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Health Records

>>ANNC: I was an administrative assistant
for ten years so I’m good at organizing and managing an office. I was looking for
a job where I could still use those skills and learn new ones. I want a career in health care. Lane’s Health
Records Technology program gives me the experience I need.>>ANNC: Lane’s Health Records Technology
graduates work in one of the fastest-growing fields in the health profession. If you like
challenging work and are good with details and deadlines, the skills you learn at Lane
can help you find a good job anywhere in the country. Health Records Technology graduates greet
patients, schedule appointments and update patient charts. They handle billing, medical
coding and transcription. Students have the option of completing the program in one or
two years. You’ll see Lane’s graduates working in
doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities, even urgent care
and veterinary clinics. The Lane Health Records Technology students are also hired by insurance
companies, health maintenance organizations, law firms and health data organizations.>>STUDENT: Health care changes every day.
The Health Records Technology program gives me the training I need make a difference.
>>ANNC: Learn valuable skills in the Health
Records Technology Program at Lane Community College. Start your career here.

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