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How Brexit is changing the EU | The Economist

How Brexit is changing the EU | The Economist

A stunning result… ….the UK votes to leave… …the EU… …after 43 years, in a historic referendum When the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016… …some predicted it would be the beginning of the end for the EU Brexit can be only positive It could be followed by other countries That it is the start of the end of the European Union as we know it I think there were at least 15 populist parties across Europe… …who advocated a referendum to leave the EU But since then, the EU and the way its members feel about it… …has changed The people are slightly more optimistic now… …maybe Brexit will not happen, we don’t know Could the Brexit referendum have actually benefited the European Union? Andrea Venson is on a mission Today he’s in Milan… …drumming up support for one of Europe’s newest political parties Volt Europa is a pan-European movement… …with political parties in 14 different countries I founded Volt because of Brexit Brexit was the first spark that told me… …that our European values were in danger I figured that something was needed to try to steer the direction that… …the UK but not only Europe, as a whole, was taking And so, the idea of creating something European… …a European political movement We dream about a Europe that is more united, more cohesive… …where countries are not left behind But Andrea has his work cut out for him Across Europe a third of people want to leave the EU… …and Italy has the third highest rate at 44% But he also has good reason to hope… …because since 2016… …optimism about the future of the European Union has grown by over 20%… …and people feel more attached to… …the EU than before the Brexit referendum So what’s going on? Is the European Union really gaining popularity? In some ways I think the EU is stronger because of Brexit Brexit makes the EU feel like safety It makes the EU feel like the organisation that protects them… …from the kind of chaos that ensues when you try to leave And that really changes people’s attitudes towards what Europe is doing Even the most Eurosceptic political parties are singing a different tune I can remember Marine Le Pen appearing at a press conference… …just after the British referendum result and on the wall behind her… …was a poster of two hands breaking free of shackles… …and it said “Brexit, next France” Long live the republic, long live France If you look at what Marine Le Pen argues today… …I think she has almost done a sort of U-turn because… …what she is trying to advocate in France is not so much a Frexit… …than a reforming the EU from within It’s a different sort of Euroscepticism because… …it’s not about leaving Europe, it’s about transforming Europe and trying to… …create a sort of Europe that she and her nationalist friends think… …suits their agenda better I think there were at least 15 populist parties across Europe, as of 2016… …who advocated a referendum to leave the EU… …or just advocated leaving the EU Maybe one or two of them still do, explicitly It’s really almost dropped off the agenda It looked like the Brexit vote would pose an existential threat to the EU… …but it’s not the first time the EU has faced serious problems… …since it was established… …and some of the most serious ones have appeared in the past decade In 2008 the world financial crisis led to recession in Europe Countries like Ireland, Portugal and Greece… …had to be bailed out by the EU… …and were forced to implement austerity measures Unemployment rates hit record highs… …and recessions deepened This debt crisis was soon followed by the migrant crisis of 2015… …when more than 1m refugees and migrants… …streamed into Europe Many of them were fleeing war and chaos in the Middle East No country was hit harder by both these upheavals than Greece When the financial crisis hit, Greece was already… …borrowing quite a lot I think its debt to GDP ratio was over 100%… …and it had a very large deficit Over the period of eight years, GDP fell by something like 27% That has left a lot of people much poorer than they were before A few years later, Greece was on the frontline of the other European crisis …mass migration I think the EU has not quite realised what the cost… …to Greece has been of the migrant crisis that it has had to cope with… …and also not just financially but in many ways economically… …but also socially, having to cope with this Greece I think has dealt with it reasonably well… …given its very limited resources and given the fact that… …through the period of the migrants arriving in Greece it was also… …having to impose very strict austerity in its own population So it hasn’t been easy… …and the EU could have been considerably more helpful A recent poll revealed that Greeks, more so than any other… …European nationality think that their interests… …are not taken into account by the EU Yet Greece hasn’t turned against the European Union Since the Brexit referendum… …the share of Greeks wanting to leave the EU decreased by over 20%… …from almost half to just a third Both the economic and migrant crisis in Europe have receded… …and the EU has survived The people are slightly more optimistic now than before I think the Italians are trying to hope for a better future for the EU The founder of Volt believes there is a historic opportunity There are two alleys in front of us One is to make the EU a true political union… …that can actually support drastic changes in our society… …and the other path is they want to become a loose coalition of states… …without much future And I’m really going to fight strong for the first alternative… …and I see plenty of young people that believe in the same values That ambition for true unity is always going to be difficult The EU is made up of 28 different countries… …each with its own history and interests But what it has shown, is that it has a survival instinct Over the past decade, every time that the EU has faced… …a crisis that looked like it might be an existential crisis… …it’s become abundantly clear that EU leaders… …have the political will to hold the union together That European countries have so much at stake in the survival… …of this union that, ultimately, they do… …what needs to be done to hold it together It’s just that they often do that at the very last minute

