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How the West can adapt to a rising Asia | Kishore Mahbubani

How the West can adapt to a rising Asia | Kishore Mahbubani

About 200 years ago, Napoleon famously warned … He said, “Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.” Despite this early warning, the West chose to go to sleep at precisely the moment
when China and India and the rest of Asia woke up. Why did this happen? I’m here to address this great mystery. Now what do I mean when I say
the West chose to go to sleep? Here I’m referring
to the failure of the West to react intelligently and thoughtfully to a new world environment
that’s obviously been created by the return of Asia. As a friend of the West
I feel anguished by this, so my goal to today
is to try to help the West. But I have to begin the story first by talking about how the West
actually woke up the rest of the world. Look at chart one. From the year one through the year 1820, the two largest economies of the world
were always those of China and India. So it’s only in the last 200 years
that Europe took off, followed by North America. So the past 200 years of world history have therefore been
a major historical aberration. All aberrations come to a natural end and this is what we are seeing. And if you look at chart two, you’ll see how quickly and how forcefully China and India are coming back. The big question is: Who woke up China and India? The only honest answer to this question
is that it was Western civilization that did so. We all know that the West was the first
to successfully modernize, transform itself; initially it used its power
to colonize and dominate the world. But over time, it shared the gifts
of Western wisdom with the rest of the world. Let me add here that I have
personally benefited from the sharing of Western wisdom. When I was born in Singapore, which was then a poor British colony, in 1948, I experienced, like three-quarters
of humanity then, extreme poverty. Indeed, on the first day
when I went to school at the age of six, I was put in a special feeding program because I was technically undernourished. Now as you can see I’m overnourished. (Laughter) But the greatest gift I got
was that of Western education. Now since I’ve personally
traveled this journey from third world poverty
to a comfortable middle-class existence, I can speak with great conviction
about the impact of Western wisdom and the sharing of Western
wisdom with the world. And one particular gift
that the West shared was the art of reasoning. Now reasoning was not
invented by the West. It’s inherent in all cultures
and civilizations. Amartya Sen has described how deeply
embedded it is in Indian civilization. Yet there’s also no doubt that it was the West
that carried the art of reasoning to a much higher level. And through the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the West really raised it forcefully, and equally importantly used this, applied it to solve
many major practical problems. And the West then shared
this art of applied reasoning with the rest of the world, and I can tell you that it led to what I call three silent revolutions. And as an Asian, I can describe how these silent
revolutions transformed Asia. The first revolution was in economics. The main reason
why so many Asian economies, including the communist societies
of China and Vietnam, have performed so spectacularly well
in economic development, is because they finally understood,
absorbed and are implementing free market economics — a gift from the West. Adam Smith was right. If you let markets decide, productivity goes up. The second gift was psychological. Here too I can speak
from personal experience. When I was young, my mother and her generation believed that life was determined by fate. You couldn’t do anything about it. My generation and the generation of Asians after me, believe that we can take charge and we can improve our lives. And this may explain, for example, the spike of entrepreneurship
you see all throughout Asia today. And if you travel through Asia today, you will also see the results
of the third revolution: the revolution of good governance. Now as a result of good governance — travel in Asia, you see better health care, better education, better infrastructure, better public policies. It’s a different world. Now having transformed the world through the sharing of Western wisdom
with the rest of the world, the logical and rational response
of the West should have been to say, “Hey, we have to adjust
and adapt to this new world.” Instead, the West chose to go to sleep. Why did it happen? I believe it happened because the West became distracted
with two major events. The first event
was the end of the Cold War. Yes, the end of the Cold War
was a great victory. The West defeated the mighty Soviet Union
without firing a shot. Amazing. But you know, when you have
a great victory like this, it also leads to arrogance and hubris. And this hubris was best captured
in a very famous essay by Francis Fukuyama called “The End of History?” Now, Fukuyama was putting across
a very sophisticated message, but all that the West
heard from this essay was that we, the liberal democracies, we have succeeded, we don’t have to change, we don’t have to adapt, it’s only the rest of the world
that has to change and adapt. Unfortunately, like a dangerous opiate, this essay did a lot
of brain damage to the West because it put them to sleep just at precisely the moment
when China and India were waking up and the West didn’t adjust and adapt. The second major event was 9/11, which happened in 2001. And as we know, 9/11 caused
a lot of shock and grief. I personally experienced
the shock and grief because I was in Manhattan
