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How Generation Z Will Change The World According To Experts | TIME

How Generation Z Will Change The World According To Experts | TIME

Generations are really about cultural change. By studying generations, we can get an idea of how growing up now as a child or a teen is different from it was for say the Gen Xers growing up in the 80s or the Boomers growing up in the 1960s. Looking specifically at numbers we define Gen Z as those born between 1995 and 2012. 1995 just happens to be the year the internet was commercialized so that also captures the generation of people who were born after the internet existed who don’t know a world without the Internet. Compared to previous generations, they spend a lot more time communicating with their friends electronically and they also spend less time hanging out with their friends in person. My generation were truly digital natives We’ve really only known a world where our phones are smart You know we turn to technology for a lot of things whether it be entertainment, research, education. It’s truly Just part of what we are I’m not entirely convinced that iGen’s skill with social media is going to be a complete positive It’s also linked to depression and anxiety and unhappiness Especially for people who are spending too much time on social media who are comparing themselves to others too much You know people always talk about taking digital detoxes and stepping away for a little bit And I don’t know if it’s necessarily cutting out the phone for a month at a time But understanding that it’s okay to put down your phone for a couple hours Don’t have it at the dinner table, try not to be on your phone right before bed There’s just time and a place for everything and I think understanding that is really important I think some of the parents can do to help with us anxiety the phones and information overload is really helping them sort of Analyze and prioritize the information is what we find is something That’s definitely needed with this generation. At the moment what many people think of when they think of iGen is Teen or a young adult, you know looking at his or her phone But I think they’ll become known for other things as time goes on. one of our traits that you know is very Upfront with my generation is that we’re very very realistic at a young age We were thrown into a world that you could say wasn’t the prettiest you know we grew up amongst a 2009 recession after 9/11 and our parents didn’t tell us we could necessarily be whatever we wanted they told us that it’s a hard world out there You’re gonna have to work your butt off, and if you’re not willing to there’s plenty of others that will gen z entering the workforce it’s gonna be a lot of change for Gen Z if I can log on and log in I’m at work so I think the Physical office is really gonna be challenged another thing that we know about this generation They’re really gonna challenge is the pace at which things get done everyone talks about work/life balance You know I got my work and my life and work’s from 9:00 to 5:00, and then your life And how do we balance the two? What I love about Gen Z is They just don’t think it works And it really hasn’t work what they go for is work/life blend where work and life are seven days a week 24 hours a day By spring of their senior year iGen teens are less likely compared to previous generations to have their drivers license To work at a paid job to go out of dates to drink alcohol And we’ve already seen this with Millennials and young adulthood taking longer to settle into careers to married to have children And so on so the whole developmental trajectory is slowed down Gen Z is by far the most diverse generation ever, and we’re also the most interconnected around the globe and part of the reason is You know now with our generation when something happens the entire world finds out immediately through social media through hashtags were always Connected to each other so we feel as though whether it happened in the same building or a thousand miles away it is immediately affecting us because we hear about it and so there we feel obligated to help and be a part of the situation whether it’s Positive or negative. They are also the one that values equality the most whether we’re talking about race or gender or sexual orientation or transgender issues They’re really much more open And focused on equality we really do not fear failure So whether it be through political activation or entering a new workplace or trying new things We’re willing to try something and failed and this doesn’t have a great impact on the other generation for the rest of us who have been so cautious that’s gonna really rub off to get us to step outside our box and Maybe try some new things you

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  2. "we've only known a world where our phones are smart" bitch, I was born in 2000 and I didn't know what a smart phone was until I got one when I was a freshman in high school.

  3. “Values transgender and sexual orientation issues the most” if you consider bullying the hell out of them with memes “valuing them” then yeah….sure I guess. Lmfao.

  4. "Work life blend" whaaaat? No. No one would be happy to be working 7 days a week all day and have work bleed into personal life. Sorry.

