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GES – Career Advancement

oh Thank you My name is Stephanie Pacheco McRae and I’m a member of the Denver women’s commission. I would like to spend a moment Introducing you to our first topic of the day career advancement Career Advancement is the ability of an employee to reach higher levels of responsibility and compensation this is commonly achieved through training and development and access to opportunities both before and after one secures employment Although there are many different avenues for moving ahead and may depend on the type of work you do we know that Advancement requires a mix of hard skills like academic or technical skills as well as Softer skills like Communication and Teamwork Moving ahead also requires access to on-the-job experiences that expand one skills It also can depend on having a good network or mentors to help open doors The abilities for women to Advance in their careers really does matter first of all it matters to the women and their families financially secondly it matters to an individual sense of fulfillment and satisfaction and Finally it matters to the organization’s where women work since developing a workforce is a major way for organizations to grow But the situation women face is not, so positive when it comes to advancement Women are underrepresented in Education and training programs that lead to better paying jobs When in jobs women are promoted less often than men? We heard from Dr.. Jan Del Ellen Davis today when she shared the statistics and it’s clear that fewer women than men ever find their way into senior leadership positions and This situation has not changed in the past 25 Years Some of the major barriers to women being able to advance are due to organization structures and practices that benefit men more than women for example Women don’t get as many choice work assignments that lead to advancement Women don’t tend to self-Advocate as much as men Including negotiating for raises and opportunities, and when they do men tend to fare better in those negotiations the cost and responsibility of childcare along with family related factors limit woman’s ability to access Career Advancement opportunities However, there are some proven ways to help reverse this situation Such as one provide more training and development options for women that sit within the demands of family obligations to strengthen mentoring opportunities for women and three create greater transparency in organizational Data about compensation and Advancement, so Everyone can see and understand. What is going on as it relates to ensuring equity for women and for Create accountability for managers to provide greater equity of opportunity for women Thank you we now have a distinguished panel of People who have actually been dealing with these issues of career advancement in their own places of authority and responsibilities? Each of them will be sharing with you some successful strategies that they have used So please join me in welcoming our panel to the stage Mayor Michael Hancock Ron Leblanc of the City of Durango Mark Martha burk who has joined us from Albuquerque, New Mexico Louise Maryland from the Women’s Foundation of Colorado Leslie Peabody from Goodwill Industries of Denver and Shadonna Sulfon from the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce So how the panel is going to work is I’m going to ask each member of the panel a specific question They will then have three minutes To respond to that question. We’ll go through each of the six panelists except there went my questions. Oh Good Thank you very much All right, then we will I believe we’ll have time to actually open it up to you to add additional comments of themes that you might hear during the panel so as you’re listening to each person take their Specific notions, but see if they’re in fact some things that go across Each of the kinds of strategies that they’ve used All right, Mayor Hancock What are some of the new policies or government services that have the greatest potential for? supporting women’s Career Advancement I Think first and foremost. We need to make sure we take a comprehensive approach to addressing the advancement of women I’m very proud of fact that we are one the first state in the country to approve a Sales tax to support access to quality early childhood education for all four-Year-Olds in the city of Denver and today yeah And we did that 10 years ago And then we reauthorized that last november and not only are we able now to provide access to early tragic education for all Four-Year-olds we are now reaching to three-Year-olds And we’re making it year round and so one of the barriers of course to advance an opportunity for women is of course Kal care and lack thereof and quality childcare in particular, so Making sure we kind of deal effectively with that various first and infirm or foremost secondly I think it’s important that we make sure that women have access to decent affordable housing That women have access to mobility options And so we are really focused on those areas as quality as top priorities in the city of Denver to make sure That you know I think for all of us but in women particularly if you have a sense of peace that one your child is okay to you have a Safe roof over your head and thirdly you have affordable options to help you get to and from You know the the job the education site to healthcare to the doctor to groceries? Those things are critical and paramount to the quality of life and so as a city we’ve been promoting those those issues And then finally let me just say that I’m proud to work for a city that has 11,000 City Employees and today if you look across our departments you’ll find police commanders, you’ll find Deputy chiefs of this department the City attorney who is only the second woman in the City’s history to be appointed to that position You’ll find the care in the park or in charge of our hr. Saying we can’t change How we recruit and bring about the innovations necessary