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Healthcare and Cybersecurity | Highlights from RSAC 2018

last year as you know was the worst ever
in terms of cyberattack volume nearly half of all Americans had sensitive
personal information exposed online in the same period wanna cry ransomware
spread to more than 150 countries paralyzing industries from healthcare to
hospitality and the not petty attack wreaked havoc creating one of the
costliest cyber incidents in modern history
hacking health care if you’re not familiar with this we’re deeply
concerned i mcalligator with the intersection of where bits invites me
flesh of blood for several years we grew increasingly concerned about that our
dependence on connected technology was growing much faster than our ability to
secure it it’s amazing what we can do with these connected systems but truly
as Joshua is saying we’ve been advancing a little bit farther than we’ve been
securing but now it is a real-life daily concern for parents teenagers teachers
small business owners and Beyond every facet of our society is now being
targeted and at every level individuals industries infrastructure institutions
and our international interests our estimate is 85 percent of the hospitals
in the u.s. lack a single security person on staff so once you’ve moved
that data into the cloud and you’ve you know alleviated that data gravity
problem now you have to worry about well how are people accessing that data and
that’s part of the reason why what was very much you know traditional
enterprise environments before we’re seeing a huge uptake and regulated
healthcare financial services media because they need to essentially write
those applications that way and at the same time we haven’t relaxed the
regulatory environment so you know for a healthcare customer they still need to
worry about HIPAA compliance and exposure of electronic medical records
the data classification around sense is a bigger bar than ever before
alright we’re gonna be giving you some medicine continuously through your your
IV okay this should really get you feeling better
how you feeling sir can you open your eyes sir sir the real problem is any
crisis of confidence in the public to trust these devices exotic death that
causes chief medical officers to withdraw from otherwise superior
technologies that’s the loss making matters worse the proliferation of
Internet connected devices we’ve moved from the Internet of Things to the
Internet of everything it makes our lives easier and some cases
more fun but it has also made it easier to attack us this stuff is absolutely
better but that connected technology has to be trustworthy and it’s our job to
make sure that we maintain that trust let’s change the conversation from just
a HIPAA focused compliance to talk about well what about the patient’s safety
impact cities and there’s a silver lining to both of this they’re not
mutually exclusive right you can truly have a better security posture protect
patient health information at the same time pick critical devices critical
infrastructure that will protect patient you

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