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How Blockchain Can Bring Members of the Financial Sector Together

How Blockchain Can Bring Members of the Financial Sector Together

– Hi, my name is Mike Mazer. I am founder of Bond Directly, a peer-to-peer bond trading network. It’s a cryptographic
peer-to-peer bond trading network and I am also advisor to a couple of initial coin offerings. I’ve been involved with the
blockchain for several years and my background has been
working on Wall Street as a portfolio manager, bond trader, and also a programmer, so I’ve done various of those things. Part of what blockchain does and why it’s really exciting and being used a lot these days
is because of this idea of trust. That is, why do we pay large firms, why do we pass transactions through them? A lot us, we trust them, but also they collect large fees. What if we can have two people
transact with each other without having to go through a large bank? That’s one of the key things
that a blockchain does. People can learn about blockchain. Clearly it’s all over
the media these days, and you see a lot of individuals selling initial coin offerings, but I also think that in order
to really learn about it, I think one should take either
some kind of formal classes or read formal papers. There’s just too much noise and all kinds of hoopla
about it these days. Individuals have various
invested interests out there, so in order to cut through all the noise, I think somebody really needs
to go and do something formal. A class, a lecture, something that you can
sort of peer through and become a knowledgeable person about it and be able to discern
all of the noise out there so that you can apply it to your case.

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