  5. I have Replied on this Post for a while now, But this is my final one. Generation Z is a Young but not the Youngest generation out there. There is Gen Alpha, Whom literally always finds ways to Play with the Tech available to them. Gen Z is a Multi-Personality Generation, So you obviously can't speak for all of us. I'm currently in 7th Grade, but tbh, Me and MILLIONS of Gen Z feel as though they are Cheated or Ignored by the School System, and put as a Puppet. When most of us go to explain it to our Parents or Family, Many of them above the Age of 20 say "your generation is just lazy" or "we did much more work than you ever did". In a way, They are right, But mostly no. Millennials are the Generation just above us, and who still believe we are apart of them or a Puppet. Back in 2009, I used to see that the Millennials in my Family treated me and my Fellow Gen Z Family members like utter Dirt, While the Millennials were treated (not like angels but similar). 10 years later, In 2019, Me and my Gen Z family members are Grown as they were 10 years Earlier, But we are treated like Children, Even though we qualify as Teenagers. Moving on, Gen Y is VERY Similar to Millennials, So similar in fact, They are often being Joined into the Generation. Gen X, The Generation above Gen Y/Millennials is a very different Generation. They are very Organic and Nature going and often believe the 1950's/1940's are some of the Best decades in American History. Like almost all Generations before and after, You cannot Speak for all. Most of Gen X is the way the Stereotype is, The Nature going/Natural Organic/Angered at literally Everything wrong kind. Baby Boomers, Baby Boomers are one of the most "different" Generations out there, Simply because they were Hippies while most of their Children became Hipsters and their Parents being the Average 1950's Kind. Baby Boomers are the ones who do blame us for being messed up due to "social media" and Iphone use, But in reality, They were the ones who made it after all, Apple, Microsoft.. Etc.. Going deeper, The Silent Generation is one of the few, Very "antique" Generations. They are in fact (Different but not Different). They are the Reason Factories were able to bring up Economic Growth for Gen X, But ultimately failing to Help other Generations due to their motto for Kids/Teens: "To be Seen, But not to Speak" Or something like that. I would continue this, But time matters, so I will end this with one, Very simple Signing to my Fellow Gen Z, and also Gen Alpha: Pls fricken make this world greater and end the corrupt school system pls ;-;, the school system is a failure, and we should all learn via online (from tuesday to thursday), if this happens for workplaces as well, depression and stress make go down a bit, so pls do it 🙂

  6. i was born in 2002 and i only really got into the internet when i entered year 7 in high school (which i was about 12-13 years old)

  7. All the people in this video are either gen alpha or millennials where is the gen z for their opinion

  8. A) The internet was commercialized in around the 1985 era when Britain and the U.S. saw the growth of early email services,

    B) Generation Zs where Not Born-5years old when 911 happened and thus would not be able to remember the event

  9. Baby Boomers: it's gotta be those those phones. It couldn't POSSIBLY be the shootings and crippling economic issues that we placed on them.



  10. GEN Z will make us less human and more machine, all for the good of mankind. Sometimes you need to allow yourself to fail at certain things. Their Endocrine systems are manipulated the most than any other generation.

  11. Ever thought thta we use internet to scape because we are drepressed? School, adults parents and many other things make us want to find a place were we can scape that, not teh other way around. Im fed up with telling my problems to my parents and they replaying "its all because of tbe internet". If you try to explain that you are more stressed with school they would probably tell you that its because you are less intelligent than other generations, never even thinking that it might be the education system the one that has become harder

  12. I feel like kids in 1999-2001 feel lost between millennial and gen Z cos we can’t relate fully to either generations. We grew up very much different from how kids are grown up now. I guess our childhood was more similar to millennial gen but now as teens you can say we are becoming more like the general idea of gen z cos technology plays a big role. Education systems are only starting to adopt a system where high tech is used heavily and dependently. We didn’t have that when we were early education but only later in our education now.
    We are the generation kids that basically experienced both generations and the big change. Im 18 but I can’t even relate to my younger cousins who are 13-15 playing fortnite with their friends. They don’t even know what Sims are.

  13. But like i do agree that social media kind of hurts kids who are antisocial or akward by giving them a screen to hide behind, i, personally hang out with my friends everday and we always get people to play tag at this forest, bike around, play soccertennis ? (yea we play that ?) and then eat and go home we dont sit home on our phones all day unless the climate is pure shit. I also am one of the few kids who actually worries about goingn outside instead of worrying if im gonna lose my snapchat streaks because im not that addicted. There are so many depressed people who don’t even get bullied they just complain all the time because their lazy as hell and don’t wanna put the work in like few of us, they end up having small groups of friends and get unnecessary pity and then people hate on me for calling them out and “hurting their feelings” for speaking the truth.

  14. honestly as much as no gen z wants to hear, social media is awful, whether we created it or not. i am in gen z, and even i can admit we are the first generation to be so lazy and use social media to the point where we are FORGETTING to live. i understand technology has had a huge impact on us, but the ignorance some of our own generation is starting to form about the world is tragic, and im worried that most of us are too ignorant to take a second to think about what is happening to us.

  15. They are idiots i was born in 1989 i will be 30 years old next Thurs and man when i look at the world i see some strait goofy ass shit.

