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How to change the operating system of an ice cream cone machine

How to change the operating system of an ice cream cone machine

This is an Ice cream cone machine it’s got
a single dispenser it’s got a little display there that you can set the different features.
This ice cream machine was brought to me as the rats have eaten the wires and it had an
electronic PC board and that shorted out and the PC board blew up and it wasn’t working
anymore and those boards are not available so I made my own plan. I’ve put 2 these
are universal equal repeating timers which have a few different features. Those are 2
little switches I’ve added and I’ve added a little contactor there and the ice cream
machine seems to be functioning alright. When you dispense there is ice cream coming out
the texture seems to be alright. So what I’ve done is with this first equal time repeating
timer I ‘ve set it for a few minutes when you switch it on it activates for a few minutes
and stops forever until you activate it again and on this lever is a little micro switch.
If you pull the lever it pushes this up and on the inside is a micro switch So what I’ve
done is, when this timer cycles and you activate the lever it will put this timer in to a new
mode that runs for the predetermined minutes and switches off and stays off until you push
the lever again, but then I’ve added a second timer that I’ve set for a pre-set time that
once this timer has switched off, this one starts counting minutes, and I’ve started
it on about 10 minutes so after 10 minutes it activates this timer again, puts it on
a 4 minute cycle switches off and that one starts counting minutes until it gets to 10
and switches that one on. So it cycles like that but when it’s in the off position,
this one has cycled and the motor stops and you pull this lever, it will activate this
one straight away and it starts its 4 minute cycle. Now I did that, it seemed to be working
alright but I made the motor that turns the pulley at the back there and the compressor
start up and switch off at the same time but I found after a while when this motor cycles
the compressor and you activate it straight away the compressor couldn’t start-up it
was tripping on its overload and it took quite a while to re set and in that period, ok now
it’s gone onto the hot gas cycle, but during that period the ice cream would melt while
the overload resets on the compressor. Now it’s got 2 solenoids 1 here and there’s
one down there and this particular one if you activate it it’s the hot gas so it’s
a reverse cycle which heats up the chamber inside and that one is for cooling so I had
them on these 2 switches and I said to the customer “When you want to clean your chamber,
you flick this switch over and then we will have hot gas until your chamber is clean and
you can activate it back but this machine didn’t work properly because the compressor
kept tripping on the overload, so what I did was I’m running the compressor all the time
24 out of 24 and I’m cycling it between hot gas and cooling all the time and I found
if I have about 3 minutes and 8 minutes there, the texture is right. So it ran all through
the night. It’s in the cycle period now so for 8 minutes the compressor runs, it’s
on hot gas now it heats the chamber up and after 8 minutes we have a 4 minute refrigeration
cycle, but now while it’s in the hot gas cycle and you want to dispense ice cream,
you push this, straight away it activates this relay which switches the motor on and
it switches that one off and this one starts on its new 4 minute cycle again and it seems
to work alright. So that is how I bypass an electronic PC board on these ice making machines.

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