to make sure we have equity across our city Those are the things I think necessary where we kind of model What is appropriate and what is right to create and to to demonstrate equity throughout our system? I’m proud to be a part of that system in the city of Denver. Thank you very much Mayor hancock I’m just going to underline one thing. You said before we move on which is everything you mentioned about early childhood education Both for four-Year-olds and three-year-olds for everything we’ve learned about brain development and nervous system development If kids don’t have that support at the beginning the ketchup is nearly impossible Thank you next I’d like to turn to Shadonna Sol pan and if you would please share with us some of the things that You’ve found as useful strategies for assisting native American women with their career advancement sure Thank you first off for the opportunity to speak today And I’d also like to highlight, and thank our leadership Mayor hancock for putting the resources behind making these types of diversity events happen So with that being said you know there are a number of different things first off you have to take accountability and Understand that you really are Driving your future and your goal and You have to be the person that decides that I think all of us at some point in time throughout our career Have come across people that don’t agree with us or maybe want to see you do well But not better than them, so you kind of have to Make sure that you understand what your goals are and that you are in charge of reaching those goals The very next thing and one of the things that we do as a recce Indian chamber is we drive resources to benefit American Indian communities and part of that focus is Entrepreneurship, but a big component of that is career advancement So we are helping American Indians across the board advance throughout their career So this is very important to us and so we always tell those people that come into the chamber that I come in contact with One of the best resources that you can do is to get a mentor? And not just one get several mentors now ladies We all appreciate that one girlfriend and the group that will keep it real with you And those shoot it to you straight, and say those shoes are fierce, but your lip liners a little off You know those types of mentors and not necessarily just women in your career field you also need to seek out men you need to be able to seek out those people that can understand and cheer for you And know what your goals? Long-term are but can also give you that candid feedback of maybe when you’re not going down the right path Or maybe there are other opportunities We also encourage when you’re looking for mentors to make sure you get someone that’s connected And they’re constantly going to think of you when those opportunities, arise So when there’s a nomination to sit on a panel and talk about career advancement your male mentor will pick up the phone and say Shabana I’ve got Kim Desmond here. I thought of you you need to go participate in that event so that is something That’s super super important. So get those mentors. You can seek those out through Networking organizations like chambers you can get those through Greek organizations I know
I’m a member of alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority incorporated So seek out those greek organizations where you can find like-minded people that? Participated and are going to believe in your future and push you toward those goals Cidade I’m just going to ask you one follow-up question because mentorship is so important I’m sure in the native American community just like in my community there are some women whose self-esteem Makes it very difficult for them to take the first step to ask someone to be the mentor Do you have a couple of examples of exactly how you coach someone? Who’s a little bit too nervous to Approach someone about being a mentor sure and I think within native culture just being like American Indian and grown up in a traditional home First we’re taught to give before you receive and so I always make it a point to highlight the positives or to acknowledge the intent behind their actions Before I offer some counseling to correct behavior or suggestions to Amend behavior I think that makes if you really emphasize that your intent is and you Understand and you understand that their intent is to get to a better place And you acknowledge that it makes it a little easier for your mentor to say no listen you Probably don’t need to implement that strategy or maybe you’ve been headed down the wrong path. Let’s turn it in a different direction Thank you Next we’ll hear from the City manager of Durango Ron Leblanc The question my question to you ron, how can organizations? best help women move into more executive and management roles Thank you. I think I bonded with the mayor. He told me my lip liner is a little off I feel a little self-conscious at the moment I think when you’re in a position as city manager or mayor you you have to follow quite a few state and federal laws and All the statistics we’ve been hearing today Indicate that we have a long way to go and one of the things that we’ve attempted to do in Durango is create organizational values The people who are making the decisions in the organization? to promote and select people to enter our organization need to share common values and That’s been very successful and particularly when it comes to to finding a career path for women and I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of very talented women and our Executive team at the City is a majority of women and then we have a core team that is horizontal throughout the organization And they have a majority of women I’ve had an unusual career where I’ve worked with more women Mayor’s Than men and in fact I’ve also worked with a majority council of women at one point in my career But in finding those career paths, I think we have to open up our eyes to other opportunities that are not