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How Do You Actually Change Someone’s Mind?

How Do You Actually Change Someone’s Mind?

So when is the last time you had a great argument with someone who totally changed their minds as a result? Never, right? Well that’s because of what the research shows about arguments – they don’t actually change peoples’ minds. News flash, right? There is a much more effective strategy for actually getting people to change their minds, and it’s summarized under the acronym EGRIP. Five things – EGRIP. Emotions, goals, rapport, information, positive reinforcement. First, you figure out, what are the people’s emotions? Why are they feeling what they are feeling? Why do they believe in falsehoods? So that’s first – emotions. Then, establish shared goals. What goals do you and they share? Do you both care about security and safety? Do you both care about economic growth? What do you both care about? Third – rapport. Establish rapport, trust: build a relationship. Show that you understand their emotions. Talk about how your common shared goals will be undermined by falsehoods. Next, that’s when you present the information. That’s great – so this is the stage where you present information. That’s stage four, not stage one. Don’t present information at the beginning. So stage four – that’s where you show how false beliefs that they hold will undermine your shared goals. Shared goals that both of you share – so those will be undermined. And finally, five, that’s positive reinforcement (P) – EGRIP. Give them positive reinforcement for changing their minds towards reality. And that’s how you change people’s minds. This and many other strategies for how you can orient yourself to the facts and orient other people to the facts are in my book “The Truthseeker’s Handbook – A Science-based Guide” available on Amazon now. So go there, get the book, and learn how to get people to orient towards the truth. Thank you very much.

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