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How To Change A Jac Vapour S-17 Coil

How To Change A Jac Vapour S-17 Coil

Changing the coil in an S-17 is pretty straight forward. If you have liquid already in the tank, it’s best to do this first step upside down to avoid any spillage. Simply unscrew the main housing from the base and set it to one side. The coil is this part here. Unscrew it from the base here ready for the new one. As with all new coils, priming helps to prepare the coil and ensures that the wick inside is sufficiently saturated to help avoid any dry hits and burning out the coil prematurely. To prime, place a couple drops of e-liquid on these holes here. You’ll see that the cotton wick inside soaks up the liquid into the holes as soon as you drip it. So, you can repeat this a couple of times. After that, screw the new coil into the base section making sure it’s finger tight, reattach the housing (upside down if it still has any liquid in it), and make sure you leave it for a few minutes to let the liquid further soak into the new coil. Check out the link below if you need any help filling the tank.

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