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100 comments on “Grisham: The fact Trump did nothing wrong won’t change

  1. Hey we had to fight the Democrats once to free the slaves that they were keeping on chains ain't that right Joe Biden and I guess we'll just have to kick the s*** out of him again to straighten out this country the Democratic slave owners

  2. Once gain, the goal posts move. In the public hearings next week, you see a bunch of slimy Republicans cross examine the witnesses. I'll crack a beer and heat up some popcorn to watch these poor bastards make fools of themselves. Lets hope it will end this criminal administration once and for all. MAGA go home.

  3. Dem. should ask themselves "what did you do for our country and American worker? and stop following the world of communist" please

  4. EVERYBODY IS LYING 🤥 ON TRUMP AND MAKING THINGS UP BECAUSE THEY DONT LIKE HIM…. this is the argument you guys going with … just say everything is a lie and blame another person smh

  5. Your prez is a lawless Idiot protected by Moscow Mitch McChina and a gang of trump kissing sycophants. But his days are numbered. Once the "impeach and remove" numbers hit mid 50 % his support will begin to melt away…like "snowflakes" in June.

  6. nothing wrong….except attempted bribery, obstruction, and embezzlement. (Quid pro quo, defying subpoenas, and emoluments).

  7. Trump ordered to pay $2 million to charities over misuse of charitable foundation.

    President Trump shut down his Donald J. Trump Foundation, the subject of a lawsuit alleging Trump used the charity's money for personal and political gain. A New York judge on Thursday ordered President Trump to pay $2 million in damages for misusing funds from a tax-exempt charity – taking the charity’s money to pay debts for his for-profit businesses, to boost his 2016 campaign and to buy a painting of himself, according to court documents.

    Treasonous Trump Stealing from charities, why am I not surprised?

  8. When Martha ask the same question 5 different ways like Mr. Gotcha Dicko Wallace…. and doesn't get her question answered the way she wanted …! She squints her eyes… frowns…. squinches her arse… and lets out a high pitched balloon Phart….!

  9. Amazing how sh*t stepped up when Epstein died 🤔🤔. Did Epstein leave any notes when the FBI went to his island? Now with the leak of the video of Robach saying they had the Evidence 3 years ago. 🤔🤔🤔. Like a stairway to Heaven , makes you wonder 🤔🤔🤔🤔.

  10. It wont matter because,
    The new impeachment process if allowed will impeach every future president , that doesn't bend the knee.
    Completely usurping the whole Executive branch
    That will create a DICTATORSHIP controlled by the legislative branch.
    They already control the judicial branch.
    Next they will control everything and everyone..
    This is the real goal.
    Things are way deeper than the orange man that's leaving soon either way..
    The Democrats must be held accountable.
    Attacking one citizens rights is attacking all citizens rights..
    If this is allowed.
    How long before this methode is misused like the patriot act for government officials convenience over the people..

  11. democrats are the worst in every way.i always think of all the mysterious killings or suicide of some politicians that has happened in the past and if these cases where solved i bet people like schiff and nancy know about it.also who is paying the cartels for all the drugs coming over.i bet the dems have a hand in that as well

  12. Are you sure she's a Press Secretary? She only seems to appear on Fox News and hasn't had a single press briefing since she took the job.

  13. The old refrain: Trump did nothing wrong. Why then does he hold back all the information that Congress has asked from him? What makes him say all the BS, why does he have to try to premier all his opponents, use slurs, labels, vulgarities?

  14. The fact there was a quid pro quo says otherwise. Can't wait to watch the lies flow out of fox news next week during the public hearings.

  15. the senior American diplomat in northern Syria criticized the Trump administration for failing to try harder to deter Turkey from invading northern Syria last month.

  16. You can stare at a bear, maybe even poke it, possibly throw a rock at it, but if you do it enough, the bear may attack you, and you don't want to get attacked by a bear.

  17. Trump has already lost. blocking a federal investigation is impeachable full stop✋it dosent matter what anybodys opinion of it may be.

  18. Trump's a crook. Been crooked his whole life. Loves Russia more than America. 2 Russian wives, constantly bowing down to Putin. Gave Syria to Russia. Let Russia beat up on Ukraine, while he held back aid.Trump's a communist. If you support him, what's that make you? So go to hell with the left, and socialist BS. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸DUMP TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. Donald Trump never did anything wrong, but everybody else always wrong. Donald Trump never said anything wrong even when he's on tape mocking an handicap person, even when he's on tape disrespecting war heroes like John McCain and others who served and gave their lives for the service of the country. We hold children at a higher standard than Donald Trump. SAD!

  20. Except… He did do something wrong. Just because you don't want to admit it doesn't make what he did right. We cannot defend Trump so we're just ignoring evidence now? That isn't good enough. I am so disgusted with how many Americans will literally just write this off and ignore testimonies from actual Americans. I don't buy this whole 'Never Trumper' attempt at discrediting actual Patriots who have devoted their lives to this country. How far our Republican party has fallen. Disgraceful.

  21. "You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
    – Adrian Rogers
    You see… The problem with SOCIALISM is that you eventually run out of everyone else's money !"

