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How Hot Will Your City Be in 2080? | How Climate Will Change in 5 Cities

How Hot Will Your City Be in 2080? | How Climate Will Change in 5 Cities

What will it be like to live in America in
the year 2080? And what will it FEEL like? That’s what researchers at the University
of Maryland Center for Environmental Science wanted to know. So, they calculated out the typical climate
of 540 urban areas across the country and what those cities will experience by 2080
in a worst case scenario. Then, they evaluated where (if anywhere) in
North America has a similar climate today. This is what America’s five most populated cities will feel like if climate change isn’t curbed. By 2080, New York City summers will feel like
Jonesboro, Arkansas. New York City is already hot thanks to heat-holding pavement and a relative
lack of trees— sidewalks, roofs, and other surfaces can be up to
90 degrees hotter than the air temperature. They’re so hot they even continue releasing that heat throughout
the night… meaning the city gets even hotter after sunset. The City of Angels is known for its Mediterranean
climate, sunny days, and palm trees. But as its climate warms, L.A. will seem more like
Las Palmas, Mexico. That could lead to more and bigger wildfires. By 2100, the average area a California wildfire burns
could increase by 77%. 60 years from now, Chicago will be 7.2ºF
warmer and 31.8% wetter than today, similar to the climate of Lansing, Kansas. That risingtemperature poses a public health risk. At the current rates of warming,
Chicago alone could eventually experience up to 2,217 deaths per year due to heat stroke. Houston’s future will feel like Ciudad Mante,
Mexico today. As the atmosphere heats up, it will be able to hold more water. Recent,
historic floods will become the norm. And as the ocean heats up too, hurricanes like
Harvey are more likely to occur and their paths will be more unpredictable. As Phoenix—the USA’s hottest city—gets
hotter, disease-carrying ticks and mosquitos will be able to survive for longer. The heat could “pose a major risk for agriculture and food security,” since the Southwest
grows much of the USA’s produce. By 2080, Phoenix will experience the same climate
as Esperanza, Mexico. But the study authors say it doesn’t have to be this way. By cutting carbon emissions, we can mitigate the effects of climate change. And iIf we don’t, the cities—and climates—of today may be unrecognizable before the century’s end.

32 comments on “How Hot Will Your City Be in 2080? | How Climate Will Change in 5 Cities

  1. How the temperature data was estimated? can you also share the base of calculation? It is very threatening temperature increase.

  2. We can't explain why global warming stopped 20 years ago. Our climate models completely fail at predicting the observed climate of the last 40 years. We can't even tell you with much certainty if it will rain tomorrow… but we can definitely tell you with 95% certainty how hot your city will be 60 to 100 years from now. $Seriously, $you $can $trust $us.

    Funded by your $trillion $dollar $climate $industry.

  3. You mean 2030 VERY VERY VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB , every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it
    with the rest of this planet.

  4. So we're moving the entire country towards the area of the world that everyone wants to go to for better weather? Sounds awesome. 😉

    Telling Las Palmas Mexico that they have a climate that Los Angeles is dreading, is kind of insulting.

    What "Climate Change" complainers don't get is, WE ARE PART OF NATURE. So if the weather is changing because of our actions, then that is a "natural" process. Should we be responsible and do all we can to do right by our environment? Sure. Of course. But please stop the histrionics.

  5. this is nothing but a wag and is based on computer models! For those of you who don't understand climate change takes place over millennia not years!

  6. Scientists are bad Prophets, nothing they have predicted in the passed 80 years has come true….
    They are just as accurate as mediums talking to the dead…..

  7. Yes, the impacts of climate change are beginning to manifest more and more, and will build and become more and more forceful. They are the result of humanity's overuse and abuse of our life-sustaining natural world. I recommend you find out what to expect and how you can prepare by reading the groundbreaking publication (available free online) called "The Great Waves of Change" (dot org).

  8. This is why I cannot take Popular Science seriously. It is going to be way worse than this. In the next decade we will be already experiencing much of these effects. Forget the end of the century. By 2025, millions, perhaps even billions will already be dead due to famine and loss of habitat. Forget the idea of a degree and a half a la IPCC. We have already got 3 DEGREES baked into the global system.
    By 2050 there will be dire repercussions in the climate that will kill billions. THAT IS FACT.
    Beware the Methane Dragon kids, it's on its way.

  9. Whether this "Hysteria" is real or not. . . ALMOST NOTHING will change the inevitable.
    There are just TOO MANY FACTORS at play here, with the greatest being the Population Explosion.
    Short of annihilating 3/4 of the World's Population. . . No amount of Tax Dollars will curb anything.
    Other than make ignorant politicians wet themselves with glee.
    Ocean levels rising ? Move to higher ground.
    Can't stand the heat ? Buy an air-conditioner.
    Look at the rhetoric of these ignorant politicians — The Al Gores, The Ocasio-Cortezs, with their "Doom & Gloom" scenario's.
    We're still here and will be in another 12 years !!
    Trump has the right idea. Taxing the "little people" to death over this issue will solve nothing.
    Too bad the Prime Minister of Canada thinks ramming a "Carbon Tax" down the throats of Canadians will solve everything.
     Yes, the World could very well be changing — Is mankind the sole contributor, or is it a "natural cycle" ?
    Either way, those politicians who believe that Tax Dollars will solve the World's Problems — Are WRONG.
    Like I said, there are just too many factors (complex) at play here.

  10. U R kidding me !!!! 2080 or even 2030 is way beyond the drastic effects of abrupt climate change when bread becomes $ 10.00 a loaf because of failure to grow crops at scale you will see what happens but then you still have the option of DENILE

  11. human over population is the cause of every environmental problem
    every person creates one "pollution unit"
    reduce the number of people, reduce the pollution

  12. North America has been cooling for the last 30 years. I can't believe PopSci is publishing this unsubstantiated rubbish.

  13. Undoubtedly from the offspring who said…

  14. Imagine if you made this video millions of years ago in the ice age, the hottest place on earth couldn’t even be compared to the Antarctica today, so this is kinda of shallow

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