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How To Change Your Cursor In Google Chrome

Hey everyone, it’s Ken here from Northern Viking Everyday And if you are new to this channel, it is all about reviews and how to’s so make sure you click that subscribe button So you don’t miss out on upcoming videos today. We’re going to show you a really fun Extension for Chrome I’ll head over to the web right now and Chrome rat the webstore and there’s a really fun extension You know punch it in here It is called custom cursor for Chrome. So just type that into the search and you’ll see custom cursor for Chrome here We’re gonna add this Chrome extension and what its gonna do is create A little thing that we can change our cursors throughout this program so up here in the top right hand corner a little arrow was added as our extensions and It gives you a whole bunch of options to change your cursor So super easy and fun to do just click on that. We can change our cursor to pizza now It’s a pizza and it turns into a ninja turtle You can have scissors Hey, it’s scissors Santa Claus tons of different ones there we can also add more cursors So if over here on the right hand side, you’ll see more cursors. If you click on that. It’ll take you to the custom cursor Website and there’s all sorts of them. You can add on here tik-tok cursor taco cursors Snapchat cursors tons of fun ones. Hey Twitter cursors, so we’ve got all those and they’ll when you just add them They’ll add them right into your your extension here so we can scroll through and hey, there’s the the ones at the bottom there’s the media ones so Click on that. We’ve got a snapchat cursor Twitter So really easy to add those on and it creates different kind of categories for you So, I hope that if you want to have some more fun using Chrome just add this custom cursor Extension and you will really enjoy surfing the web a whole lot more So if you did like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up Also, remember to subscribe to Northern Viking Everyday because I’ve got tons of videos coming up that I love to share with you Thanks for watching today and enjoy your web surfing. Take care

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