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46 comments on “House Judiciary Committee holds second impeachment hearing, live stream

  1. We are in day 76. President Clinton was totally impeached in 73 days. People who say it's not taking long enough? Look it up.

  2. 11 hrs of our tax money flushed. I can't believe these people run our country. You could be a child killer and as long as your blue or red that side will have your back. Bunch of old rich gang members. So disattached from real people it's unbelievable

  3. Republicans are still supporting Trump even though we all know he is guilty of making the call, abusing his power for personal gain and he held up military aid! Why do they defend him? Because he’s the last man standing and their only chance of holding on to their seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate! Even if was the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler – they would still be supporting him!! 😆 They don’t want to lose Congress to the Democrats in the future!!!

  4. It is disappointing that Pelosi, Nadler, etc. keep referring to the evidence as undisputed. That is treating all of us with contempt. Look up the meaning in the dictionary. The correct phrase is – open to interpretation.

  5. Im happy to spend my hard earned tax dollars to get this POTUS out of office. At least I know they’re being put to good use. #bernie2020

  6. Bunch of lawyers who are trying to double speak and make an end run around due process. We are all watching and soon to be voting on the job they were elected to do but instead they have done nothing.


  8. Red invasion is not coming from the Russian communist this time but rather it is coming from the Democrats. The US constitution is heavily under attack by the communist Democrats. Watch out America. If Democrats had their way or they had the absolute power you better believe your life, your children's lives and many more generation will be more like what you see the lives of a billion Chinese in China. Have you ever wondered why Hong Kong people fight so hard in attempt to get away from the brutal control of the communist Chinese?

  9. This is a show for those too stupid to have already reached the conclusion that the whole white house administration and the republican party hacks are all guilty of conspiring to wreck this government. I simply cannot understand why millions, maybe only the three million whose votes didn't count, are not out on the streets of this country screaming for justice.

  10. The democommies once again struggled and failed to try and convince the conscious American public of any misdemeanors or any wrong doings by the
    wildly popular and successful president.

    Nadler started out first thing by denying the citizens in the room their first amendment rights,by stating that "you have no right to speak out "and that the "citizens should remain silent".
    Nadler's egregious attitude towards the American citizens and against the
    U.S. Constitutional rights of each and every citizen is appalling and should be looked upon as a traitorous act against all the American citizens and against our rights as citizens.
    When members of the meeting objected to the circumventing of proper parliamentary procedures by Chairman Nadler, he merely claimed that they were out of order or some other arbitrary and fabricated excuse.
    Clearly as the world watches this charade perpetrated by the DNC deep state coup,the world sees through these devious and maligned communist/demoncraps and all their evil.

  11. Why does ABC and CBS Executives continued to Protect Pedophile Child Sex Traffickers? Who are these Executives? Why are they not in Prison and known to the AMERICAN PEOPLE and held accountable to the AMERICAN PEOPLE?

  12. What about Obama that donated $1.6 Billion (in cash) to Iran (who funded terrorist organizations) , and got away with it?

  13. I've heard better 6th grade debates! Seriously, why are all of the republicans so damn loud?

    And why don't the republicans use "full" quotes from anyone that has spoken out against Captain Stupid?

  14. You guys should check out the "Naudet Brothers North Tower" video (watch the moment the plane flies over the tower in slow motion).

  15. Doug Collins’s opening Statement sucks it’s boring and so obviously wrong wrong wrong ! He gives me a headache ! I don ‘t even know what he is talking about ????????? No continuity, wish he would shut up ?

  16. I remember one thing folks but if you’re not voting for Trump or any other Republican and the Democrats to get in prepare for all your constitutional rights to be taken from you because that’s their plan as soon as they get in office so remember when your kids get drafted because they invoke the draft back once again guess what you put them there

  17. It’s funny how the Democrats are Reagan and Trump for breaking rules and they can break all the rules anytime they want just like this impeachment hearings they’re supposed to have equal sides of the party from Republicans and Democrats the foreman impeachment but nope they’re changing the laws and they’re rewriting it so they can do whatever they want just like they’ve always done whatever they want just like they will always do what they want and they don’t care what the people think or what is right or wrong or what are the laws because they make the laws the Democrats

  18. 6:02:20 Notice how CBS cuts off Cotton when hes saying that the Dem Counsel said its ok to extort Ukraine as long as the Intl community is behind us like Biden did on the video.
    Hiding the truth wont work Fake News MSM

  19. They don't need this impeachment to boost Trump popularity. The last opportunity to vote for a FREE president that loves his country.

  20. The only way the Demo-rats can win this sham of an impeachment is to find a low level some one willing to throw them self under the bus and maybe do jail time and LIE to congress!! GOOD LUCK ! !

  21. So where is Adam Schiff? The man who "started it all" refuses to testify under oath. I guess he doesn't want to explain his previous and deeply troubling relationship to the whistle blower.

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