when 9/11 happened. 9/11 also generated a lot of anger, and in this anger, the United States
decided to invade Afghanistan and later, Iraq. And unfortunately, partly as a result of this anger, the West didn’t notice
the significance of another event that happened also in 2001. China joined the World Trade Organization. Now, when you suddenly inject 900 million new workers into the global capitalist system, it would naturally lead to what the economist Joseph Schumpeter
called creative destruction. Western workers lost their jobs, they saw their incomes stagnate, clearly people had to think
about new competitive policies, workers needed retraining, workers needed new skills. None of this was done. So partly as a result of this, the United States of America became the only major developed society where the average income
of the bottom 50 percent — yes, 50 percent — average income went down
over a 30-year period, from 1980 to 2010. So partly, as a result of this, it led eventually to the election
of Donald Trump in 2016, who exploited the anger
of the working classes, who are predominantly white. It also contributed
to the rise of populism in Europe. And one wonders, could this populism have been avoided if the West had not been distracted
by the end of the Cold War and by 9/11? But the big question
we face today is this: Is it too late? Has the West lost everything? And my answer is that it’s not too late. It is possible for the West to recover and come back in strength. And using the Western art of reasoning, I would recommend that the West
adopt a new “three-m” strategy: minimalist, multilateral
and Machiavellian. (Laughter) Why minimalist? Now even though
Western domination has ended, the West continues to intervene
and interfere in the affairs of many other societies. This is unwise. This is generating anger and resentment, especially in Islamic societies. It’s also draining the resources
and spirits of Western societies. Now I know that the Islamic world is having difficulties modernizing. It will have to find its way, but it’s more likely to do so
if it is left alone to do so. Now I can say this with some conviction
because I come from a region, Southeast Asia, which has almost as many Muslims
as the Arab world. 266 million Muslims. Southeast Asia is also one of the most
diverse continents on planet earth, because you also have
146 million Christians, 149 million Buddhists — Mahayana Buddhists
and Hinayana Buddhists — and you also have millions of Taoists
and Confucianists and Hindus and even communists. And once known as “the Balkans of Asia,” southeast Asia today should
be experiencing a clash of civilizations. Instead, what you see in southeast Asia is one of the most peaceful
and prosperous corners of planet earth with the second-most successful
regional multilateral organization, ASEAN. So clearly, minimalism can work. The West should try it out. (Laughter) (Applause) But I’m also aware that minimalism
cannot solve all the problems. There are some hard problems
that have to be dealt with: Al-Qaeda, ISIS — they remain dangerous threats. They must be found,
they must be destroyed. The question is, is it wise for the West, which represents 12 percent
of the world’s population — yes, 12 percent — to fight these threats on its own or to fight with the remaining
88 percent of the world’s population? And the logical and rational answer is that you should work
with the remaining 88 percent. Now where does one go if you want to get
the support of humanity? There’s only one place: the United Nations. Now I’ve been ambassador to the UN twice. Maybe that makes me a bit biased, but I can tell you that working
with the UN can lead to success. Why is it that the first Iraq war, fought by President George H. W. Bush, succeeded? While the second Iraq war, fought by his son,
President George W. Bush, failed? One key reason is that
the senior Bush went to the UN to get the support of the global community before fighting the war in Iraq. So multilateralism works. There’s another reason
why we have to work with the UN. The world is shrinking. We are becoming a small,
interdependent, global village. All villages need village councils. And the only global
village counsel we have, as the late UN Secretary-General
Kofi Annan said, is the UN. Now as a geopolitical analyst, I do know that it’s often considered naive to work with the UN. So now let me inject
my Machiavellian point. Now Machiavelli is a figure
who’s often derided in the West, but the liberal philosopher
Isaiah Berlin reminded us that the goal of Machiavelli
was to promote virtue, not evil. So what is the Machiavellian point? It’s this: what is
the best way for the West to constrain the new rising powers that are emerging? And the answer is
that the best way to constrain them is through multilateral rules
and multilateral norms, multilateral institutions and multilateral processes. Now let me conclude
with one final, big message. As a longtime friend of the West, I’m acutely aware of how pessimistic
Western societies have become. Many in the West don’t believe
that a great future lies ahead for them, that their children
will not have better lives. So please do not fear the future
or the rest of the world. Now I can say this with some conviction, because as a Hindu Sindhi, I actually feel
a direct cultural connection with society’s diverse cultures and societies all the way
from Tehran to Tokyo. And more than half of humanity
lives in this space, so with this direct cultural connection, I can say with great conviction that if the West chooses
to adopt a wiser strategy of being minimalist,
multilateral and Machiavellian, the rest of the world
will be happy to work with the West. So a great future lies ahead for humanity. Let’s embrace it together. Thank you. (Applause)