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  2. They were once Men. Great Kings of Men. Then Rothschild the Deceiver gave to them nine Rings of Power. Blinded by their greed, they took them without question, one by one falling to EU darkness. Now they are slaves to his will. They are the EU Ringwraiths, neither living nor dead. At all times they feel the presence of the EU, drawn to the power of the One. They will never stop hunting you.

  3. Volt in Italy has elected 0 (zero) people in European Parliament.. so do not rapresent Italians will. EU should have higher integration with countries in Euro zone and specially directly voted prime minister

  4. Why were all the migrants coming to the EU? Why not go to the Middle East or in that direction.
    Because the EU is the best place to live in the world.
    Where a life has value, where culture and the environment is protected, where every state has power etc etc etc….. the laws are there for all to read in black and white.

  5. Well we still haven't left yet, so no country is going to want to leave until they see a country make a success of leaving… and the EU is no utopia right now. look at france and spain.

  6. Optimism has grown due to pro EU propaganda. Countries want autonomy not to have their economies ran and controled by thd EU where certain countries have more pull ie Germany.

  7. Brexit is nothing more than tax evasion for the 1% (rich people and corporations) wanna keep the EU law out of the UK that prevents them from tax evasion by moving their money to tax haven countries ?‍♂️ they don't care about the people, they never did, they just use the most vulnerable people to achieve their goals, even if that means f#cking up the economy and the people's life…

  8. The EU made Brexit very difficult to scare the rest of the nations. They didn't have to make it so difficult but they did it to scare people. If UK leave and they do better the trend to leave will start again.

  9. In no way is the EU stronger from the UK leaving. Any competent country that has the confidence to leave a pact like the EU will be the ultimate winners. Remember the US Revolutionary War when the 13 Colonies had the confidence to breakaway from the UK? That worked pretty well…, What do you think the EU would have said about the Revolutionary war back in 1775? Probably the exact same the EU says about dissidents today.

  10. The EU and the Euro was always an experiment, and I don’t know how much of a success you can judge it to be. Yes there has been peace, but was Europe really going to go to war again after 2 world wars??? In the 70s, Europe’s shares of global GDP was around 26-27%, it is now 15% and dwindling. The EU is far too protectionist in my view, and the free movement of people was a massive mistake. Here in Australia we have a skills based immigration policy, I think it is probably the most reasonable immigration policy to have… Countries like Greece and Italy have suffered being put inside a currency which didn’t suit them… I do like some things about the EU, but ultimately my allegiance, if any, lies with my country and I would always be sceptical when i see the EU and Europe being more and more centralised all the time. Germany and France now dictate to the other member states. What’s most ironic, is that a project that was designed to contain German dominance, has actually left you guys with a completely German dominated Europe. What do you girls/guys/they think? Ahaha

  11. The Economist writers need to pay more attention to the rise of populism on the Continent. There is no way a Brussels oligarchy can survive the next ten years. At the very least, the European Parliament must be given power to initiate legislation and to amend legislation initiated by the Commission.
    The power must shift from the EU civil service to the EU Parliament. That will not happen. Thus, the EU will not survive. At least, not as a pan-European superstate.

  12. I have heard, countless times, the EU is "incapable of change." And just as often that the EU is changing at alarming speed into a Federal Bully Boy Superstate.

  13. Which anachronism or ignorance still prevent Europeans to desire a strong federal Union away from small non-ambitious self-destroying national obscurantismes?

  14. If the EU collapses, what will happen to the member countries in the next half a century, especially with the rise of Asia?
    This is just a viewpoint of a person from outside the EU.

  15. It was all about Angela Merkels refugee inlet … EU has also got rubbish leadership and the EU economy is always in recession with high taxes. A broken project.

