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How can skills change your life?

How can skills change your life?

WorldSkills to me is actually a platform
for students to showcase what they have learned in terms of vocational skills
and to prepare them for a better future. I think technology is always evolving
and changing and with WorldSkills we are able to progress and of course, with the
evolution we have to be always kept updated. I started off as a beauty therapist
working in a salon I then got into education and studied education. I
realized I am an academic. I realized that I also like to dabble in skills So not only have I changed my
life through my skills and by being able to go through every phase of what it
is to become a professional, but I’m now paying it forward, I am now giving my
students tools. I have a school that actually gives other young girls, other
young people an opportunity to gain a skill so that they can actually pass it
forward so it really has changed my life.

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