100 comments on “How the West can adapt to a rising Asia | Kishore Mahbubani

  1. Super interesting topic. Not yet having watched it, I have very strong feelings about not wanting China to lead the world. I suspect in the longer term, the race to A.I. could end up being a winner-take-all scenario, and the U.S. could be the first to get there.

  2. I'm in the minority when I make suggestions of communication, tolerance, and negotiation between nations. It's perplexing to realize that these concepts are an exception to the thought processes of the majority of Americans.

  3. Wow this guy is super conservative. Apparently all of Asia is an enemy that has to be restrained with power, and the US is letting Asia overcome them. I don't know what the actual heck is happening. Of course Asia is developing more, places like India were slow in the demographic transition, while the US has been a first world country for a long time. I don't know what the 3 M's are represent as a solution(his explanation is confusing), but it ties into how Donald Trump got elected, which has doomed(according to him) relationships in this global village. This guy has to be trolling, the reason why the US is "allowing" others catch up is because 1) the US wants free trade in all nations so of course they are going to take capitalism and develop and 2) it is harder the later in stages of development you find yourself in to develop more, in which this guy claims the US isn't doing enough of to remain in the lead. There is an underlying ethnocentrism of his identity as an American that overcedes of his Asian identity that says the West was justified in colonizing most of Asia with capitalism mostly because they wanted to force "free trade". I actually don't agree, I think the problems with the US system being detrimental to itself is due to the amount of money they spend on military expenses to justify going to war for benefits such as oil. I have talked to conservatives and yes, I have no problem if the US needs to spend money for establishing their ideology and maintaining peace around the world, too bad the US is spending it on getting hold of oil, then I'm sorry, we don't need a stronger military if you aren't enforcing your ideas of peace and democracy like you say you would, but spend it on oil wars. Id rather see that money spent improving the lives of Americans at home, instead of steadily increase military budget money that only benefit oil companies while that money could have been circulating in our economy being spent by the older folks or people in poverty, helping increase our middle class. No thanks.

  4. This sounds like a really shallow take at the modernisation of the most populated places of the word..
    Like.. no one is asleep mate.
    Minimalist : dont waste ressources on animal product will solve pollution and food cost.
    really.. the reste of the speech is useless.. everyone knows we need to work together and have rules and get support and work for the future.
    You might analyse geopolythics, but your pretty much like all other polliticians..
    None of that bs ever changes the world, technologies and inventions are the only thing driving change.

  5. “When pain, misery, or anger happen, it is time to look within you, not around you.”
    ―     Sadhguru,   Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy

  6. “The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.”
    ―     Jaggi Vasudev

  7. “When pain, misery, or anger happen, it is time to look within you, not around you.”
    ―     Sadhguru,   Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy

  8. “Love is your quality. Love is not what you do. Love is what you are.”
    ―     Jaggi Vasudev,   Midnights with the Mystic

  9. Work with the same UN that always finds the USA at fault for all the world’s problems? The same UN that receives 10% of its budget from one country out of 193 members, the USA? That same country that has provided security for the majority of this world for over 70 years? Yeah, the USA should learn to work with the rest of the world. (sarcasm)

  10. I feel his point is contradictory. On the one hand he claims that the western world is shrinking in "share of importance", I might call it, because it's natural and it's always been so. And on the other hand, he calls upon the west to fight that because it is a sign of decline.