traditional We look at the entry points to the organization for leadership that may not be traditional so when we hire through an assessment center a variety of people we look at their potential for leadership positions and how they could move up they may not be the best person for that entry-level position because they don’t have Experience, and we find that many women who come into the organization have May not have the experience that we would like to see they may have stepped out of the Workforce To have family or they may not have had the opportunities to go to college So when we give them that opportunity we have to provide mentorship and guidance but with these community with the organizational values It’s not just the city manager or the City manager’s office. It’s the entire organization That’s guiding their careers. So we’re very fortunate and drangle that we were able to do this and thank you for the opportunity I’m going to ask you one question you emphasize the importance of the organizational values Could you just give us one or two examples of how you instill those values in the organization? Sure, I’d be happy to in fact tomorrow. We have two days training in Communication some of our values are very common sense respect is going to highlight and teamwork If you don’t have respect in your organization, you’re not going to have progress in terms of making the organization more open and – afterall Doing the right thing is Doing the right thing when no one is looking so we stress ethics, and we stress core values Thank you. Bye And next leslie peabody from Goodwill What are the best strategies that enable women felons to re-enter the Workforce and succeed I? think that’s a great question and Specifically the an succeed part is I think what’s so important, especially with our community We already have a justice system of correctional facilities that are already there where people Are there in order to serve their time they’ve already made the mistake And I think what happens especially around employment Is that we continue to make them serve their time even 10 20 years after that? Offense and so I think it’s really important especially of leaders and if we are in that Space or we’re in that doorway kind of what he was saying to bring people into your organization It’s really important for us to question Exactly what? what from a background is actually I would say aligned to that position in lieu of Because someone has the felon they are not employable at this organization or at this company really speak to and kind of question your own Policies and especially your your job titles, I think for Women in particular they have a hard time especially because they are going into retail or healthcare Industries which more times than not you? Your background will be checked, but again. I think as a community we Really need to start questioning some of that especially within your organization’s Thank you very much, and I think goodwill has a great track record in terms of employing felons particularly women What do you believe that Goodwill would willing to offer services to other organizations here who might like to? Bring that as a part of the employment practices definitely definitely. I am sitting right over here So yeah, if you have any questions, or want to connect with in partnerships. I want to also add One thing that goodwill have used is a matrix so depending upon the offense or exactly how many years it’s been since that offense that will actually determine what type of position You can apply for a goodwill, and we also have an appeal system I think it’s really important to see what people are what individuals are already putting in place in order to become a viable or a true person within the community Thank you so much. Thank you And next we’re honored to have Martha burke who consults on these issues in New Mexico with both the City and state How can we use? Contracting and procurement as a vehicle for creating greater pay equity for women in local government Thanks for asking there First of all I want to extend the question a bit we can use it to increase pay equity for women in local governments the contracting and procuring process But more importantly we can use it to increase pay equity for women in those communities the Mayor mentioned earlier that the City of Denver has already done a gender pay equity study And there is no pay gap between women and men in Denver and thank you Mayor That’s a first step because before you can ask a contractor to do something that they might not want to do You have to have the shall. We say the moral standing. So you have to as leaders in the cities and other procurement entities you have to study your own workforce and say we did it and Here are our gender pay gaps and here’s what we’re doing to remedy them if you have them So what we did in Albuquerque, and it was a first-in-the-nation Initiative we went Beyond Telling the contractors. Gee we’d like you to pay women and men the same we Decided that if you want a contract with the city of Albuquerque In the bidding process you’ve got to tell us how you pay women and how you pay men and if you are approaching Equity in your pay in the job categories that and they’re mandatory categories to be reported Then you are certified as Gender pay equity Compliance and we will give you a five percent premium on the bid So we did take a carrot approach rather than a stick approach now We got a lot of blowback here. You know what they say is that? Pioneers get shot in the back and settlers come in and take the land so we’re trying to take those arrows in the back and those bullets and help other Entities other governments, and I’m so glad to see so many mayors here because it can be done And I do have to add it is a bipartisan issue. I’ve never met a republican woman or a Democratic woman that said no, I don’t want to be paid equally Our mayor’s office is Nonpartisan But he is by identification and republican I’m a pretty well-known D We don’t agree on everything, but we do agree