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Habits That Will Change Your Life – MORNING MOTIVATION

Habits That Will Change Your Life – MORNING MOTIVATION

almost everything you do from the time you get up in the morning is habit so start to think about yourselves what would be the best habits to have a starting ritual is a repeated behavior that you adopt in order to trigger a new habit when you wake up in the morning say thank you for grace thank you for love thank you for kindness thank you for prosperity say thank you in advance for what’s already yours the secret of success is determined by your daily agenda what you want to be tomorrow you’ve got to do today life goals yearly goals monthly goals daily goals and understand that to achieve these goals you must apply discipline and consistency in order to achieve your goals you must apply discipline which you are already done and consistency every day not just one Tuesday and miss a few days you have to work at it every day you have to plan working really hard is what successful people do your footprints to success are really footprints of success because every step that is made and taken based upon the goals that you have for your life every step is the progressive realization of success in your life good habits are hard to form and easy to live with bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with so the rule is form good habits and make them your masters habits come down to one golden rule and that’s this you can never change the things that trigger you you can’t control your urges or how you might feel but you can always choose how you behave if you want to break a habit once you have a habit it’s always going to be encoded in your brain the only way that you can break it is to replace it with new behavior this means when you go to sleep at night think about your goals for the coming day make a list for each day of all the goals the little goals you’re going to accomplish that day keep a journal and write down your goals on a regular basis you see you do become what you think about most of the time you do achieve what you think about most of the time so all successful people and all wealthy people think about their goals most of the time the things that get scheduled are the things that get done and vague goals lead to beg results never noticed how hard it is to just get started how hard it is to get to the gym how hard it is to get out of bed you need activation energy to start the chain to start to sit down to start to get out of bed to start to walk out the door that’s the key to creating any kind of change this activation energy inside of you that causes the initial goal and then what do we hear over time once you start there’s a chain reaction and that allows you to keep going self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do when you should do it whether you feel like it or not you see anybody can do it if they feel like it’s when you don’t feel like it and you do it anyway that you eventually develop the self-discipline that makes everything else possible discipline is not punishment it’s not discipline is training if you change your mind your mindset and really focus it on what discipline really is you start to welcome discipline you welcome self-discipline into your life you’re not only gonna blow up the system in your head and the tricks that your brain uses to stop you right now you’re going to shake up your entire life discipline is your best friend it will take care of you like nothing else can remember just because you’re doing a lot more doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more done don’t confuse movement with progress when we do live in a world where there is such a fascination with entertainment and now when everyone loves pretty pictures and it’s really easy to spend the best hour of your best days looking at what your friends are doing and I’m suggesting to you you think like a student because you’re watching this mastery session because something deep within you wants you to be the master of your game and here’s the thing about every master every master thinks like a beginner they’re always loading anything you want good you can have so claim it work hard to get it don’t just aspire to make a living aspire to make a difference make today count [Music] you run around with losers you will end up a loser unconsciously [Music] unconsciously you will pick up their wage you’ll pick up their habits you’ll pick up most importantly their attitude about life if you around cynical negative people all the time you will become cynical and negative so you got to watch yourself many of us are living out the lives of other people living out their conclusions living out of their consciousness the other thing is that you begin to look at looking at your life and looking at what it is that you want to achieve another crucial thing that you must do is align yourself with powerful people [Music] align yourself with people that can encourage you people that can empower you people that you can learn from people that you can grow from you want to align yourself with people who think like you people who dream like you people who want more out of like people that are stretching and searching and seeking some higher ground in life [Music] see it’s easy to be on the bottom it doesn’t take any effort a bit loser doesn’t take any motivation any Drive in order to stay down there in a low level but it calls on everything in you ladies and gentlemen you have to harness your will to say I’m going to challenge myself sometimes I have to pull myself out of bed to come on less things I know I should do I don’t do things I shouldn’t do I do I found that the biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself [Music] we’re talking about to girl people somebody’s got to surrender you’re talking about will now you’re talking about heart now you’re not talking about physicality you’re not talking about how you look you’re not talking about how strong you are you’re not talking about how tall you are how fit you are you talking about wheel you’re talking about when you get to the point where it’s two people and somebody got to tap out before the other person taps out will hearts and so it is a mentality thing I love about Michael Jordan with Michael Jordan play Michael Jordan had the flu he still put up 38 points he played every single minute took a break and got some day to read and came back got some water came back right because he understood I got a wart this big and I can’t take a deal like if I don’t play this playoff game there might not be another playoff game and so what I need you understand when you do what you do listen to me I’m gonna talk about what you do there because what you do there has absolutely nothing to do with making that person surrender what you do there has everything to do it what time you wake up what is it that you’re doing right now that would be a liability for you as you begin to look toward the future and take inventory of yourself what is it about you right now that you’ve got to leave this behind because this no longer fists looking at where you want to go and the kind of person that you must become the kind of standards that you have for you what is it that you must do differently unless you change the way you’re thinking unless you change your behavior you’re going to continue to produce the results in your life see all of us the winners for some of us are producing results that we don’t want and so all you have to look at your game plan look at your strategy how is it that you have been B what is it that you’ve been doing to produce this so you’re the director you are the producer you’re writing the script you have a star of your life and as you begin to look at your life you can decide whether or not it’s a smash or whether or not it’s a flop that’s in your hands look at your life look at where you want to go don’t worry about your circumstances don’t worry about your age do you want to make this your decade you’ve got to start saying yes to your life you’ve got to start saying yes to your dreams yes to your unfolding future yes to your potential so you’ve got to make a conscious deliberate determined effort to say yes to your dreams why not why not me don’t spend time like most people going through life complaining use that energy to get up from there move on and get on with your life you got to learn to let the past go so you can grow many people never act on their dreams because they allow their past experiences to determine what their possibilities are whatever you’ve done in the past that’s not a reflection of your possibilities that’s just a reflection of your consciousness

22 comments on “Habits That Will Change Your Life – MORNING MOTIVATION

  1. Morning ritual is so powerful when you do it consistently. Remember, you become what you do every day! Great video! Love from a small YouTuber showing support to those who need help ♥️

  2. Habits are the roots of success. You can't achieve success without making great habits.
    Your habits are the real ladder of success. If you want to become great, you should have great habits.

  3. Amazing. I teach my viewers that regardless of how good it is that I teach you, if you don't let go of bad habits, you will accomplish nothing

  4. One habit that will definitely change your life is that of entering the present moment. You can do this by meditating, deep conscious breathing or simply by doing what you love. As you intentionally and habitually do this – You been to tap into the frequency of abundance and this makes manifesting your dream life so much eaiser. Peacw

  5. I totally agree that it’s extremely important to implement good morning habits. Here are my morning habits: morning pages (journaling), visualization, meditation, cold shower, healthy vegan breakfast.

  6. The first positive video I've seen in 15 years that has over a 1000Views with not a single "dislike"😭I'm so super happy about this!!! This is huge for me… I so appreciate this and I love the speeches in the video, I'm listening now and I love it! I Love'm!!!

  7. So many great points here! Perfect for Monday morning. Wishing everyone an extraordinary day! ✨✨✨😊

  8. Sometimes your motivation will go down, and it's ok.
    the important think is to not give up everything. Do as much as you can, meanwhile you are recuperating.

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