  11. I believe we all need to be minimalists not for the sake of the East or West but for the sake of the WHOLE planet!!!! I am seeing that Asian people have wholeheartedly adopted capitalism, especially consumerism and even more so than us in the West. I live in Australia and the Asians are taking our jobs, homes and are the ones with money to spend whilst our own citizens are left behind, we are being forced to live a minimalist lifestyle so there need be no need to tell us Westerners how to live. Our country didn't prepare our people for the future instead they have sold our future from under us to the Asian countries. Capitalism is the enemy of all people and the planet. I do not care for your ideological arguments because if we don't ALL adopt a minimalist lifestyle there soon will be no planet! We all need to WAKE up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I dont like this talk because he is not talking straight . He says the west must become "minimal" What the heck does that mean? I could mean alot of things, but he basicly want to tell us, that we should work for less money , like the chinese. In my humble opinion that is not the way to go, because that would be a step backwards, not forward. We need the AI revolution, that would bring enough wealth to everyone. And guess what, it comes from the west again. The east is just leap froggin on the hard work and innvations from the west. They are still sleeping in a way, they just got more poverty (cheap workers), and in his mind, that counts as a strength. But no, its temporary. This cannot sustain itself in the long run.

  13. Arrogance of the west, that is its Achilles heal. PERSIA, FAR EAST ….had advanced civilizations way before the Americas and west Europe.

  14. 9:18,western workers lost their job not because of 900 millions Chinese workers, because of the western corporations greeds. US corporations can stay in american provide more jobs to US workers instead of moving their factories to China. we have to admit that US workers are mislead by mainstream media.

  15. Sorry..cannot agree with this idea of Machiavellianism…do people realise this means of cunning, deceptive, manipulative and self serving purpose. I think this is completely irresponsible and totally not in line with UN ideology. People and cultures are meant to co-exist not have power trips over each other. Every culture has something positive to contribute. However, sadly he doesnt talk of the millions starving in India…whom the government doesnt help…the other exploited poor workers working for a pitance…this isnt PROGRESS and power..this is simple abuse of its vulnerable the expense of projecting a successful image to the world. I believe not a word he stands for.

  16. Most superficial libertarian drivel I have had the displeasure to hear/see. Glossed over the impact of colonialism on the East's development and how without the subjugation and destruction of entire people's the west would never be in its current position. Talks about how western ideals raised him from poverty but doesn't mention how colonialism and western imperialism decimated his country's living standards in the first place. Disliked.

  17. What a BS this guy is trying to say . India and china fueled their GDP by loans and credit , building huge unnecessary infrastructure to stimulate its economies which is something that the west did in the past and resulted in this world recession. Stop BS the world about artificial fake economy booming . STOP

  18. A journalist once asked Gandhi what he thought of Western civilization. “I think it would be a good idea”, was the reply.

    Speaker seems to have a very nostalgic view of the West which advancement came through centuries of murder and enslavement of the indigenous peoples, cultures, and a Eurocentric worldview that natural ecosystems, non-Europeans, and other sentient life solely exist to be exploited for profit. This was never a notion that could be sustained for long in historical terms.

  19. West, East, Middle Est…. Who cares?

    India must start to have 1 toilet for house. And… aaaa… a house for every family or at least a room… and yes a toilet for every adult.
    Make that and after you can talk about West, East, and GDP.

    PS: In my opinion we have ECONOMIC CONTINENTS !
    1. Europe European Union and Norway, Swiss,..
    2. United States
    3. Russia
    4. Canada
    5. Mexic and all central America
    6. Brazil (portuguese)
    7. All Southern America (spanish) Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, all
    8. Japan and South Koreea
    9. Australia and New Zeeland
    10. Arabia (from Maroc, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Suadi, Emirates,…)
    11. Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan,.. stan
    12. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Shri Lanka (even they have a civil war, now they must develop together)
    13. China
    14. All reast of South East Asia
    15. All reast of Africa

    These ECONOMIC CONTINENTS will must have one coin each and one federal or supra statal fiscal regime.

    So, there are not West, East, but a lot more. Open your eyes.

  20. The arrogance, stupidity, greed, and cruelty of the select few who control Western society is what is truly preventing Western society from acclimating to the global reality. This should be a speech to Goldman-Sachs, and Wall Street in general, not the West. Speak to the corporate whores who have betrayed the Constitution in the name of greed. This idea that the American government is by and for the people is a sick joke, for if this had any validity, we would not be in the situation where we are now. Since the Citizens United ruling, America has become a nightmare of greed, and stupidity. An entire generation is being thrown away like garbage. You would have better luck pissing into the wind, than trying to convince the idiots who control this God forsaken country.

