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How to change G-Shock battery and set home positions of hands

How to change G-Shock battery and set home positions of hands

CASIOZONE presents How to replace G-Shock batteries! For starters, you’ll need a screwdriver remove all screws on the back cover then carefully remove the back cover some models have a rubber tread remove it G-Shock GA-1100 has two batteries now you will also need tweezers you must unhook the lid that holds the batteries locked then carefully remove them you need two 395 (SR927SW) batteries for this model unpack the batteries and carefully place them in place of the old ones be sure to follow the + and – directions as they were before. Usually + is up then you need to lock the battery lid again with tweezers be careful not to distort it, you do not need to use force here after the change, you need to touch the tweezers simultaneously with the AC and – we check the rubber seal and put it back in place now we have to put the rubber protector back in place and finally we have to place the back cover and install it with the screws Be careful with direction when inserting the cover, when the cover is inserted incorrectly, there will be no sound! The screws are not inserted in successively but crosswise! One last check of all screws is never superfluous, if you don’t want to have an aquarium on your hand. Now we’re ready to set home positions of all hands. We need to press and hold the adjust button until the H.SET appears on the screen. Then, with the upper and lower right buttons, we have to move the hands at 12 o’clock. We change which hand we set with a button MODE! This action synchronizes the digital and analog clock and work together. Press the ADJUST button again this time without holding it down to complete the setup. Now we are ready to set time, but we’ll show you in our next video. Thanks for watching and be happy 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe friends 🙂

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