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HKS GR Supra Project DEVELOPMENT Vlog Vol.4

HKS GR Supra Project DEVELOPMENT Vlog Vol.4

I am Kei Oomori from HKS GRSUPRA Project. We already showed you the RZ model last time, now what we have here is a SZ-R… Hello everyone. I am Daisuke Mizuguchi President and CEO of HKS Actually, I bought this 2L engine GR SUPRA (SZ-R) behind me GR Supra initially had a good reputation. After hearing a lot of positive reviews, I have test drove the car myself and decided to buy one. I hope to help our R&D team with feedback and advice from a user standpoint. I also have a Nissan BNR32 Skyline Vspec II which I still carefully keep. Rather than that I would like to have more fun with my new GR Supra. Now, I plan to analyze stock GR Supra. I will check the compatibility of our currently offered products such as HIPERMAX Touring and Super Air Filter. HKS Super Air Filter is the first in the world to adopt Dry Non-woven Fabric Filter as a replacement type. The filter density gradualy becomes higher, that ensures all sizes of dust or other particles are caught in the most effective way. Optimizing the fiber components reduces the ventilation resistance. The unique structure of Dry Non-woven Fabric Filter will continue to effectively filter air maintaining its efficiency for a long time, until it’s changed. Installation of HIPERMAX Touring is completed. HIPERMAX Touring is a hybrid suspension system that combines HKS springs, height adjusters, and stock shock absorbers. The model of SZ-R and RZ both employ an electronic damper control shock absorbers called AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension System). The HIPERMAX Touring is an ideal suspension kit for those who seek to change the ride height however want to retain the stock electronic damper control. The kit consists of the following: The left parts are front. The right parts are rear In the front, remove the stock suspension and remove the upper mount of the coilover. Also remove the spring and lower spring seat. Mount HKS spring to HKS adjuster instead of lower spring seat after and install upper mount. Use this threaded section to adjusted the ride height to your liking. In the rear, the spring and shock absorber are separate. Remove the shock absorber and replace the bump stops and rubber boots attached to the shock absorber with one from HKS. Reuse the stock lower spring seat and mount the HKS spring. On top of the spring, mount HKS adjuster instead of stock upper spring seat. HIPERMAX Touring has been tested at GUNSAI (Gunma Cycle Sports Center), Fuji Speedway and Gymkhana track with Mr. Manabu Orido to find the best setting combination. Lowering spring coil simply low down ride height, often bottoming out due to shorter stroke, but HKS HIPERMAX Touring is not only lowering down the vehicle it also retains a long stroke for shock absorber and provides natural comfortable driving. HIPERMAX Touring is also applicable to SZ-R model. A lowering down of around 20mm is recommended. SZ-R compatibility was confirmed in addition to RZ, so the owners of SZ-R model can enjoy HKS HIPERMAX Touring too!!!

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