  21. He's right accept he doesnt even mention the corporate take over of government. The US doesnt create these wars to help the middle east. It's all about corporate money…

  22. He forgot to mention the 2008 financial debacle that destroyed the western financial and economic system. This event was the final straw for the western economic hegemony. The western free market economy model was never to be trusted. China saw this and realized that the only sustainable economic model is a hybrid free market and state control economy. The emergence of the so called socialist market economy has served China well.

  23. China will be stopped in their rise by demographics and war… not to mention their through the roof debt.
    China’s rise is over.

  24. Mr. Mahbubani is a great intellect and communicator. Pacing is slow so that you can think, too bad many commenters just want a barrage of information without digestion. His 3M prescriptions is the recipe to a world with safer and more peaceful world.

  25. The West is set to lose, our population is way smaller than that of China and India, more consumers mean more to sell to leading to a cascading effect of economics.

  26. It doesn't matter anymore ,the biggest change will not come from China India or anybody , is coming with the arrival of AI within 25-30 years ,this in fact will change the whole world and everything we know will be threaten and deeply changed,so much in fact that humankind  itself will not be at the pinnacle of life on earth…new superior beings will in fact put new rules some of them we can not even imagine…the awaited arrival of the great Chinese empire of whatever will never come ,the pathos this speaker tries to inject is obsolete ,evolution does not care where you are from it changes you at your core,"china is not risng to take over  AI is",what it sounds like it  is that he is advocating for the west to be passive while China ruthlessly takes over the economy of the world,in any case this argument will not work,The US has putin place a new iron courtain to protect its technology as it is fully awarw that AI ,5G and similar tech will give it a fighting change in the decades of specialized when general AI arises in what it is predicted within a 100 years we are all screwed as this machines will be smarter than us millions fold ,that's why leading voices in tech are advocating for us humans to merge with machines so at least a part of our humanity can survive evolution…

  27. No point for other countries to get themselves involve in Al-Qaeda and ISIS when the US is secretly providing them with arms and training.

  28. Of course he is right. Everybody who gives a TED talk is right. Everybody who comments on it is right. They all know what is right. But all of them added together do not know what is right. How can there be so many rights? There is only one sky above the whole earth. There is only one right for the whole earth: the movement of energy in consciousness is the only right there is.

  29. Power shifts all the time, at this time America is arguably the biggest influencer in terms of politics and economy and they’re trying hard not to fall from that position with China right behind. But seeing what is happening in the U.S internally is a big red flag that they will fall from grace. They’re country is divided now more than ever from diversity which is something China doesn’t have to worry about. They’re educations is on the decline with them can barely affording to hire teachers from their own country so they rely on other nations especially the Philippines to teach their students. I predict that in my life time, China will take over as the leader in world super power and economic influencer, but due to the rise in Chinese salaries, therefore harder to find cheap labors, the West will take their businesses, and shift it to the 2nd biggest population on earth which of course is India whose populations can still be find living in slums. Now what this will do is exactly what it did for the China and it’s populations which is enriching them, as well as their governments and military. And what this will do is cause tensions between the two new super powers who aren’t exactly on the best of friendly terms like the China and Russia is. Which means that, and like all super powers before them, they will compete and battle each others in both either through cyberwars, and actual wars. Bottomline is, China (which is ruled by the one party system: the communist party) and India (democracy) are on a path to compete with each others, and they are destined to be the next Russia and America. Unless robots kills us all of course.

  30. 可笑 中国不是被叫醒的 是被打醒的 痛醒的
    几千年的世界第一让我们麻木了 让我们沉睡了 而如果西方也因为自己成为世界第一而沉睡 或许打醒他们的工作就交到我们手上了 自然打醒不一定是用战争
    毕竟我们强大的时候也没有像西方一样到处殖民别人 看看郑和就知道

  31. Mabubani is so overrated as a thinker. He has benefitted from roles created by singapore government backed unis & thinktanks which require him to extol the virtues of authoritarian capitalist regimes, and berating the west, suggesting it is in decline. This guy is on the dial-a-dex for poorly prepared western journalists seeking an east asian.perspective.

  32. If West are afraid of China and One Belt One Road, the best way is to join in OBOR. Then west can monitor it,make rules and make rest of the world better. Infrastructure construction will help developing countries offer bigger market to China and West.

  33. Pulling the Progressives out of all levels of education would be a good start.  Malcolm X had the right of it when he said only a fool allows his enemies to educate his children.