  22. Listen too this Blonde Reporter trying too put words in this Lady with Black here Mouth..What a Disgrace Leftist this Blonde is on Fox 🦊 news

  23. Grisham is another filthy Trump turd. She comes from the same box as Sanders and Conway. Disgusting people who lie for money and power. Nothing here can be believed. She will say anything she is told, to save her seat on the Trump gravy train. Fox News is an insult to good American everywhere. Putin is laughing his head off.

  24. Trump did nothing wrong? That’s the only defense if you’re a Trump supporter these days. Just don’t acknowledge what’s happening, play stupid, stay away from any news and ull be fine. If you don’t see or hear about bad things then they didn’t happen. That’s the Trump fan way😂

  25. As an angry middle aged white male I think I can speak for all of us when I say I am so sick of what these Dems are doing Trump. All the followers of Donald Trump's gospel voted for him fair and square! His crimes if he even commited any he didn't are the people's will!!! They are jesus's will!!

  26. I don’t know how this woman even trusts main stream media but she did well to just say nope not answering that one either. Use alternative or the guardian or something. Fox is too biased.

  27. The socialist Democratic party will stop at nothing to start false rumors.. Even as low as protesting the first lady for helping children in our own country.. They will never grow up I guess. And that's a good thing because they are showing everyone their asses.. They will definatly lose the house and the Senate will remain conservative… Yes indeed.. Keep up the good work protesters. Show your asses

  28. Well at least Grisham appears to be sober…I’m sure all the ladies at fox are keeping a close eye on their purses so the Trump swamp queen convicted thief doesn’t steal them, trump sure gets the best people…she is an absolute moron

  29. When Trump's personal lawyer, hires 3 lawyers you know that it's as about as real and serious as it gets.
    There was obviously a whole lot of wrong going on That's just obvious. One lawyer hires 3 lawyers. You know exactly what you need to know about it all. It's real and serious on a whole next level

  30. It's kind of odd how much The New York Times and The Washington Post are quoted in the media, considering how disreputable they both have been proven to be. It's almost as if they're the only two newspapers left in the entire United States, or at least for those on TV.

  31. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the whole military aid to Ukraine a political leverage in the first place?
    A political leverage that was set up by Obama administration for quid pro quo purposes.
    For Obama did not set up the military aid out of kindness. No. It was set up to make the democrats look good, and it was assumed by Obama administration that the aid package would pay off in future, in favors returned.
    And trust me, if Hillary had won presidency, she would be milking Ukraine dry right now, quid pro quo, re that military aid.
    Anyways, what this means is that president Trump did not set up this scheme as democrats claim. He merely tapped into a established quid pro quo -pipeline that Obama administration had set up between USA and Ukraine.
    Also, it should be pointed out that your democrats are using the military aid to Ukraine as political leverage right now. For they are asking Ukraine to testify against Trump in exchange for continuing military support. So, basically, they are committing the very same quid pro quo crime that they are accusing Trump of.

  32. For some reason, the last few days, in Fox news videos, the image and voice are out of synch. Example, I'm watching Fox News Channel, today, 9:19 ET. Every segment of the program video is out of synch. Had anyone else noticed it? I'm near San Francisco.

  33. why is it all of the representatives that represent this either from blue states and why is it that the rest of us can't have a say in things that is cracked the laws are made up by the blue people and everything else everything from California is always right in the rest of America is wrong that is crazy

  34. No matter who runs against President and the schemes to bring down the President, the President wins and successful for USA economics.

    Martha was asking RNC questions or DNC question's?
    Look's Stephanie Grisham know the media well and sticks to her red line's. No tresspassing and take no bait of media. Hmmm spokesperson. Ahan.

  35. All right let's talk about the fact I said fact Trump misappropriated money from his bogus Trump foundation. And has to pay 2 million dollar fine. But that's going to be poo pooed away by the wakjob right. Trump is a crook.

  36. Bolton was not at Capital Hill jet, "we have concerns about National security issues".
    That is the main problem: Mr. Trump has no concern at all, about officials e.g. the US-ambassador in Ukraine, conflicting with his unofficial contacts by R. Giulliani and friends to form a seperate and hidden by-pass of desinformation.

  37. Oh wow…
    The person who calls trump a genius is allowed to speak here…😝
    I’m guessing that explains a few things 😝

  38. Criminal cheat Trump ordered to pay $2 Million In charity ethics
    lawsuit.The “self-dealing” Trump Foundation was shuttered last year after the New York state attorney general sued.Turns out that the Trump Crime Family took in donations for US veterans and USED IT AS A PERSONAL PIGGY BANK. LOCK HIM UP!

  39. That’s right nothing going to change. Cause the evil wicked democrats don’t want to go by the laws. They think they’re above everybody is what they think

  40. Trump withheld bipartisan military aid funds until Ukraine agreed to investigate his (most likely) 2020 presidential rival. This isn't a left vs right, liberal vs conservative, or Dems or Republican issue. Republican should still be in the White House but Trump needs to be removed for this egregious abuse of power

  41. Maynunal, your ignorance is disturbing . Where do you get your information from Crap News Network? How much research do you do before you malign someone?

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