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Hey! Mike Pompeo’s Comments on Climate Change

Hey! Mike Pompeo’s Comments on Climate Change

-A UN report warned this week
that 1 million species are threatened with extinction
because of human activity — most notably
climate change. But Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo sees an upside. He said in a speech that
“steady reductions in sea ice are opening new passageways and
new opportunities for trade. This could potentially slash
the time it takes to travel between Asia and
the West by as much as 20 days.” Which brings us to a segment
we call “Hey!” ♪♪ Hey! The polar ice caps
are melting, and you’re excited
about new trade routes? That’s like being excited
that your house burned down because now you can see
your pool from the driveway. [ Laughter ] And hey, who gets excited
about new trade routes? Are you the secretary of state
or Cornelius Vanderbilt? What is this, the 1500s? Are we still looking
for new spices? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure
we found all the spices. We have a spice
called “allspice.” What, is 11 not enough
for your boss? Also… Hey! Hey! Aren’t trade routes
more of an issue for the secretary of commerce? But Wilbur Ross
looks old. He probably misses the days
when the fastest way from Asia to North America
was by land bridge. [ Laughter ] First stop
for Pangaea comedy. [ Laughter ] And hey! Hoping for a disaster
so you can make money off it isn’t a plan
for climate change. It’s literally the plot
of “The Producers.” You’re trying to pull
a Max Bialystock
on climate change. [ Singing ] It’s springtime
for everyone all of the time. [ Normal voice ]
And hey! Your boss called climate change
a Chinese hoax. Remember? You can’t just turn around
and say “It’s not a hoax, but good news,
we can make money off it.” What’s next? Are we gonna Trump on QVC
selling urban canoes? [ Laughter ] This has been “Hey!” ♪♪

100 comments on “Hey! Mike Pompeo’s Comments on Climate Change

  1. You know what, guys. I'm giving up. People in power are just too stupid. We might as well expect our inevitable path towards a dystopian extinction.

  2. Trump and his people do not care about the environment. They figure they will not be around when the consequences of climate change severely impacts the earth. As long as they make their money now, they don't care about the rest of us.

  3. Yes, more trade that fuels more overconsumption that fuels more climate change is definitely a benefit of climate change. #MAGAlogic

  4. If the Trump WH Repug admin people like Pompeo-a city wiped out by a volcano-had any brains they would be lonesome.

  5. Pompeo is as stupid as all Trump appointee's, so he's one of the biggest morons in the world..and a liar…don't forget that…a huge, stinking, fucking, liar.

  6. This why the world is Fucked. Unless there's a way to make money, Capitalism will not allow a fix to Global Warming

  7. This is the story where i lost my laughter. There's nothing funny about what Pompeo said other than the media taking it to be his opinion. It goes to show how far we've fallen when the people charged with working to protect us and deal with global threats are actively guiding us to destruction while touting how rich they'll get along the way.

  8. I prefer the "Closer Look" to "Hey!" The former is longer and more detailed, while still fairly funny.

  9. So, is the audience supposed to laugh or not supposed to laugh? Seems like whenever they do laugh, he just yells 'Hey' louder to move onto the next joke that they shouldn't laugh at…

  10. These republicans puppets will say and do anything for their 1% master. Traitors have long sold their souls to their corporate donors, via paid lobbyists. The greedy, soulless, filth of man have over the past 50 years sold a line of B.S. to dismantle "We The People" government. Spend a few minutes and open your eyes to what is coming. Either way it does not matter, you will not stop them. Still drumpf's biggest distraction is coming.
    So go back to your Reality TV, FakeBook and Flat Earth.

    Climate Change information, for those that want to understand

    Rex Tillerson, admits Climate Change, but who cares!

    Exxon always knew, just like the tobacoo companies

    A blast from the past, when we educated the pubic, right on TV!

    Understand your place in this world of the filth of man, the 1%

    Listen to "George Carlin on the American Dream"
    too funny,

    How the greedy 1% traitorous pig Zuckerberg's Fakebook plays you.

  11. And, don't forget, melting arctic sea ice is opening up areas for oil drilling that were previously inaccessible meaning we'll put more CO2 into the atmosphere which will melt the sea ice faster. It's a win-win-win!

  12. How can you bring up The Producers in reference to the administration, and NOT make a joke about all the Nazis that pop up? Missed opportunity, Seth.

  13. So to summarize: Climate change is a hoax, but it will open new trade routes to China which we won't trade with. Good to know the party line is consistent^^

  14. Yup, new trade it is…..more new homes on the boat….then the Trump real estate businesses will go bust as more land space is lost to the sea space😂😅

  15. Not sure how opening a new pathway opening will help, as we simultaneously will all die anyway!!!! Geez these clowns in teh whitehouse are outdoing their stupidity on a daily basis.

