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How To Become A Property Developer uk | Project Management / Developing /Property Developing UK Tips

How To Become A Property Developer uk | Project Management / Developing /Property Developing UK Tips

How to become a property developer. That is
what today’s video is all about and I’ve got 10 golden nuggets that are going to make you
or save you a lot of money on your next property development. Hi. My name is Tony Law from Your First Four
Houses. Now, my channel is all about helping you achieve financial freedom through property.
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each and every week. Today’s video is in association with the Refurbishment Masterclass run by
the highly regarded Martin and Sarah Rapley. I’ve managed to persuade them to let me give
away five of their amazing PDF fact sheets. They’re on how to write project specifications,
putting together budgets, how to appoint builders, working with builders, and managing your timeline
of works. These are incredible resources and I’ve put a link to each of them at the end
of this video. Tip number one, always work backwards from
the gross development value, or GDV, when calculating a purchase price. It’s the very
best way to work out what you should be paying for a property or a building plot. Be realistic
about this gross development value. In fact, can I suggest perhaps being a little bit pessimistic
when calculating this figure. Next, just because a property needs refurbishing,
that doesn’t automatically make it a good deal. If you spot a property that appears
to be, say, 20,000 pounds below market value, if you’ve then got to spend, say, 30,000 pounds
doing it up, that’s not a deal. Unless you can add some real tangible value in some other
way, for example, say, building in the back garden, I would suggest you should be looking
for another project. Just because a plot has planning, that doesn’t
guarantee you a profit or that the property could even be developed at all, for that matter.
Obviously, you need to do your research careful and dare I say if the agent is offering up
some fairly persuasive numbers, for example the gross development value, keep in mind
the agent makes a commission if you buy. Personally, I would suggest putting more faith in your
own numbers, rather than theirs. Always have a schedule of works. If you don’t
know what you want, how does the builder, and just as importantly how can you possibly
have a realistic budget? You can’t build from planning drawings. It’s
therefore impossible for builders to accurately price from them. Your architect needs to produce
building reg drawings before you go and get any prices. Don’t be afraid to outsource to experts. Honestly,
they will save you thousands in the long term. You don’t have to appoint the cheapest builder,
work with the best builder. On any one project, you can only achieve two of the following
three items. You can get high quality, fast turnaround, or low cost. Our advice is to
aim for high quality and fast turnaround, if you possibly can. By the way, if you are finding this video
helpful, I would love it if you could let me know by clicking on the thumbs up button
below. It would really help me if that’s okay. Delaying the project whilst trying to beat
down the price can cost you more in the longer term than what you’re trying to save. Delays
tend to swallow up your profits as the financing costs on any given project are genuinely quite
high. Always agree terms with your builder before
the work starts and write them down for both parties to keep a record of. On larger projects,
don’t be afraid to use a formal contract. Lastly, I’ve got to ask you this question.
Is project managing the works really the best use of your time and skills or might your
time be better spent going out looking for that next deal? Before you go, don’t forget to grab those
five amazing PDFs very kindly donated by the Refurbishment Masterclass because there’s
some real golden nuggets in there. Just click on this link or in the link in the comments
section below and I’ll send them straight out to you. Now whilst you’re here, don’t
forget to subscribe to this channel for more free content just like this. My name is Tony
Law from Your First Four Houses with online training that helps build your property portfolio.

20 comments on “How To Become A Property Developer uk | Project Management / Developing /Property Developing UK Tips

  1. Hi Tony, I'm a new subscriber and i really appreciate you giving us these resources. I haven't started invested in property yet as i'm still a student but I want to be prepared when the time comes so I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible so that when I finish my degree i can jump straight in. Been watching some of your older videos as well and have found them really useful. I'll be sure to leave a like on my favourites. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Tony, thanks for the videos you share – very inspiring and resourceful! I would like to ask you a question. What do you think about these mega investors-property gurus-business tycoons who are in the speaker circuit charging £2k+ for 3 days property training courses?

  3. Hey Tony. I am 22 years old entepreneur and I really want to start investing in property. I arrived in the UK few months ago and my capital is around 100 000 pounds. If you were me what would be the first steps you will take towards the journey. My plan was to buy a property from an auction at least 10 – 15k below the Home Report.
    P.S – How accurate are home reports and how can I use them for my advantage.
    You wouldn't know how much your advice will mean to me!

  4. I have just brought my first property with Help to Buy, but I'm worried that it's rules would restrict me from building a property portfolio. Should I focus on paying out the mortgage and the HTB loan or focus on saving for another deposit. I want to know the fastest way to buy a second and third home

  5. Hi Tony, thanks for sharing this video. It's always interesting to hear other people's storie within the industry! We're new to YouTube, so we look forward to seeing more content from you! Check out our latest properties! Subscribe to us on Youtube to see our latest properties and promotions! , Thanks, The Lovett Team

  6. Great content Tony – I am going through EVERY video you have done since your first one – its taking a while although your content is great keep up the excellent work – PS the walk around the refurbs are particularly interesting, primarily because I imagine many subscribers (like me) are keen to educate on the actually day to day planning and implementation of such projects..:Thanks

  7. Hi Tony love your videos , excellent content and presentation !

    What do you think of this.. I have considered becoming a property investor specialising in student HMO's, as HMO's give highest yield, and student accommodation (when managed by a university) is guaranteed to have very little vacancy, especially when the property is let on a single Assured Shorthold Tenancy. (please correct me if you have other knowledge).

    In order to find the best properties I think it will be best to scan the entire country for deals, this goes against the idea of buying locally for convenience purposes. Additionally to this I have been looking into renovating these properties to add value, and then going for an interest only loan, this way my exit strategy can be to sell the property(ies) and I will have some cushioning in case there are price drops in the future.

    My question is do you think it is possible for me to develop/renovate these properties remotely? I currently live in a quiet part area in the south and all the best student properties are in the north. what would be your initial thoughts on this idea ? I noticed you mentioned out-sourcing the work, to what level can this be done in your opinion ?

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