them. They don’t just drop you in there. They train you. They nurture you. And the amount of nurturing I have received is amazing. My best experience with the Management Development Program has definitely been the opportunity to other associates. As Regional Coordinator, I fail if I do not make you successful. So, I will do everything in my power to provide the support, guidance, mentoring, coaching. They really set you up for success and teach you additional things as a leader that you need to know to be successful in the company. They give you the technical knowledge, as well as the leadership skills, and they prepare you to be a supervisor faster than other companies out there. So, combining what I learned in school with what GEICO teaches me really sets you up for success to be able to effectively coach, mentor, and improve the performance of your associates. The job is fun every day! You never know what’s gonna happen! Just walking around, you’re, it’s just happy and fun and energetic. People are very social. People are friendly. We get together outside of work. We do 5k’s together. We do have our dinners. Managers putting tutus on or roller blades. Whatever we can do to get the associates laughing and having fun at their job. GEICO itself is a fun environment. We’re very family-oriented and there’s a here. And that just speaks to the MDP program itself, too. In 10 years, I see myself in my boss’ office, so we shouldn’t tell her that! What separates GEICO from its competition, for me, is that GEICO is always providing opportunities for its associates. Some companies you spend ten years in one job, and then, maybe, you can get promoted, but I never would have dreamed that my career would be where it is now! I see myself in management, HR, or wherever I want to go. There’s so many jobs and so many different supervisor and management roles that you’re always given the opportunity to choose what you want to do and what you succeed at. So that is why I chose GEICO because that opportunity to grow here if you work hard enough.

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