  16. As someone from Asia, I always find the concept of EU wonderful… a democratic union of so many countries working together, and not one base on military might, is not an easy thing to accomplish. What the EU can become, gives hope for a more progressive future. The arrogance of the Brexiteers will be their country's undoing.

  17. Brexit gives Britain the opportunity too make new trade deals and to boost the economy. The e.u euro currency is stagnating for the last decade trapping people in dept any economy needs a healthy amount of inflation to boost spending and there economy..

  18. If European countries want to compete with the US they need to be part of the EU. Together they have power they can march ahead and change the world.

  19. As an American, I do not understand why the people of Europe favor the European Union. You essentially placed the European Union above your own country. You're not the country of Italy, you're the state of Italy and the central government is Brussels. Further, the government representatives in Brussels are not elected, rather, they are appointed. You also do not control your economic policies, your borders, and even your internal agendas. You are socially living in a house that you have no control over. How does anybody think the EU is a good idea? I cannot imagine if Canada, Mexico, and the United States erase their borders and came together underneath one government and one currency. The United States would, and rightfully, revolt.

  20. Not just will Scotland inevitably leave and at some point be accepted by the EU as a member state, followed later by Wales, also NI will finally join Ireland. 

    People in England meanwhile, will be split down the middle, will stop saying sorry to anybody who bumps into them, will have to give up drinking port and good wine, get drunk on cheap holidays in Hull and Bristol instead of Ibiza and Cannes, go to do-it-yourself hospitals, look at oranges in paintings in galleries to remind them, shop in 10-pound shops (formerly pound shops), forced to hang Fartgarbage's portraits in their living rooms, wear only blue double-breasted blazers with beige pants, brown shoes and white socks, pretend that crooked teeth are the latest thing, close down their airports and souvenir shops, and wave a Coronation mug at their starved bulldogs.

  21. Brexit does not change the EU in this sense. Whether there is Brexit or not, faith in the EU will always recover after that period of crisis has passed. The uncertainty caused by Brexit only strengthens this natural trend. What Brexit does imply for the EU is it removes one obstacle for the prospect of the EU political integration. One fewer member makes it easier for agreement in terms of such a controversial issue not to mention the member that is going to disappear is the UK, a country that has long had its policies and visions different from the continental countries, a country that has a notorious historical record of causing international divisions.

  22. 3:28 this figure is very inaccurate. Case in point: Both Portugal's Communist Party and the Left Bloc, both in a coalition with the Socialist Party (center left) government in the last 4 years want to leave the Eurozone AND the EU. Left Bloc has been slightly less vocal about it but they're are both eurocentric populist/nationalist parties.

  23. The Muslimes make Brexit look like the first sign of sanity in Europe in many years. I hope the USA Brexits, and all the God Damned imiGRUNTS go back to their own shitty countries. The United Nations need to get the hell off the North American continent and move to black Africa. It really is simply a thing of race, and Nationalism. Trade is a good thing. Open trade is bullshit. . "CORP ORATE", in Latin, was the word chosen in ancient Rome for the new form of trade when Caesar's image was first placed on a coin. It was chosen by a politician for its accuracy of what this new trade really was…, " DEAD SPEAK ". We HUMANS need a voice in the future. Wake up and demand to be heard SHEEPLE of the world, and stay home.

  24. Because of Brexit I understand now that ppl in England USE US ( ppl from EU ) because we don’t use benefits but work ( pay taxes ) and UK citizens just opposite – me and my family will leave UK and sell our home here just we don’t want to go to Poland ( our kids speak mostly English now )

  25. World's getting smaller again, less tolerant and more towards war??? It's maybe. The real problem lied in foreign offensive wars and EUs internal corruption like in Greece, italy, Spain and these countries taking huge loans from the world bank with no cross-check agencies. I'm sad the EU is disintegrating. They should detect problem parts more smartly.

  26. That is why referendums are forbidden in most EU countries. The people want out. The rich small elite wants to keep it like it is.

  27. UK STOP IT!. No more flexit nonsense!. I feel sorry for the remainers, but I can't help feeling Britain should rather get kicked out than have an other chance to make a deal.

  28. Of course all the poorest countries receiving the biggest bailouts LOVE the EU… I could of told you that for free ???????????

  29. If I thought the EU could change for the better I would have voted remain, but considering one of the first things the Lib Dem’s (the most pro remain party in the uk) did when they got elected as MEP’s was complain about how back handed and undemocratic it was I stand by my decision to leave!

