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How Kirk Franklin Affected Steve || STEVE HARVEY

How Kirk Franklin Affected Steve || STEVE HARVEY

– Alright everybody, I’m back
with my boy Kirk Franklin. I gotta tell y’all something, man. We’ve been around each other so long. – Yes. – And he gives me all this credit for helping him in his career, but I cannot even tell you how this brother has helped me spiritually grow as a person. There was a show on BET
called Celebration of Gospel. – [Kirk] Yes. – And the first year they did it, they asked me to host it. So I’m hosting the show, and I was feeling a
little tension backstage. – Really? – You know, gospel artists would speak, but then they, I could
hear ’em whispering. And so around the third
year I started hosting it, I had to do an interview,
a phone interview, with several gospel artists, and we were on a conference call, and they didn’t know I had buzzed in. And I’m not gonna say no names, but I heard these gospel artists sayin’ Well we really don’t
understand why he’s the host. He’s not saved.
(audience gasping) And you know, I always knew God. My mom was a Sunday school
teacher for 40 years. I knew who he was, and that’s
why I was good at the job. So I told Kirk, I said hey man, I’m thinking about quitting. He said no you’re not doctor. I said yeah, man. He said no, you went
and got Donnie McClurkin and said he thinking about quittin’. He said no you’re not;
you’re gonna quit why? I said man, they don’t want me here. He said how you figure, and
I told him the whole story. They said hey man, don’t worry about them. He said can’t no one of
them people save you. (audience applauding) They can’t save you; they
can’t save they self. He said you here for a reason. The next week, they
interviewed Donnie McClurkin, and they said wow, how has Steve Harvey changed the Celebration of Gospel? Donnie McClurkin said I think
the better question would be how has the Celebration of
Gospel changed Steve Harvey? Now go ask him now.
(audience applauding) – Yeah, I remember that. Yeah, that was dope. – That was in the third year. I hosted that show for 13 years. – [Kirk] Yes, sir. – Do you remember when you wrote Smile? – Yes. – Tell the story of how
you came to my trailer. – Well you know Steve
had this huge radio show, and so we’d been friends, and I knew he would be honest with me and I knew he would tell me the truth if the song was good or bad. So I came to his trailer, and I had two songs I wanted to know if he thought were good, and I played the first song, and Steve had like real
dudes in his trailer, like thugs and you know, just, you know. – Yeah, ain’t none of my friends say it. (audience laughing)
– You know, the scary-looking guys,
and so I’m trying to play. I’m trying to play him this gospel song, and the dudes are in
the trailer, you know, and then I play I Smile. When I finish playing I Smile, like the hardest dudes
in the trailer were like. You know.
– Yeah. – No, like real talk, and again, it’s like I’m a little man, so I’m scared. (Steve and audience laughing) So you know, just to see that reaction, and Steve took that song and played it. He was like, Kirk, that’s the one, and so he played that song, and it turned out to be
a really great blessing for me and other people. (audience applauding)
– It was huge, man. Ladies and gentlemen, this
is my man, Kirk Franklin. (audience cheering) His new single Love
Theory is available now on all digital platforms, and you can go to for all the Long Live Love tour dates. We’ll be right back y’all. (audience cheering)
(funky hip hop music)

100 comments on “How Kirk Franklin Affected Steve || STEVE HARVEY

  1. I love Kirk Franklin, and taught all my nieces and nephews and friends about him. I blast him in my car and on my Harley! He’s blessed my life so much.

  2. Steve and Kirk look so good and fresh! And with no socks on, it’s just 🤤😍😍. I love how both Steve and Kirk are so humble and inspire people! God bless them 🙏🏾

  3. SMILE was the first Gospel song I ever heard that caught my attention that I really love. I still feel really good every time that song comes up.

  4. See that right there! My church sisters and bros…🤔🤔…Not save??? Who are you with your self righteous sinful self to decide if somebody is saved or not??? ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD…Romans 3:23!!…Yeah, so right Kirk, church people can't save anybody and better yet only God can!…Amen and amen 👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏…so glad I have gotten to the place where I am strong enough to enjoy going into God's house and let God clean me up and ignore people and their nonsense! Otherwise I would lose out and go back to a life of pain, and misery.

