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George the Poet on Climate Change

(GASPS) (BIRDSONG) A paradigm shift is a change
in common sense, but how do you go about
rearranging common sense? Especially with years of research
and journalism making the conversation long and dense. Well, sense isn’t something
to try and enforce. It should be kind of endorsed
by a reliable source. And in the case of climate change, a good place to start would be science,
of course. Now, you remember science from school,
an essential subject? Well, let’s consider its standing
in the general public. Our scientists are in a position to advise us
on some of our biggest decisions. And it’s probably in our interest
to listen, but also to invite others
to witness the vision. The first way to do that
is tobe the vision. (DING) Through your lifestyle choices,
you can lead the mission, bring the future to your present
when it seems a bit distant. The cleanest existence
is green and efficient. And you haven’t really played your part until your lifestyle reflects
a change of heart. It’s a continuous process –
I’m still working on it myself – but technology plays a major part. I’m trying to play my part as an artist, but all I do is write verses
and harmonise melodies, now… The point of us working together on this is that one ofyou knows how
to decarbonise energy. So ifyou could consider that
when makingyour plans, I’m happy to leave it
in your capable hands. This is the solution
governmentcan’t offer – ground-level collaboration. Doesn’t it sound better than
“having patience”? Instead of sleep-walking into
the governance trap, using our imagination
to take initiative as a nation. (CHEERING) Which involves looking at
our economic ambitions to ensure that, as well asearning ourselves more
andbanking ourselves more, we’re actually doing things
we’rethanking ourselves for in the long run. Cos a lucrative plan is a smart one, but a sustainable plan is a strong one. (BIRDSONG) Closed captions by Access Subtitling

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