  30. I think for Britain the problem is not EU but Germany cause Germany is leading Europe and Britain France are like puppets in EU

  31. Do much biased propaganda lately, the eu is circling the drain, 8 years max. Why countries pay to have others govern their country is unknown to me. What a farce and a crock of hot steaming crap.

  32. Putin: "Yep, that was my plan all along! I funded campaigns for separatist parties all over Europe and flooded social media with pro-leave messages in an attempt to make Europe stronger.
    You're welcome!"

  33. Both England, and the 'E.U. ', are owned and scripted and directed, by Zionist Jews. So, no matter what happens , it's all part of the plan..

  34. But another recession is ahead. Every country would struggle to at least not be the biggest loser in next recession. Would EU survive?

  35. Wasn’t a brexit voter however we could have a made a could deal out of it if It wasn’t for MPs who wouldn’t allow brexit to go though

  36. Why need a union and not just establish treaties and uniform systems for currency, immigration, citizenship, travel, trade and so on? It literally is nothing more than normal treaties and willful cooperation can achieve. You don't some third party oversight entity weighing in with it's own rulings…

  37. The EU has kept at bay the world wars that originated from the disputes in Europe. The EU has made traveling to other EU countries easy. These refugees need to be given temporary residence for a merger 5 years and send of to their home country prior to 5 years of completion.

  38. How do those lads and lasses manage to take time off their work / education / training to engage in street demos ? . Maybe they are students and only do it to pass the time during their four-month summer holiday.

  39. What the video fails to tell is how big the EU support has grown. Latest polls across the union put it at 60% in favour of the EU, the highest number in 35 years. The video only emphasised on the diminishing EU “doubt” Link:
    And take a look at younger generations in continental Europe. The support is even much much higher. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a European state within the next 40 years.

  40. UK now relying on unreliable USA….at least for some time…while USA is stuck dealing with Russia and China in two different battlefields….

  41. EU propaganda. Undemocratic burocracy imposing destructive immigration policies. Greece has been bankrupted by bankers who didn't like the new elected government of that time. Greece was bankrupted but was forced to take out restructurement loans. It was economical war. EU is centralised dictatorship controled by USA, deep state, IMF, Soros etc.

  42. Europe will prosper, thrive and flourish when the EU is wiped out and crushed, European countries can close their boarders to all the insane immigration and start trading worldwide without restriction… May the EU perish right now

  43. The small margin in the referendum that allowed the brexit is exactly what is creating problems for your island's politics.

    If everyone acknowledges that a compromise is absolutely necessary by virtue of this reality, today the deal would have already been concluded.

    For geographical, economic and historical reasons, the UK will always be in Europe: the relationships will exist with or without the brexit. In case of brexit they will be different but I'm sure they will be strong and long lasting.

    The concept that the British have on the environment, on social policies, on the quality of the products is not the American one but the European one and for this reason that I am convinced all this chaos is useless as well as expensive.

  44. who commissioned this…. the EU!
    what a load of bollocks,
    the EU will never change their political agenda and will never give up their undemocratic process at the top…. you might have an EU parliament but it's still the un elected commission that makes the law, policy etc

  45. Look at the yellow jackets in France, nearly a year of weekend protests, rarely reported in Britain. Catalans not too happy either! Greeks have been shafted, Italy not happy even Germany polls show moving away from the ideal. The EUs own polls show high levels of dissatisfaction. Interestingly I find very few euorophiles know basic information on how the EU operates, what roles people have or how the money is spent. With a budget now of a €trillion, over half goes on salaries, expenses, pensions & maintenance of buildings, one of which is used less than 30 days a year! Not exactly good value of our taxes or efficient. Have never met a remainer who has any idea what the Treaties commit us to (haven't read them).The EU are expansionist, and unable to react quick to a crisis because they are so beurocratic. As to Brexit, have an increasing number of German bank associated economists saying Britain will become an economic threat to the block, that is, they expect us to do well if out with a no deal tying us in/restricting us. Extremely high unemployment of young people especially in southern nations, probably why they come to the UK.
    This is a nice happy clappy piece but doesn't reflect what's happening on the ground.

  46. Lolololol. What happened to the domino effect? Oh dear. Lolus maximus. Bye bye creepy selfish belligerent engerlaand.

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