  34. Why is it so important that the west “Rise again” why is the west the most important? This is absolutely ridiculous if the east is rising let it do so without intervening. And why must Islamic nations modernize? Because the west need their oil, and other resources? Because it’s easier to rob people when they’re below you. The west didn’t want the east to become as “intelligent” or “modern” because it was easier to control them like that. Just think about it why would Africa for example be poor when it has all the resources to feed the whole world? Because the west is “buying” them (more robbing them, or forcefully taking them? Just google about this. So now that the east are waking up the west needs to step up and always be one step ahead. But only time will tell what will happen. I pray that the rest of the world does not become as brainwashed as the west is.

  35. The west has never ever done anything “to help” without getting something off it. So do not play it off as if the west saved the world white colonization because the only did that for their own good. What does Europe has in terms of resources? And what does Africa have? Just compare. Please do some research about this and don’t just believe everything you see. We Asians and Africans have become so brainwashed by the west that we even think as selfishly as them.

  36. I like this talk, although there are some factual errors.

    Creative destruction refer to technology, not globalization. The rise of 'populists' in Europe is mainly due to immigration, not economic globalization.

  37. I don't think this guy knows what he is talking about cold war! "The West defeated the mighty Soviet Union without firing a shot," 58,000 Americans, 4 million Vietnamese, 3 million Koreans, 5 million Cambodians lost their lives were nothing???

  38. In ancient time, India was a geograpical concept, not a country. Empires existed but only occupied the northern part of India. The rest of the region was tribal. What ancient India is he talking about?

  39. West did not sleep at all, they started to reject the Asian transformations from the beginning and fight against any new development theory, like Chinese reform.

  40. When they are in the economical and political decline they become fragile, frustrated and very sensitive, they lost their confidence and they have no more sense of humour. When they have problem they always say all are the Chinese, Russian or other country's fault. When they steal (based on Snowden) they think everyone else is the thief or spy. When they have very bad track records (they have declared at least 13 wars with so much bloody killings since WWII, although they called themselves as the "democratic country") they condemn others about "human right violations". When their media, their government and their markets have been controlled and dictated by the interest groups they endlessly remind other countries to follow the rules of "free speech", "democracy" and "free market". When they consume so much cheaper "Made in China" in their daily life and their country borrowed so much money from China they say China is just a copy-cat and would collapse soon … funny, isn't it? Actually, the biggest American threat or enemy is America itself, neither China, nor Russia or other countries. No matter how correct, great and glorious you would be before, you could fail unless you continue to reform or modify yourself. There would never be the so called "The end of history" in our human future.

  41. Before seeing this I was looking at some numbers: take U.S. for example, its GDP per capita doubled in the last 30 years, but the GINI index (one that measures income inequality) also grew from 0.35 to 0.49. That puts America behind China, a much poorer country with 1/7 its GDP per capita, in regards to income equality. Why does the bottom half of a population suffer from declining income in the past 30 years while overall that economy grew substantially in the same period of time? Suggesting that the East is responsible for this is in my opinion a fallacy.
    Also although I liked some of his messages I found them inconsistent through this 18 minute talk. I found myself confused and a little uncomfortable at the end of the video. I hope he had much better talks and messages while serving in the UN Security Council.

  42. Someone Invents something and someone else from a different part of the world takes it to a new level. This is how things have been working right from the very begining. For example the Indians invented a lot of foundational concepts pertaining to Mathematics, Astronomy and Religion and the west used it to take it to a new level. The same can be said about China, Japan, Persia and Russia.

  43. Sir, I am also from Madhubani and to say that your mother and her generation beleived that only fate matters, is absolutely wrong. Sir, I know you have got a name to say that you are wrong may hurt you, but better safe than sorry. Sir, you might have benefited a lot due to your stay in west and given that you have certainly earned a name for yourself, I have no right to simply say that you are wrong, I believe you are a bit carried away while describing west. Thank You Sir. God bless you.

  44. With China’s rises doesn’t mean the West was sleeping.
    Remember a martial arts student when grown up he or she could defeat the masters. Or maybe when the West woke up from sleeping , the West try very hard to contain China instead of competing.

  45. No mention of Indians "stealing" millions of IT and service sector jobs from the West. The real jobs that pay well and comfy sitting at the office. The real jobs that Westerners actually want the most.

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