  5. Christians are called to live a life of repentance. Nobody will ever be perfect but a true Christian's life leads them to look more like Jesus day after day. You look back and say "look how far I've come". Your heart changes…

  6. I just watched this clip on tv and am wondering why you left out the part where Steve said he came over to Christ? What a testimony and why would that be edited out here??😢

  7. OH, Wow!! It's so good to see Kirk Franklin!! I remember the days when he had a group called God's Property and I especially loved the song, Stomp! That just lifted my spirits up and I got down with the beat!! And I will never forget the song Joy, thI love his laughter… Keep on going Kirk!! So happy for you too Steve!!

  8. Love theory and Smile are two of my favorite songs by Kirk. I can't listen to them without tearing up either LOL.

  9. "can't none one of those ppl save yuh!" #boommm Apologizes SH , sometimes we forget how terrible we needed having God saved us! Thank God🙌 for KF and DMcC 🙏🙏

  10. Not only that but it’s the thought that don’t go to church either at all or sometimes go no more about God and read the word more and apply the word to their lifestyle more so than those who are in church for every service etc.

  11. Now this man Kirk Franklin has been nun but a blessing in my life his music saved my soul thank you god for giving him that gift

  12. Amen- Can't none of those People can save you. None of those People can save themselves. Words that make u pause and think. 💖 that statement!!!!

  13. When God says depart from me you "Workers" of iniquity, I never knew you doesn't mean that he never knew who who you are but that he never knew you as a servant of his. Just because your mother or father was in church doesn't mean that you're saved. But I'm happy that he's recognizing Jesus Christ tho

  14. ❤ this segment…ain't none of them can save you. Preach!!! We have to remember…God, is no respecter of persons Romans 9:6. 😇😇😇

  15. Steve now look here, I love you Son but now I want you to know that I don't like seeing you in a nice expensive suit and you not have on socks. I'm 72 years old and you my Dear are a trend setter, not a trend follower. Look here you leave that naked leg mess to the 21 year olds who are too silly and lazy to put on socks. I love to see a well dressed man your age in a nice suit and SOCKS.

  16. Did he ever get saved ?? The word Christian has been used loosely for people who attend Church that doesn’t make you a Christian you are a Christian when you follow the doctrine of Christ and be obedient to how to get in his body Mark 16:16 (Baptism puts you in)& 2 John 1:9 “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.” Revelation 2:10 “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

  17. After hearing that Kirk Franklin is working on a blasphemous album with Kayne I do no not support are listen to his music anymore. Just because you grow up in the church that don't make you saved Jesus makes you saved by his blood. I am not a huge follower are fan of people who are apart of the new Illuminati. Satan is using it to support sin.

  18. I hope they both truly repent and turn from seeking the world's approval!!! because they are mixing the world with the church. It's called Covetousness people….
    Steve needs to let go of his false god Greek fraternity (hopefully someone warns him)and cussing, Franklin needs to let go of performing wearing lipstick(on the Smile video), skirts on stage and yoking up with Snoop Dog and using the world's beats for music. Are you guys actually reading your Bible? 1John chapter 2 calls out what these guys have been doing wrong .
    Covetousness is a big issue

  19. “Can’t nobody save you!” That was a shouting/hallelujah moment! Ain’t that the truth! Let Jesus do His job!

  20. "Smile" is one of my family's "get up" songs. We listen to it as we're getting ready for school and work. We also listen to Pharell's "Happy" and a little Frankie Beverly & Maze, GAP band, and Aretha. My kids are 12 & 5 so we have to throw in some Migos and 21Savage (as clean as we can find) to round it all out, LOL!

  21. Steve! Say it! You don't have to be saved to host no gospel show. They can't save you. I wonder who the gospel singer was that said that. Shame on you! How did you let that come out your mouth…

  22. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Steve. I really do. I'm a fan. However, I understood why people wondered about him hosting at first. Only because when people are not living right, it has an effect on the spirit in a place. On the flip side, I don't understand why people would treat him wrong. We are to always show LOVE. God DOES know what He's doing and what He allows is best. Thank God for those who showed Steve love! God bless!

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