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How eMerge Americas is Changing the Start-Up World in Miami and Across the Americas

How eMerge Americas is Changing the Start-Up World in Miami and Across the Americas

The tech scene in South Florida is rapidly changing and eMerge Americas has become one of the premier tech events connecting the Americas it is scheduled for April 29th and 30th the Miami Florida. Bold Business had the opportunity to interview their President Melissa Medina during the Synapse Summit eMerge Amaricas is a global technology platform it culminates in an annual conference every April at the Maimi Beach Convention Center where we bring together entrepreneurs and investors global thought leaders business executives government officials from all over the world to talk about technologies that are transforming our lives eMerge Americas is not just an event it is an ecosystem that is transforming Miami into the tech hub for the Americas connecting Latin America, North America and Europe The eMerge Americas journey is about people ideas and innovation Miami is a melting pot extremely diverse we have that connection and gateway to Latin America and I think we’ve been able to over the last five or six years been able to provide another option for a Latin American entrepreneurs eMerge America serves as a catalyst for propelling innovation and investment in South Florida and Latin America In 2014 is when we launched our first event it took us two years to plan we probably could not pay investors to come to eMerge to be completely honest and I could tell you almost six years later it’s a completely different story I think one exciting trend that I see is there’s just a lot more interest in startups relocating or having their idea be born in South Florida I don’t think we saw a lot of that before I think as far as industries the two industries that I personally see a lot of activity in within startups is Healthcare and in Fintech The Americas have long been a viable market for growth and eMerge Americas is making sure that growth includes tech innovation

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