  16. Saying that phones are causing depression is bull I'm sorry but my phone helps me because it detracts me from my parents arguing detracts me from when my parents are always leaving detracts me from feeling forgotten and useless because I've meet alot of friends online because of my phone I have meet people that have it worse then me and alot of people but help thrm though what they are going through just threw a simple text and screen in my option phones are the best thing that had happened in my life and helps me find entertainment and learn about what is happening in the world I dont think phones are what cause depression but it's the generations that have come before us that put so much hate into generation z and the generations that have reunited the world/planet and are expecting gen z to clean it all up and the same thing for generation alpha when they grow up people will expect them to clean and fix everything

  17. What is hidden from said generation can only kill them. So why are they so different? So stupid? Tell me more.

  18. Gen Z has quite a lot to learn about life. Many Gen Z kids are somewhat naive regarding the true realities of life. With that said, the ability of the average Gen Z kid to access endless amounts of information online quickly may give that them the tools necessary to discover the truth about life, the truth of the lies and deception all around us in this world. They have the power to deconstruct the evil that perpetrates our world. The question is, will they use it?

  19. I think the timeline for Gen Z is a little funky. A generation is combined of years but the people born in those years grew up with the same access to stuff. That’s why I think it should be

    1998 – 2003 ( Late Millennials; Early Gen Z)
    2004 – 2006 ( The Actual Gen Z; Mid Gen Z)
    2007 – 2010 or 2011 ( Late Gen Z; Pre Alpha)

  20. Eh I don’t really care. I was born in 2005 and all I need is some good ol Rock N’ Roll.

    PS: If you link this anyway to depression I’ll hunt you down like Schwarzenegger trying to figure out who stole his cookie.

  21. Don't blame us Millennials/Gen Z for wanting free college, free healthcare, affordable housing, and equal pay baby boomers. You con-artists were responsible for manipulating people that they could have anything their heart desires by giving out scam mortgages, making tuition to college the equivalent to that as a mortgage on a house and by providing crap pay to an employee who went to 4+ years of higher education but get pay a minimum wage salary.

  22. Old homies:Let’s create social media

    Reality: people are getting addicted to this stuff

    Old homies: Oh shit let’s just blame the babies

  23. Gen ALPHA is the smartest gen bc they know how tobuse a phone just as a 2 year old or some time one. They are getting smarter and i think they should notice that.

  24. Generation Z is depressed because of phones? I'll tell you what- every time I open my phone I'm faced with article after article of how the environment is dying, how the older generations refuse to face reality and change policies, how we're doomed to inherit a broken planet and by the time those in power move on it'll be too late. I see the strife caused on my friends in other countries, able only to watch. Gee, it must be the phone's fault for connecting me to the realities of the world we live in.

  25. Chess and high school wrestling, kids. Team sports are egalitarian. You don't need to share your personal victories. THAT is the future.

  26. Yah yeet memelords into our name and we cool fam. Dont say "igen" coz it be like Instagram and I like reddit

  27. Can someone make all the older generations quit blaming gen Z's depression and anxiety on phones and social media? Maybe it's the fact that we were raised being told that if we didn't fix the world, we would die soon. But no, let's blame it on technology instead.

  28. Do NOT call is igen, Gen Z, post-millenials, Homeland Generation (I prefer this one), The Sisu Generation, or Gen Delta. It hurts knowing that the other generations take us for living on our smartphones. But your the ones who created it. We are just the result of the creation. We dont get depressed because of our smartphones, iPads, tablets, or computers. We get depressed because we are the only generation that accepts nothing matters and that the world is practically a shattered vase. We are depressed because we know the pain.

  29. bruh huge difference betwee younger genz and older genz ….. younger genz age 7-12 are closer to gen alpha and older genz 13-18 are closer to the actual definiton of Genz and 19-24 closer to millennials

    as genz: i can sure tell you that we never had a smart phone growing up nor did we spend our time watching youtube like the younger kids

    gen alpha is a joke because of millennials look at the most subscribes YouTubers

    rn theres isn't much to group us all together as Genz and most of the time people get Genz mix up with alpha and gen y ( millennials….) like hello we are gen z…

  30. I don't want to do any of that 9 to 5 work I wanna become famous and create my own video games and create a new phone that could get me billions of dollars

  31. This is fake news, if we’re being honest all GEN Z will be remembered for meme culture, Donald trump and school shootings.

  32. Gen Y: Depressed
    Baby boomers: It’s the phones
    Gen Z: Depressed
    Baby boomers: THE PHONES
    Gen Zs mind: JOEERRRGEEENN WHY??

  33. Why don’t you interview some Gen Z’s and get their point of view on this??? Give us the voice we need!!! Ask about what we think of our future, ask about what we think of social media because you may be surprised because of our answers!

  34. Ok so older generations create a crappy world for us to live and grow up in and then they criticize us for trying to escape. wow just wow

  35. People seem to forget that older Gen Z (late 90s and early 2000s borns) have memories before smartphones and high tech. Sure, we were born after the internet came out, but we didn't spend our childhoods looking at social media.