  16. Desperate republicans and their right wing media, are inhaling their last breath. The new generations of white voters, are not buying into the fear of racial demise and lost of power. We are heading into a global economy, and a fair and just multi racial society, no doubt about it. Hate and racism is about to become thing of the past. Trump and his gang are the last scream of the dying beast.

  17. Interesting how Pompeo is saying the same thing that the Russians are saying about new trade routes through the arctic.

  18. Imagine being okay with the world falling to pieces, so long as there's less obstacles to waging impromptu trade wars.

  19. Its funny and quite sad that trumptards will believe climate chaos is a hoax made by china rather than real scientists that have studied this their whole life!

    Ipcc report says we have 10 yrs to minimize climate chaos!  We dont have 50yrs dummy!  Ppl need to change their lifestyle or nature will force it!!

    Watch "A farewell to ice | Peter Wadhams | TEDxUHasselt" on YouTube

    Watch "Ice Free Arctic? Thom Hartmann with Prof Peter Wadhams (June 2016)" on YouTube

    Watch "James Hansen – Scientific Reticence: A Threat to Humanity and Nature" on YouTube

  20. Another issue no one talks about is overpopulation…
     Well…we already hv 7.5 billion ppl on the planet!  most scientists agree ~2 billion is the carrying cap of humans… with respect to all other sentient beings.  We are way over carrying capacity…. besides latest ipcc report says we only hv 10 yrs to stop runaway climate chaos! Meaning if we all dont change our lifestyles everyones kids are fkd! You know I already decided Not to hv kids!  Having one kid is a lifetime of carbon emissions! And if your kids have kids that multiple generations…

    So 2 billion is a cap considering all earths species, with regard to habitat and space needed for survival. For example wolves need about 100acres of land each, for hunting/survival.  On avg they generally run 20-35miles per day!!   And thats just one animal… with habitat destruction, human sprawl and hunting/trapping, animals have less and less areas to survive. Thats why most are going extinct today. 
    Very last white male rhino died last yr!  Many shark species are considered extinct today cuz of shark fin soup fishing. N America used to hv about 60million buffalo… now we have like 31,000.  We shot them all to destroy native americans' main food source!  There are pics of stacked piles of buffalo bones 2 stories high… humans destroy everything!!! Everything! Not even exaggerating!  N america used to look like yellowstone nat park…. all of it!!  Moose, big horn sheep, elk, deer, wolves, buffalo, bald eagles, all kinds of hawks, bears everywhere, mtn lions, honey badgers, river otters, wolverines, etc etc.  Why do u think thousands of ppl travel to yellowstone every yr.  Cuz thats one of the last few places u can see animals living in the wild and not in a fuking tiny cage at the zoo!!! 7.5 billion humans on the planet! 7.5billion… estimated less than 10k chimpanzees!! Seriously we dont need any more human babies…

    Watch "Sir David Attenborough on Overpopulation" on YouTube

  21. Please Usa….tell us this was just an experiment, and Donald is just in our imagination…..this is horrible! The stupidity of Trump, or the incompetence of removing him? I don`t know what is most stupid??

  22. Species dying out due to chemical trails ,poison from chemical plants dumping tons of toxic waste into our rivers, all animals and plants need CLEAN WATER, getting poisoned from air and water every day leads to extinction

  23. Before I'd issue CO2 death threats to my own children I'd want science to say with certainty that they are 100% sure, not unless they are also only 99% sure the planet isn't flat. Let's all stop the fear mongering please?

  24. As if it were only "new trade routes". I am more worried about Russians, Danish, Swedes, Norwegians and Canadians trying to compete over new resources like metals and oil in the Arctic.

  25. HEY! congratulatios to your 15. School shooting today.

    Aaand maybe … try to recycle.


  26. Actually if extinction gets rid of brainless talk show hosts and ignorant climate pseudo scientists im all for it.

  27. Wow a Pangaea joke! In 1980 on my first visit to the US I saw a bumper sticker on a car in San Francisco that read "Re-unite Gondwanaland".

  28. The report said that amphibians have already been reduced by 40%… I'M NEVER GONNA FIND OUT ABOUT THOSE MIGRATING TREE FROGS!!!

  29. Republican's families should be penalized until all of the bribe money is drained out of their filthy pockets for polluting our environment and basically attacking us with toxic gas.

  30. We need to fix climate change.
    It’s May.
    We put the dock in the lake a few days ago.
    Now I have to shovel it.