on this and this is how we work together to achieve this did we get a lot of blowback from business a Little but usually they just look at it and say One more thing we have to do now What are we finding some gender gaps as high as 40 percent? Ladies and gentlemen while that is an incentive because right there it’s against the law which we do remind to love oh I Never played basketball, but I now know what it’s like to have a shot clock in my face Iii don’t want to run over time, but I will say there are a lot of details about starting something like this But we have shown and are continuing to show that it can be done It takes everybody in a room like this it takes leadership first of all the people at the top have to be dedicated to it It takes good staffing it takes advocates because if the advocates in this room hadn’t been preaching For 25 years on Gender pay equity the leader might have said what is that? Where you talking about aren’t women equal to men the answer is no, but we’re moving ahead as fast as we can run Thank you. Thank you And just a very quick follow-up, Martha You focused of course on this in government Contracting but each of the examples you gave of how it works would equally work in the private sector right so an organization Could push it upstream in terms of their commitment to pay equity equally as well absolutely in the private sector And I do consult with some pretty large companies who want to take a look at their own gender pay equity? And require that of entities Downstream that they do business with first of course they’ve got to show leadership, and they’re willing to do that I will have to say that these would be the remarks that were made on video before this session started what we are finding is that the more women on the boards of corporations that are doing business in our city and state the closer they are to gender pay equity The more women on the boards the I am also I serve as the money editor for MS. Magazine and We did a short study of women ceos few though. They are in the fortune 500 and the companies with women ceos are also closer to Parity on their boards, so it all counts makes sense. Thank you And we’re very fortunate to have with us louise Merlin who will address a different part of the issue? clearly there are many professions that have many fewer women enter them to begin with So my question to you louise is what are the most successful ways to encourage girls and young women? To enter the stem professions the science technology engineering and math Thank you so much for the opportunity to respond to this question today. It’s one of the utmost importance for Ensuring that we are improving Gender Equity in stem professions How do we counter the many many messages that are subtle and many times not so subtle that signal to? Girls and young women that they don’t belong in these fields well thankfully though. We have a lot of work to do There are many proven effective strategies, and it begins with ensuring that girls and young women Have the opportunity to build their interest confidence in core skills in stem To build interest there are ways that we all can play a role in helping girls and young women connect them to their everyday experiences to help them understand and really build their natural curiosity about the world that surrounds them and that they are a part of To build confidence in sense it is important for girls and young women To see people like them leading in these fields the opportunities to connect with mentors and role models in a variety of ways are absolutely essential whether that’s participating in a career day at school or Opening up your company for classrooms of visitors to come see stem professionals at work It’s essential that girls and young women Have these opportunities and are encouraged to take them to interact with women professionals from diverse backgrounds to show every girl and young woman that stem is a place where they can be successful and to Build core skills It’s essential that girls have the opportunity To get out there and do it to try to have hands-on learning experiences to pursue answers to the questions that they are curious about and most importantly they need to be able to try and fail and To learn that failure is a part of the path to success Girls and young women need to be encouraged to try and fail and try again and keep trying and trying And trying to develop that growth Mindset The notion that we are not born with a certain level of abilities or intelligence but that by trying and practicing and doing and doing again and again, we have the opportunity to build skills and abilities in to pursue greater levels of success Thank you very much for the quick Follow-up the movie hidden figures has been such a phenomenon across the Country And I’m curious if you have any experience or ideas about the use of video the use of stories as a way to make it More feasible to young women and girls that they can enter what seemed like daunting careers That’s a great follow up, and yes Hidden figures is one of many films displaying the many ways that women really are Successful in stem I’m thrilled that women’s Foundation, Colorado has the opportunity to Invite Octavia Spencer one of the stars of hidden figures to our annual luncheon so we will be inviting her to tell her own story and to really draw out and the stories of the unsung heroes of Women in stem And I’d also like to offer to everyone here today some resources Available through the women’s foundation to help tell more of these stories We have a comprehensive resource guide for Community members Families and educators to really put strategies into action to encourage girls and young women to pursue their passions in stem this guide This is what some looks like is available on our website And that’s where you can also find resources for employers to prove Gender equity in some industries from the Workforce perspective Please take a look at WFC org Thank you very much

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