  36. Gen Z will change the world because of our exposure to the internet, the desire for facts and truth – a desire for good.

    We will change the world because we act, because we learn from the mistakes of the others and the mistakes of our blood. We are interested in helping, in making the world a better place – a desire towards equality and freedom like never before.

    We will change the world because we have seen the worst of it, because we know what happened, because we know how it happened, and because we know the path which lies before us.

    Call me young, ambitious, a dreamer or whatever – but if the internet has done one good thing for me, it's to show that the world is big, and the opportunities are endless.

  37. My generation needs to get their shit together and stop looking up people like cardi b and catch me outside girl .

  38. It's so weird how the vast majority of Gen Z kids (10 – 13) have depression or anxiety…Like damn who hurt you? I'm also 13 but I have never felt depressed or felt anxiety from what iv'e seen is that we are actually pretty optimistic but somehow we have a STRANGE obsession with sexuality? TBH from what I heard before the 90s like I guess kids had more freedom like they could literally stay outside until the light flickers or go to the movies by themselves. I want that experience while I am still young cause I'm practically a teen now and tbh I want more time.

  39. As a gen X'er, I feel for the gen z's. My niece and nephew (my sister's kids) and my daughter are gen z. My son is born after them in 2008 so I don't know what he'd be. I'm reading some comments on how social media may not be causing anxiety or depression, but rather it's the state of the world that is, and I totally agree. The kids are REALLY scared for the future but feel powerless so they escape thru electronics, they feel super timid about social rules being and not being offensive and are insecure and super sensitive in a crippling way. It makes me shake my head that people want to blame something else rather than look at the world they're leaving to them as a major cause. Especially the boomers. My mom is a boomer. She divorced three times. My brothers are millennials and never married and one still lives in my moms basement. They're scared of relationships. They're screwed up. She does not fully understand how hard it is for the other generations. My daughter just started high school and last year she had to pick her courses. What do you tell a kid who may not even see half the jobs existing by the time she graduates? When my son graduates, will university even exist? Already it's becoming obsolete and too expensive. It's a dinosaur and behind the times. Many companies will train directly because many degrees will mean nothing. Education is still stuck in rural farming culture. The biggest fears are the economy, and climate change. It's not encouraging to see boomers so selfish and critical of younger generations even denying climate change altogether because they don't want to change their lifestyle or give up comfort.

  40. well, if I didn't have 8 hours of school, then 3-5 hours of homework, on top of any extracurriculars I may have (1-2 hours) maybe I'd hang out with my friends more and get a job.

  41. The truth is no other generation is better than the other one, one comes and goes, it does not make it smarter. the fact is that they all need the help of the savor Jesus Christ and without it they are nothing.

  42. Most of the comments are self proclaimed depressed teens who think they know everything
    This is just a phase in life no matter how much you dont wanna hear it. By the age of 21 your hormons cool off and your mindset grows
    You realizie that shit you gave shit about is stupid

  43. Being a zoomer myself (born in '01) I can say that many of us are in some ways quite bitter towards the world. We were born into a post 9/11 America, 2 wars that were for the most part unpopular, and an economic recession that saw many of our parents either lose their jobs, or have salaries cut. And we saw millennials either struggling as adults or acting like children. But I think that being a generation to grow up with the internet, we were able to express our opinions a lot more among each other without the "shuddup you're just a kid" argument being thrown at us. And we have a diversity of thought because of this that is totally unprecedented. There's a lot to be bitter about in the world. But I think for the most part that gen z is good at transforming that bitterness into a reason for good discussion.

  44. I truly believe that there are so many perspectives and I think one big issue is that we dont let the GEN Z speak on their own behalf. Thats why I started my channel, where we will be launching interviews with GENZ and understanding what they think!

  45. I ain’t gonna lie. I was more happy before the technology boom. I remember playing Spongebob on the GameCube. Now we have access to too much information that’s stresses everyone out, especially the media. The 90s were gnarly and good cause we didn’t have to always learn something stupid

  46. Honestly, I give up on the gen x's because they screwed us but then have the audacity to judge us and tell how horrible we are without apology for their actions and it's pathetic that myself a 19 y/o has more maturity than the individuals that raised me so to andy gen x or boomer seeing this comment help us fix this or step aside.


  48. "Go outside". You literally just told me I'd probably get kidnapped.
    "Get 9 hours of sleep". I have 4 hours of homework and extracurriculars.

  49. Silent Generation (and maybe boomers) as parents: My child is spending too much time reading his books.

    Gen X and Millennials as parents: I wish my kid would read more books instead of looking at memes on a screen all day.

    Gen Z or Gen Alpha as parents: I wish my kid would stop watching interactive mind subliminals on Mars and spend more time watching memes 🙁

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