  31. Seth looks like a retarded elf. He’s a talentless hack who cannot come up with any material on his own. Pathetic bleeding heart liberal who does nothing but bash conservatives. It’s assholes like him that are guaranteeing another republican win.


  33. The new trade routes will allow rainforest hardwood to more easily be imported and stockpiled; for making hundreds of millions of coffins.
    It’s a great opportunity for those in the funeral and mass burial industries.


  35. Until i researched Climate change, openly from all sources, connecting the dots, i believed all the BS that man is soley responsible for climate change.
    There is more than ample evidence to show our climate has always changed, cyclically, with man perhaps playing some part.
    Those who agree change is predominantly happening by natural causes are muzzled, defunded, fired and or ignored.
    But there is a consensus of 97%.
    The original paper supposedly showing a consensus was created by a science reporter from Australia who sent out questionaires to climate related scientists, with a question so general that even those who believed change was by natural means had to agree that man may be marginally at fault.
    On peer review, many procedural errors were found, including cherry picking and creation of conclusion, while those reviewing before all data had even been selected.
    When two follow up questionaires were sent out with the specific question, "is man solely responsible for climate change through the creation of CO2 and other greenhouse gas" the response was less than 5%.
    There is no consensus. It is my observation that should a climate warmist openly confront a knowledgable denier, the scientist defending CO2 would be blown away.Glacial ice samples show this and also reveal increase in CO2 is always preceeded by an increase in temperature.
    CO2 occurs when increasing temperature forces our oceans to release CO2 from dissolved suspension.
    20-25 years ago i was reading articles released by NASA revealing several other planets in our Solar System were showing signs of their own Global climate change and the likely cause was increasing cosmic radiation passing through our solar system.
    Today, our sun is entering a Grand Solar minima phase, where its irradiance will dim and our magnetosphere weaken.
    Increasing radiation is passing through an ever weakening magnetosphere that has always protected us against cosmic radiation.
    An increase of 35-40% in radiation entering our atmospherehas been documented, since 2014.
    Look to those with Political agenda, personal fortunes and reputations and the trillions a bogus climate agreement would bring, held and directed by who?
    Legislative power and money to dictate industry and foreign governments.
    Let all scientists openly discuss, to decide what effect man has actually had, develop true consensus and action plans.
    I am not impressed when Bill Nye, the Science guy seems to be the main point of reference defending the CO2 hoax.
    Look into these sources
    Valentina Zharkova
    Henrik Svensmark
    and then expand your search from there.

  36. That's awful, it looks like climate change is as much of a threat as
    Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass distruction, which every single
    intelligence agency and expert told us he definitely had.
    And almost
    as much of a threat as the coming ice age, caused by human activity,
    which every climate expert warned us was coming in the 1970s.

  37. It's the carbon traders who are laughing all the way to the bank.
    Laughing just like the war profiteers whose expert intelligence agencies
    assured us that Saddam Hussen had weapons of mass destruction. The
    medieval warm period, when they were growing fruit and barley on
    Greenland, which is too cold for that now, was just as warm, and the
    polar bear population has more than doubled since 1960.
    Pollution is the enemy, CO2 is our friend, and the Climate Change alarmists are the tricksters and the tricked.

  38. Latest news from NASA/NOAA/UAH using ocean buoy temperature data, the new Temperature Reference Network data and the Global Temperature results of the NASA satellite scans that show conclusively that there has been NO GLOBAL WARMING in the past 17+ years. Last 4 years are showing a distinct cooling trend that is predicted to be leading to a Grand Solar Minimum possible harsher than the Maunder Minimum of the 1600's that devastated the World economy and brought widewpread famine, pestilence and social upheaval (massive wars). Untold millions died back then.
    > Are you ready for hardship, extreme cold, famines, plagues, droughts, floods and War? The world leaders seem to be sleeping, are you sleeping too?

  39. Screw climate change, we are already suffering from comedy change. Polite laughter replacing guteral responses.

  40. Incredibly narrow minded fools for wealth, power, status success and of course for Trump. Completely blind two extinction.  Insecurity can make people all of these.

  41. Smh people should be all over China and India about climate change. America is already doing their part.

  42. When the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, and the last fish dead, we will discover that we can't eat money…

  43. Recapacite, ¿que planeta le esta dejando a su familia?. Lo mas importante es el calentamiento global deberia de ayudar concientizar a los demas al cuidado del planeta. De que le va ha servir el dinero en el futuro. Deberia estar buscando la manera de mantener el Artico en su estado natural.

  44. What idiots watch these shows? Entire world is talking about new sea routes through artic and this clown pukes all over it. Do some more research! Before you speak how do you get all your chinese made shoes, and cloths, etc shipped to you? Through sea routes!

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